Rephresh Clean Balance Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Rephresh Clean Balance is a douching kit designed to maintain a clean and healthy vaginal area when used as directed. Rephresh Clean Balance, according to the makers of this product is ideal for women suffering from feminine odor or discomfort.

Rephresh Clean Balance works to both clean the vagina, and balance in a two-step process. The cleaning portion of the product is made from cleaning agents like sodium chloride and sodium benzoate, as well as soothing gel.

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Rephresh Clean Balance Ingredients and Side Effects

Rephresh Clean Balance is made with a few key ingredients that aim to provide long term moisture. There’s not much to the Rephresh Clean Balance formula, aside from purified water and some moisturizing agents found in the gel.

This product, as mentioned above, is a two-part solution, a cleaning solution, plus a gel that acts as a barrier against dryness or incoming infections.

The Pure-10 cleansing solution formula is essentially made from salt water, though the gel contains a number of ingredients—glycerin and parabens, among other things that many people may not want to add to such a sensitive area.

Glycerin may actually have a drying effect on the vagina, which may raise the risk for developing an infection. Menopausal women may want to avoid products with glycerin, as it may make vaginal dryness worse.

Parabens, though used in a number of mainstream products, may turn some potential users of. These preservative ingredients have been linked to breast cancer. Some researchers believe they may even have a negative effect on healthy cells—transforming them into cancer cells.

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Rephresh Clean Balance Quality of Ingredients

Rephresh Clean Balance, though likely safe due to its presence across several reputable retailers, is not a natural product. Many people won’t have a problem with this, but this product doesn’t really contain any ingredients known to provide any health benefits.

Common wisdom among doctors these days is, douching is wholly unnecessary and may kill off bacteria that the vagina needs to maintain optimal pH levels and prevent infections.

The official website does acknowledge that douching may open up the possibility of infection, but claim the gel prevents a barrier against incoming infections. The problem is, that neither the douching solution nor the gel contain any ingredients that can replenish the natural flora the vagina needs to stay healthy.

The vagina is a self-cleaning organ and that keeps good bacteria in check. While this product is designed to help women feel clean—an odor problem or frequent infection can be a sign of an underlying condition and should be evaluated by a doctor.

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The Price and Quality of Rephresh Clean Balance

Rephresh Clean Balance is sold through a variety of channels—you’ll likely be able to find this in any drug store or supermarket without much trouble.

Users can find this item on Amazon for $11.91 for a box providing 3 days of relief. Based on the information we’ve gathered about this product, it’s not especially clear how often this product is intended to be used.

Prices vary by channel — Walmart sells this product for $7.17 per unit, while Target offers the same amount for $14.89.

This product seems relatively affordable, but the amount per box only lasts about 3 days. Most users won’t use this on a daily basis, but some people might consider this overpriced.

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Business of Rephresh Clean Balance

Rephresh Clean Balance is part of a larger brand owned by the company Church & Dwight, best known for making a variety of personal care and household products. Here’s a bit of background info:

Phone: 800-524-1328

Address: Princeton South Corporate Center,
500 Charles Ewing Boulevard
Ewing, NJ 08628

Though part of a larger company portfolio, Rephresh has its own website dedicated to the brand’s line of products, all designed for women’s health concerns.

The official site looks pretty good, offering consumers a considerable amount of information about keeping their vaginal health in order. There’s some information about using the product, which does acknowledge that douching increases the risk of infection.

The purpose of the gel is to provide moisture and rebalance the pH in the vagina after it has been cleaned out, but there’s not much on the website that shows how the ingredients present in the solution work to do this.

The makers of Rephresh Clean Balance try to normalize douching, which doesn’t line up with conventional medical wisdom. The vagina is a self-cleaning body part, and users who are concerned about the state of their feminine area should see a doctor.

Douching may cause more harm than good and it’s best to get the go ahead from a medical professional before subjecting your vagina to something it likely doesn’t need.

Customer Opinions of Rephesh Clean Balance

Rephresh Clean Balance does have a large number of positive reviews associated with its use. Most users were women who felt self-conscious about feminine odor, but didn’t mention whether or not they had any ongoing infections or if they were just committed to staying as clean as possible. Here’s a look at some of the comments people left online:

“I use this product quite often and have found that it works really well. Douching is a personal decision, and I know it’s not for everyone, but this product just makes me feel clean and confident.”

“Great for keeping intimate areas feeling balanced and fresh. It doesn’t have a scent or anything, but the freshness is undeniable. This works as advertised, so no complaints on my end.”

“Used this a few times, but after I read the ingredients, I had to stop. This is loaded with parabens. I definitely don’t want these substances anywhere near my vagina. Stay away from this.”

“Rephresh Clean Balance made me feel a little dry and irritated down there. I’d only use this after your period, but otherwise, it’s probably best to stay away from this and stick using to a gentle cleanser.”

Rephresh Clean Balance does have fairly good reviews from those who have used this product, claiming the combination of the douche and the gel made them feel clean and less self-conscious about feminine odor.

It seems most users did not mention the ingredients. We’re not sure if they didn’t read the label before purchasing or if they didn’t think that parabens were a big deal.

There were only a few people that mentioned the ingredients in the reviews we found—but given that parabens are not uncommon in a number of personal care products; it’s not surprising there are people who don’t consider this a drawback.

We’re still not convinced that this product is necessary for anyone’s use, but the reviewer above does have a point — douching is a very personal decision, and it might feel right for a certain subset of people.

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Conclusion – Does Rephresh Clean Balance Work?

Rephresh Clean Balance has some good reviews, but they seem to be written primarily by people overly concerned about vaginal cleanliness.

This product is designed to keep pH in balance, and may well work for a number of users, but we’re wary about the use of a douching product, when it’s so well-known that the practice may have a negative effect on the natural balance of the vagina.

Users with a serious vaginal odor or a suspected infection are better off looking toward solutions that treat the root of the problem, not attempt to wash it all off. Probiotics are a good option for those looking to balance internal bacteria and yeast, while a solution that targets hormone balance can help keep dryness at bay.

Those with concerns should consult their physician for a more comprehensive solution. Rephresh Clean Balance seems like a band aid fix, that won’t solve anything long term, though it may help users feel fresh and confident right after using.

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