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You Are Who You Hangout With

When I was growing up my mother would often say; “you are who you hangout with.” It was her way of making sure that I was surrounding myself with people who wouldn’t get me into trouble. It was sound advice that did in fact keep me out of trouble and helped me to succeed both personally and academically. Recently, I have been giving much thought to my mother’s advice and finding that it still holds true today, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

bernie and brittany biggest loserWhile on the Biggest Loser I was paired with a complete stranger (Brittany) she ended up being an extraordinary young woman whose friendship and support enabled me to change my life. Later on the show, the initial couples were split and remaining contestants were placed into one of two teams- either the black or the blue team. I was placed on the black team led by Jillian Michaels. Although the team consisted of five other members besides myself (Kelly, Paul, Jen, Maggie, and Brittany), there were three of us that ended up being inseparable. Through much reflection I have come to realize that with out their help my weight loss journey would have been much more difficult and far less gratifying.

Together we faced many personal issues that we masked behind the pounds we carried. We also supported and motivated one another to continue on when our weight loss goals seemed out of reach.  I can’t thank Brittany and Maggie enough for their love, support, and encouragement. Knowing that my mother’s advice couldn’t be truer I am honored to be associated with such incredible and strong individuals.

As you embark on your own weight loss journey, please keep my mother’s advice in mind, “you are who you hangout with,” and be sure to surround yourself with individuals who share similar goals and ambitions. Don’t be afraid to seek out people who you can depend on for support, both in and out of the gym. With loyal companions by your side you’ll soon find that the journey you once thought unachievable is merely a shared adventure between friends!

July 31st, 2008