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Ultra Natural Prostate is a men’s health and wellness supplement that is formulated to support improved prostate, urinary, and hormone functions. Their advertising says that it may also have applications for reducing the effects of inflammation on the prostate and slowing the speed of its growth over time.

Their advertising also claims that Ultra Natural Prostate can help to prevent the cellular changes that can potentially lead to prostate cancer. They recommend their product to men that are suffering from the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), chronic prostatitis (CP), and other symptoms related to enlarged, irritated, and damaged prostate glands.

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How Does Ultra Natural Prostate Work?

Ultra Natural Prostate is designed to help men control the symptoms of prostate growth, irritation, and inflammation, which can be natural consequences of getting older. It is estimated that by the time they reach 50 years old, approximately half of all men will have experienced symptoms related to chronic prostatitis, benign prostate hyperplasia, or general prostate inflammation and irritation.

The most common symptoms of this type are an increase in the frequency of their trips to the bathroom, burning, painful, or inconsistent urinary stream, and pain in the pelvic floor, testicles, or urethra. Many men feel the need to have surgery or take expensive, invasive prescription drugs in order to mediate their prostate function, however there are also a number of natural nutritional approaches that can also be effective for many of those individuals.

One of the most effective natural ingredients for controlling prostate health is saw palmetto, which is also the lead ingredient in Ultra Natural Prostate. Saw palmetto berry extracts are a potent combination of phytosterols, fatty acids, and other core level nutrients that can help slow the growth of the prostate, sooth inflammation, and generally reduce the severity of the symptoms of BPH and CP.

Saw palmetto has been shown to help men more completely empty their bladders during urination, which leads to fewer trips to the bathroom overall. It also helps them avoid urine getting trapped in the urethra and leading to leakage-related issues like spotting and unpleasant body odor.

In addition to the phytosterols found naturally in saw palmetto extracts, there is an additional dose that is added to Ultra Natural Prostate. This includes 180mg of beta-sitosterol, the most helpful plant sterol for prostate health specifically.

Other ingredients that are directly useful for prostate function include lycopene and pumpkin seed oil, both of which may help slow prostate growth and are thought to be highly effective for controlling the symptoms of CP and BPH.

Another issue that was brought up in our team’s discussion of Ultra Natural Prostate was how little basic core nutritional support it provides. Aside from what is found occurring naturally in the ingredients in their proprietary blend, there are no additional vitamins or essential trace elements that are used in Ultra Natural Prostate’s formula.

They do not include copper, selenium, or any of the basic vitamins that are used by the prostate in order to maintain its functionality. It does not even include a dose of zinc, which is considered a staple of most effective prostate health products.

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Potential Benefits of Ultra Natural Prostate

Ultra Natural Prostate uses enough top-ranked ingredients in their supplement blend that there is a good chance that many men with prostate issues will see some degree of improvement in their symptoms. The most common of these benefits will tend to be improved urinary function, including fewer trips to the bathroom and less pain and irritation related to urination.

Not choosing to include any basic core health ingredients severely limits the potential effectiveness of Ultra Natural Prostate. It is a far more effective long term strategy to attempt to maintain proper prostate functionality at a core level than it is to try to reverse the effects of years of damage and malnutrition.

Any men whose issues stem from a lack of basic nutritional support will not see their issues resolved by taking Ultra Natural Prostate. Our team would recommend that all consumers that choose to take Ultra Natural Prostate also add a secondary men’s health vitamin to their daily regime to make up for the deficiency.

Are There Side Effects of Ultra Natural Prostate?

For the most part, the ingredients that are used by Ultra Natural Prostate tend to be well tolerated by the majority of users. There is the slight possibility that some men could experience stomach discomfort and other digestive issues, and individuals with specific food allergies or that are on certain types of prescription medication should consult with their doctors before starting to take Ultra Natural Prostate or any other nutritional supplement.

Users should note, however, that Ultra Natural Prostate does use flower pollens, which are one of the more common forms of allergies in the United Sates. Other consumers that should be concerned are those with sensitivities to soy, tomatoes, pumpkin or other forms of squash, or spruce trees.

The only major concern for our research team is that for some reason that they do not clarify in any of their promotional materials, Ultra Natural Prostate uses rosemary extract as an inactive ingredient in their softgels. This indicates that it is only being used for its flavoring, scent, or coloration, and that it has no therapeutic or wellness purposes.

The fact that they choose to list rosemary as an inactive ingredient also means that they do not have to indicate its dosage amount. This is of concern to our team of experts as rosemary has been connected to some potential health issues, especially when taken in large amounts or regularly over a prolonged period of time.

These issues generally tend to be minor, such as skin redness, sensitivity to sunlight, and gastro-intestinal issues like nausea and vomiting. More seriously, however, there is also the possibility that rosemary consumption can lead to bleeding issues, kidney irritation or damage, and it may possibly increase the chances that some users could experience seizures. Our team of health and wellness does not recommend rosemary for inclusion in any kind of daily nutritional supplement.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Ultra Natural Prostate

Ultra Natural Prostate is available online from a wide variety of distributors, including most major big-name supplements retailers. Due to the high number of carriers, the price for Ultra Natural Prostate can vary significantly from retailer to retailer. This is the general range that users can find Ultra Natural Prostate for sale for online:

  • 1, 30-count bottle (15-day supply) of Ultra Natural Prostate softgels: $22.50-$38.00

Users should note that each 30-count bottle only lasts 15 days, which makes it one of the more expensive non-prescription prostate pills on the market. They should also be aware that there are also several distributors that have recently stopped carrying Ultra Natural Prostate, though none of them have chosen to specify why this was.

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Our Recommendation

It may be easy to look at some of the surface-level aspects of Ultra Natural Prostate and conclude that it may be a high quality prostate health supplement. They use a good variety of ingredients, including some of the most highly rated additives known to science, and they charge a price that appears to be relatively inexpensive.

That price, however, may be deceptive to some customers as it only reflects approximately two weeks’ worth of product. Furthermore, their ingredients blend ignores some of the most critical ingredients for a prostate support product, which compromises its ability to stay effective for all of its users over the long-term.

Treating only the symptoms of prostate problems while failing to address core-level maintenance issues is not an approach to prostate health that our team of experts recommends. Instead, they encourage our readers to seek out prostate health products that utilize vitamin B6, vitamin E, copper, selenium, and especially zinc, as the base of their products while also trying to improve general prostate and urinary performance.

The single product that has accomplished this the most successfully is Prostatrinex. It is our team’s choice for recommendation based on its potent ingredients blend, the feedback that we’ve read from former users, and its reputation with other reviewers and experts within the health and wellness industries.

Prostatrinex can be useful for men with chronic prostatitis, benign prostate hyperplasia, and other issues related to the inflammation, irritation, and swelling of the prostate. Click here to read our experts’ full assessment of Prostatrinex to see if it can be useful for you and your specific prostate health needs.

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