Raw Probiotics Women Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Raw Probiotics Women is an untreated probiotic formula featuring 32 strains of “good bacteria.” This product works to support vaginal health and digestive function in women.

Raw Probiotics Women contains a blend of ingredients known for their ability to boost immune function, support microbial balance and improve nutrient absorption. Raw Probiotics Women is also unique in that, the probiotics arrive live, and contain various enzymes that help the user more easily digest dairy.

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Raw Probiotics Women Ingredients and Side Effects

Raw Probiotics Women is both a multivitamin and a probiotic. We didn’t list out all the vitamins and minerals, due to the sheer volume of ingredients. Here’s a look at the most active ingredient included in this blend—raw probiotics:

Raw Probiotics

Raw Probiotics: Probiotics that have not been heated or treated and require refrigeration. This particular product claims to contain 85 billion live cultures from 32 different strains. The idea with the raw probiotic supplement is that the body treats it the same way it would probiotic-rich fermented foods.

Probiotics, in general, are used to support digestion, healthy bowel movements, thyroid function and improved immune system health.

Additionally, probiotics may help improve vaginal health and provide some protection against yeast overgrowth or infection.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven menopause pill such as Femmetrinol for better results.

Raw Probiotics Women Quality of Ingredients

Raw Probiotics Women is made by a company known as Garden of Life, a supplements seller that specializes in non-GMO probiotics. The raw probiotic component makes this seem like an attractive, albeit high-maintenance, product.

However, there isn’t much information out there that demonstrates whether these raw probiotics are any more effective than their more shelf-stable counterparts.

Additionally, this product contains a lot of ingredients, mostly vitamins, and as a result, may not be especially potent.

Most of the users who left their feedback on various e-commerce platforms mentioned this product was good for digestion and general health. We didn’t see any comments from users who used this product as a treatment for BV, yeast infections, vaginal odor or dryness.

This may be a good product for healthy users, but those who need a greater focus on vaginal health ae better off looking for something different.

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The Price and Quality of Raw Probiotics Women

Raw Probiotics Women is featured prominently on the official website, but is currently out of stock. The web copy mentions this company does not sell their refrigerated supplements direct to consumers, but they are working on developing the capacity for future sales.

The MSRP is $52.45 for a one-month supply, but the product is currently marked down across multiple channels. Amazon offers the product for $43.99 with free shipping, while Vitamin Shoppe offers the same product for $34.39.

Raw Probiotics Women is priced at the higher end of the spectrum when offered at the suggested retail price, but users can easily find this at a steep discount. Still, $30 or more on a single supplement may be feel like something of an investment for a number of consumers.

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Business of Raw Probiotics Women

Raw Probiotics Women is made by a natural supplements company known as Garden of Life. Here is their contact info, as well as some more information about the company:

Phone: 561-748-2477

Address: 4200 NorthCorp Parkway
Suite 200
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

Overall, the Garden of Life site feels fresh and lively, echoing their company’s commitment to sustainability, as well as providing a comprehensive content catalog—a place where users can learn about the company’s partnerships with organic family farms, find a new smoothie recipe or learn about the benefits of taking probiotics.

Unfortunately, the actual product pages are pretty minimal. They go through the bullet points of Raw Probiotics Women, but never dive into any specifics on why they chose to add ingredients like bell pepper or plum.

The company does talk about probiotics, which is the main component of the product, so this is likely not an issue for most people, but we do wish there was more info,

One thing worth noting—during our look at the comments reviewers left after looking at this product, someone mentioned that Garden of Life refused to provide a certificate of analysis for the ingredients in this formula.

While it’s understandable that Garden of Life would want to keep information about their formula close to the chest, it’s interesting that they don’t share much information about specific products.

Customer Opinions of Raw Probiotics Women

Raw Probiotics Women does have mostly positive reviews, but the benefits that came up over and over were generally related to digestive health, rather than vaginal wellbeing.

Based on the reviews, this seems like it’s a high quality product, but we’re not entirely sure how this product is good for women, specifically. Here are some of the comments left on Amazon:

“Some of the more potent probiotics I’ve ever tried. This product reduced my chronic digestive problems—though it took a few days to push out the “bad bacteria” and replace it with the “good” guys.”

“This is great for people with autoimmune issues. I’ve never had any symptoms signaling digestive issues, but my dermatologist though something was off. Since starting this, my full body rash has cleared up.”

“This is just another failed (and expensive) attempt to get rid of my BV. I’m not sure if I buy that all these five star reviews are real. On to the next one, I suppose.”

“Quality probiotics with a lot of vitamins and minerals, but they really could be more potent. Not great for constipation issues. If you’re really constipated, you’ll definitely want something stronger—trust me.”

Raw Probiotics Women had primarily positive reviews, though there were some users who felt their experience with this product could be greatly improved.

Most users, aside from the BV comment above, did not mention anything about vaginal health — and it’s unclear if this is the right product for someone with BV issues, chronic yeast infections and more.

While this product is a women’s formula, it seems to be geared more toward women’s general nutrition (i.e., like a multivitamin) rather than for women with candida, recurring BV, or vaginal odor. Garden of Life also makes a similar product, Raw Probiotic Vaginal Health which may be better suited to those needs.

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Conclusion – Does Raw Probiotics Women Work?

Raw Probiotics Women seems like a good product for promoting general nutrition. It’s loaded with ingredients like the full scope of vitamins and minerals you’ll get in a daily supplement, digestive enzymes, plus some whole food ingredients featuring pigments and antioxidants with a range of health benefits.

Based on the ingredient profile, plus the information provided by people who had actually used this product, we’ve found that Raw Probiotics Women is a good solution for people with mild digestive issues or who wish to bolster their immune system with a daily supplement.

Unfortunately, we hardly saw any comments from users who bought this product to maintain their vaginal health, other than one women who claimed this was not an effective product for dealing with BV.

Raw Probiotics Women does not seem to provide any benefit that make this product especially helpful for women, though users did vouch for its digestive benefits.

For menopausal women looking to combat dryness and vaginal pH imbalances, it’s wise to treat the problem as a hormone issue, rather than targeting the gut flora alone.

Users may well benefit from a probiotic, in addition to a hormone balancing solution, but it’s wise to speak with a medical professional to determine the right mix of supplements for your routine.

After reviewing creams, probiotics, hormone replacement therapies and more, we’ve found Femmetrinol stands above the competition, providing comprehensive care to menopausal women dealing with symptoms as diverse as night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings and low libido. The formula contains black cohosh, wild yam and chasteberry, which work to balance estrogen and progesterone ratios, providing swift relief.

Femmetrinol has been manufactured in a in a certified facility and is routinely subject to clinical testing for maximum safety and efficacy. Click this link to see what Femmetrinol can do to improve your menopause journey.

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