Women Last Only 19 Days on a Diet

On Average women only sick to a diet for 19 daysOn average, women last only 19 days before falling off a diet, reports The Mirror. The research also shows that they begin diets three times a year on average. Chips, chocolate and wine were cited as the most common foods to break down dieters’ will power. The period between 3 and 8 pm was found to be the most difficult time of day to stick to a diet.

The average diet attempt costs women in the UK £161.75, or $249.18. “Women tend to go all out in a bid to shed pounds,” said one expert. “But sticking to a restricted diet for any length of time is difficult, which is why it is better to introduce a more realistic routine involving regular exercise and healthy eating. Rather than embark on expensive diets and impossible fitness regimes which are hard to maintain it is better to introduce long term lifestyle changes which will have lasting benefit.”

Women attempting to diet were also found to spend more on food, particularly on branded health foods and weight loss products.

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