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What Michele Bachmann’s Presidency Would Mean for Your Family’s Health

Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann has recently announced her presidential candidacy. What will it mean for your health care if Bachmann ultimately wins the 2012 election?

According to her website, one of Bachmann’s top priorities is to repeal Obamacare because she considers its directives to be unconstitutional. As a constitutional conservative, Bachmann says on her website that she is a “champion of tea party values” and that “the solutions to our problems (don’t) come from Washington: more than ever, Washington IS the problem, and the real solutions will come from your businesses, your communities, your schools and the most basic and powerful unit of all, your families.”

This means that first lady Michelle Obama’s efforts to increase health-responsibility within the government are sorely frowned upon by Bachmann. Bachmann calls Mrs. Obama’s push for breastfeeding and other such efforts to eradicate obesity and promote good health a “nanny state” tactic. Currently, Mrs. Obama’s campaigns focus on children’s health, fitness and nutrition as preventative care. Although she’s been at the brunt of Bachmann’s criticism recently, Mrs. Obama isn’t the only first lady to push legislation with health initiatives. Both Hillary Clinton and Nancy Reagan were known for their persistence with health-related campaigns.

Essentially, Bachmann feels that the government has no right to meddle in the personal lives of U.S. citizens, including their health and fitness decisions. It’s safe to assume that under a Bachmann administration, the federal government will have little to no say in school lunches, physical education, health care, fast food marketing to children and other similar topics.

On her website, Bachmann states with her plans for healthcare, “I will empower your families and doctors, not unelected bureaucrats, to make the right decisions about the shape and form of your health insurance, your quality of care and your course of treatment. And I will push for greater competition in the healthcare market … more ingenuity, more options and more competition – not more bureaucracy and control from Washington – will truly produce better outcomes at a lower cost.”

What do you think? Will Bachmann’s small-government ideals produce favorable results for the health and wellness of our country and give power back to the people, as she says. Or will it backfire and produce more of the same bad choices that have already been made?

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July 9th, 2011

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Were MIchelle Bachman to be elected president, it would set America significantly backwards. As to the Dr. who references the VA as an example for government health care, we should be so lucky! As a Veteren, I have been fortunate to receive the exceptional care provided by the VA, and I strongly recommend this as an example of a government system that exceeds many privately run hospitals!

posted Nov 10th, 2011 2:32 pm

homer crad

Give me a break, Theresa. You are just a political hack for odumie. The libs will use any argument to try to put down Mrs Bachmann. Just another shrill that is trying to change the focus that Odummie has blown economy and his policies are a complete failure.

posted Aug 31st, 2011 12:48 pm


The government has been heavily involved in health decisions and recommendations for decades, and where has that gotten us? A terribly flawed "food pyramid", subsidies on corn driving consumption of unhealthy foods, extremely unhealthy school lunches, etc... Health and eating is local -- parents and pediatricians should be focused on the health of children, not some distant national government with political motives and outdated thinking.

posted Aug 31st, 2011 12:19 pm


We will alll regret it if obamacare is not repealed. As an MD who has helped teach family practice resident physicians for years i can tell you unequivocally that the quality of resident education is dropping due to increased stress of government regulation and punitive oversight of medical costs. Obamacare contains provisins to force se of HMO style system - now called accountable care organizations - electronic medical reords so the government can monitor practice patterns and force us to use cheapest options et etc etc.
You can see how the govrnment runs a healthcare system - go look at a VA hospital.
And I think local parental control of school lunches is more effective than national, and I oversee what my child eats myself

posted Aug 31st, 2011 9:54 am

Denis Faye

That woman in a fool. If her notions worked, we wouldn't be an obese country that feeds its children paste made from old, worn-out laying hens for school lunch.

posted Jul 11th, 2011 10:58 am


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