Relactagel Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Relactagel is a natural solution for treating bacterial vaginosis by regulating the vagina’s pH. The gel-based solution helps maintain an acidic environment which kills off bad bacteria and allows the good bacteria to thrive.

Relactagel works as both a 7-day treatment for BV and a preventative solution. Relactagel is intended for use for 2-3 days after menstruation, if used to prevent BV in those prone to chronic infections.

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Relactagel Ingredients and Side Effects

Relactagel’s official website doesn’t offer the full range of ingredients, but they do mention the active components of the formula—a combination between lactic acid and glycogen. Here’s a little about these ingredients and their effect on the vaginal environment:

Glycogen Lactic Acid

Glycogen: Glycogen is a form of glucose produced naturally inside the body, and is used to keep the vagina moist and to help maintain the proper pH balance. Basically, glycogen keeps infections at bay, while making sure good bacteria has a healthy environment in which to thrive.

Glycogen production is dependent on estrogen, and often during menopause, the lack of glycogen in the vagina leads to dryness, discomfort and an increased risk of bacterial vaginosis.

Lactic Acid: Lactic acid helps the body restore natural acidity, providing an environment for good bacteria, while keeping out other “bad” bacteria that may lead to infection, itching and discomfort.

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Relactagel Quality of Ingredients

Relactagel is made from ingredients that seem like a good way to maintain a proper pH balance in the body—both lactic acid and glycogen are key in helping the internal flora flourish inside the vagina.

Additionally, since this product is a gel, and the ingredients don’t have any known side effects, this product is likely a safe way to avoid any bacterial infections in the vagina.

The only concerns we have about Relactagel have less to do with the quality of the product and more to do with the fact that this product may have some consumers thinking they can avoid visiting a doctor when they need medical attention.

We’re not sure Relactagel can take the place of antibiotics for a serious bacterial infection, or if this product is more effective than restoring your hormonal balance with a menopause product.

Based on our look at the ingredients, it seems this product may be a good supplement to a hormone balancing regimen, but it’s clearly not for regular use.

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The Price and Quality of Relactagel

Relactagel is can be purchased from the official website, but the company that makes this product is based in Ireland and only ship inside the country, or to Germany and England.

Relactagel is sold through Amazon for about $20 per container, and users in the US and elsewhere can purchase this product without any trouble. This product may also be purchased through eBay at varying price points.

Each box of Relactagel contains seven pre-loaded applicators, so this product only lasts for one cycle of treatment. Users who buy this product for preventative use are expected to only use about 2 or 3 applicators a month, following menstruation, so the latter group may get more mileage out of a single box.

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Business of Relactagel

Relactagel is made by an Irish company known as Kora Healthcare. Here is their contact information, for reference:

Phone:  353 1 890 0406

Address: Swords Business Park
Swords, Co Dublin, Ireland

Kora Health is a pharmaceutical company that makes a number of products centered around infectious diseases, sexual health and wellbeing and general nutrition.

The official Kora website feels rather clinical, but it does embody a certain level of professionalism one has come to expect from a global pharmaceutical company.

The product page for Relactagel explains how the product works in several simple, easy to understand steps. For example, visitors receive information about why they might use this product, as well as how often they should use it, and what it does to eliminate BV.

The one thing we would change about the way Relactagel is presented that the ingredient label has not been included on the site. While not everyone will care about this omission, plenty of people like to do their research before investing in an over-the-counter product, especially when it’s going to be applied to such a sensitive area.

Additionally, per a customer on the Amazon page, this product gets its glycogen from shellfish, something the website does not make clear. Shellfish are one of the top eight food allergies and Kora Health should consider adding a warning to alert allergic consumers.

While the website isn’t especially warm or inviting in tone, they do offer potential users a snapshot of this product and its function, something you don’t see in a lot of cases.

Customer Opinions of Relactagel

Relactagel is pretty widely reviewed. This company has been around for a while and sells through a number of channels with a lot of web traffic. Here’s a look at some of the comments people shared about their experience:

“This product works well for me. It’s the only thing that helps me rebalance my pH after having my period each month. I like this better than antibiotics, which generally make me feel sick and weak after use.”

“Easy to use and eliminates BV symptoms within a day or so. While it worked for me, those with a shellfish allergy should be aware, as the glycogen used in the formula comes from shellfish.”

“I love this. It’s odorless and easy to use, especially with the applicator. I’ve already gone through menopause, but it’s hard to keep vaginal pH acidic enough for optimal balance. FYI—it is a bit runny.”

“Tried this in an attempt to “go natural” and help out the good bacteria. No results initially, but after day 6 rolled around, I began feeling an itchy, burning sensation, like a yeast infection. Not for me at all.”

Relactagel did not have that many reviews, but it does not appear to be widely sold in the United States, despite having a few listings on Amazon.

It’s hard to tell I this product works consistently, given the small sample size, but some people had some great results.

Lactic acid is a well-known ingredient for balancing pH, as is glycogen—but the consumer above is right—the shellfish thing could be an issue for many potential users.

Based on the one account we found from the postmenopausal woman above, it seems this product has potential to get the vaginal environment back on track if it’s especially dry or prone to infection.

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Conclusion – Does Relactagel Work?

Relactagel seems to have a lot of potential as a bacterial vaginosis treatment. The Kora Health website seems reputable, and the ingredient profile looks pretty good, at least on our end.

The first issue we had with this product is, you never see an official ingredient list. There’s not one posted on the Kora site and sites like Amazon have not included anything in the image galleries.

Second, because users can’t evaluate the full contents of the product ahead of time, they may not be aware that this product contains shellfish, a common allergen.

It’s true most people do not have a shellfish allergy—but it can be a dangerous affliction for the unlucky few. Allergens should be clearly marked in order to alert customers to any potential adverse reactions.

We also don’t know how well this product works. We did not come across many reviews, as this product is not widely distributed in the United States. While several commenters mentioned Relactagel was quite effective, others felt it didn’t help much or had caused a negative reaction.

In the end, this product could be worthwhile, but it’s wise to speak with a doctor if you’re experiencing ongoing issues with BV or some sort of menopausal imbalance.

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