Weight Loss News in Review – Week of June 27

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Losing It with Jillian – The Vivio Family

The fifth week of Losing It with Jillian might have been one of the best yet. While each is moving and motivating for their own specific reasons, this one had a lot of heart.

Paleo Diet Taken to Extremes

There’s a trend of New Yorkers following a Paleo Diet, also known by other names like the Caveman Diet. Some of them are taking it to interesting extremes.

Airline Food Possible Health Threat

According to recently released government documents, meals served on many major airlines are made in unsanitary and unsafe conditions that could lead to illness.

Jenny Craig iPhone App Makes Dining Out Easier

There’s an iPhone app to solve the dilemma of healthy dining out. With the free Jenny Craig Dining Out iPhone app, you can search thousands of restaurants to get the skinny on your favorite foods.

Exercise May Be as Effective as Anti-Depressants

There’s more research to support the positive impact exercise can have on mood and depression.

New Diet Reviews – Now with more than 1,100 published.

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