Six Things You Need to Know Before You Take a Sip

Six ways your drink might be unhealthyDrinking can be dangerous to your health, and we don’t mean alcoholic beverages either. Up to 21 percent of calories consumed by Americans are in liquid form, amounting to 400 calories every day. That’s about 40 pounds per year and twice as many fluid calories than were consumed 30 years ago. These drinks may be tasty and good for the food industry’s profit, but they aren’t good for weight loss or your health in general. Here are six secrets that the beverage industry doesn’t want consumers to know from David Zinczenko, the author of Eat This, Not That.

Four hundred calories seems tame to some of the killer beverages popping up at places like Starbucks, McDonald’s and Baskin-Robbins. Calories aren’t the only problem. Chemicals, hormones, scams and packaging dangers all abound. Before you order your next latte, take a look at this insider info.

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