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What is it?

RexaZyte is a male enhancement pill that is formulated to help men increase both their sexual stamina and their penis size. While most male enhancement products tend to promise that they can improve the size and quality of their users’ erections, RexaZyte’s advertising claim to actually be able to impact the length and girth of men’s penises.

They also promised increased hardness due to a unique Vaso Capillary Expanding Matrix (VCEM) that is supposed to help rapidly and completely fill all of the capillaries in their erectile tissue. In addition to improving blood flow, RexaZyte also boosts testosterone production and function, which is another one of the key factors in optimal sexual performance.

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RexaZyte Ingredients and Side Effects

RexaZyte’s website highlights several of their ingredients, however they do not provide a complete list of their contents, any sort of dosage information, or any images of their actual supplement facts panel. This is a major issue for our review team, who never sees a company’s reluctance to display their contents as a positive sign.

The most trustworthy brands of health and wellness products tend to prominently feature their nutritional information as part of their promotional materials. This is because they know that they are using quality ingredients and they want their potential customers to see that.

Quality products tend to display their information because they invite comparison with other brands, as they have faith that their product will compare favorably to most other products. It is impossible to say why RexaZyte chooses not to display their product information, however our review team does tend to view that as a potential warning sign.

The ingredients that their website mentions are included in their proprietary blend are:

Malaysian Ginseng Ptychopetalum Panax Quinquefolius
L-Arginine Maca Root Epimedium

Malaysian Ginseng: An herb more commonly known as tongkat ali or eurycoma longifolia that is not actually a form of ginseng at all. Tongkat ali is called Malaysian ginseng because it is a shrub that is native to the area that has many of the same potential benefits for its users.

Those benefits may include increased energy, stamina, and mood like ginseng, however the reason that tongkat ali is most useful in products of this nature is because it is a testosterone booster. Testosterone is a key factor in men’s sexual responsiveness in a variety of ways, including boosting their libidos, improving their erectile quality, and helping them to generate more seminal fluid that is denser in sperm content.

Ptychopetalum: A type of flowering plant that’s typically found in the rainforests of South America and is thought to have a number of sexual benefits including boosts to libido, erectile quality, and stamina.

Panax Quinquefolius: An herb that is often referred to as American ginseng due to its similar effects as Chinese or “true” ginseng, including improved circulation, leading to more rigid erections.

L-Arginine: An amino acid that helps dilate the veins, allowing for greater ease of blood flow to the genitals. L-Arginine is also popular in products of this nature due to its benefits on testosterone production.

Maca Root: Similar to ptychopetalum, maca is a South American herb that has both libido and erectile boosting effects. It is also known for helping men to increase their sperm count and quality.

Epimedium: A cheap stimulant that is often used in lower quality male enhancement products because of its pro-erectile effects. It also tends to have its benefits exaggerated by many manufacturers, and it also has a history of potentially causing serious side effects in its users like heart attacks or strokes.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

RexaZyte Quality of Ingredients

Potential consumers should note that there is no way that an herbal supplement can actually help you increase the size of your penis permanently. It is very possible that they can influence its erectile size, however these gains are temporary and will disappear as men lose arousal.

That said, all of the individual ingredients that are listed for RexaZyte are among our teams’ most highly recommended additives for male enhancement products, with the exception of epimedium. Epimedium can have a beneficial impact on men’s erectile function, however its libido benefits are exaggerated and it is also considered one of the more dangerous additives that are commonly found in products of this type.

L-Arginine, however, is considered especially effective for male enhancement due to its effects on both testosterone production and circulation. Malaysian ginseng, although not actually related to true ginseng, is still considered effective for boosting sexual performance thanks to its ability to increase testosterone production.

Maca root and muira puama both have similar stimulant, libido boosting, and pro erectile effects, even though they are not technically linked to testosterone production. Both have strong clinical and anecdotal histories supporting their effectiveness and are well respected by our research team.

One of the major issues with recommending RexaZyte is that since they don’t provide any dosage information about their product it is very hard to say exactly how effective it can be. It is impossible to say if they use large enough quantities of their higher quality ingredients that they are effective or small enough quantities of horny goat weed that it is safe.

It is also impossible to say that there are not other ingredients included in their mix without seeing an official product label. This leaves open the possibility that RexaZyte uses other low-quality stimulants aside from epimedium, which would make it even more potentially dangerous.

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The Price and Quality of RexaZyte

RexaZyte is sold exclusively through their own website and is not available through any third-party retailers. These are the prices that they were quoting as of the last time their site was checked before publication:

  • 1, 60-count bottle of RexaZyte capsules: $39.95

This price is close to average for products of this nature. Without knowing more about dosage size and overall effectiveness it is difficult to say if this is a fair price or not.

Business of RexaZyte

RexaZyte is one of the brands of nutritional supplements that are produced by Cybex Biotech. They are a smaller company that does not have a very significant online presence. The contact information that they publish online is:

Phone Number: (800) 816-7712

Address: Neither RexaZyte nor Cybex Biotech publish a physical address online.


Cybex Biotech is also the manufacturer of RexaDrene, another male enhancement product that uses the same promotional materials and labeling as RexaZyte. There is no reason given for the multiple similarities between the two, however it may be related to the high quantity of negative reviews that RexaDrene has received from their past users and critics in the industry both.

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Customer Opinions of RexaZyte

There are not very many positive accounts of people’s experiences with RexaZyte. Instead most of the complaints online are similar to these, which were taken from several online product complaints forums:

“RexaZyte does not work at all. I’ve used almost the entire bottle, but I have yet to have one single successful encounter with a woman.”

“I was having some trouble performing for my girlfriend, which was making her mad. She went online and found RexaZyte, and I agreed to take it. Not only did it not do anything for me sexually, but it did make me sweat and have to go to the bathroom constantly.”

“Total scam. Better to save yourself the time and effort and just set your money on fire.”

The most frequent complaint about RexaZyte was that it didn’t work, however people also complained of side effects, poor customer service, and billing and return issues with Cybex Biotech.

Conclusion – Does RexaZyte Work?

RexaZyte claims to use some of the top natural ingredients for a non-prescription male enhancement product. Tongkat ali, L-Arginine, ptychopetalum, American ginseng, and maca root are all considered to be potent additives that are recommended by our team of experts for use in products like these.

They also use epimedium, however, which is not recommended by our experts at all. When this is combined with the fact that they do not provide any information about how much epimedium, or any of the other ingredients, is in RexaZyte, it becomes very hard to trust that RexaZyte is going to be both safe and effective for all of their customers’ needs. Our team does not recommend RexaZyte to our readers.

The make enhancement product that they do recommend is called Viritenz. It is the single most potent non-prescription male enhancement product that our team has analyzed.

It utilizes a blend of ingredients that features some of the more helpful ingredients found in RexaZyte without utilizing any of their more dangerous additives. Click here to see the full nutrition information and dosage amounts for Viritenz.

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