Purely Inspired Coconut Oil Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Purely Inspired Coconut Oil is an encapsulated coconut oil product used for weight loss. This product contains green coffee extract as well, for its effect on the metabolism.

Purely Inspired Coconut Oil aims to bring weight loss benefits to users through the combined effects of caffeine and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). The makers of Purely Inspired Coconut Oil claim this product will help users see results within 60 days when following a calorie-restricted diet.

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Purely Inspired Coconut Oil Ingredients and Side Effects

Purely Inspired Coconut Oil only contains two key ingredients, coconut oil and green coffee extract. Below, we’ll take a look at the tropical pantry staple and coffee extract and weigh the pros and cons of using the oil as a nutritional supplement:

Coconut Oil 

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is an oil made by pressing the “meat” of the coconut, while still housed inside the outer shell. Long a cooking staple in Southeast Asia and throughout the Pacific Islands, coconut oil is used in a number of foods, but may also be used to soothe dry skin, as a way to tame unruly hair and more.

Coconut oil contains nutrients like lauric acid, a saturated fat which is thought to affect the way estrogen acts inside the body, as well as medium chain fatty acids—which are thought to help regulate weight and energy levels and may provide cognitive benefits.

Green Coffee Extract: Green coffee extract is made from coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. It contains a chemical known as chlorogenic acid, thought to help improve blood sugar levels and boost metabolism.

  • Green coffee extract contains caffeine, so users may experience side effects like heart palpitations, trouble sleeping, headaches, nervousness, upset stomach and more.

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Purely Inspired Coconut Oil Quality of Ingredients

Purely Inspired Coconut Oil is made from organic virgin coconut oil, so it does have the benefit of being of a higher quality than some competing products.

It’s interesting that the makers of this product are marketing this as a weight loss supplement. While caffeine is known to speed up the metabolism, and fatty acids may help keep users full for a longer period of time, we’re not sure the claims Purely Inspired is making are entirely grounded in reality.

It’s worth noting that all the marketing materials mention users will need to change their diet and exercise habits to see the full benefits.

With other coconut oil supplements, the indications typically include things like digestion, as well as the anti-fungal properties found inside this ingredient.

Additionally, some people believe that coconut oil has an impact on estrogen levels and that it may be used to control yeast and bacteria in the vagina — hence our reviewing this product in this context.

The women’s health benefits we just mentioned have not been extensively reviewed by any reputable medical organizations or journals, so the jury is still out on whether there is any truth behind these claims.

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The Price and Quality of Purely Inspired Coconut Oil

Purely Inspired Coconut Oil is not sold on the Purely Inspired website. It appears that the company behind the supplement simply functions as a distributor and does not sell to individual buyers.

According to the official website, this product is available from Walgreens, Walmart and Amazon. The suggested retail price is $13.99, but all three sellers are currently offering Purely Inspired Coconut Oil for $9.99.

A single box contains 80 soft gels and the recommend serving is three capsules. If taken as directed, this product won’t last a full month. We’ve also come across some people taking twice the recommended dose, so in many cases this product only lasts a couple weeks.

Overall, this product seems a bit overpriced considering its coconut oil and caffeine—two ingredients that are fairly easy to find at a much lower price.

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Business of Purely Inspired Coconut Oil

Purely Inspired Coconut Oil is made by a company known as Purely Inspired. They have not provided any contact information aside from a form that users can fill out to become a brand ambassador.

Purely Inspired does not sell their products directly, so the site functions primarily as a showcase for their products.

They offer recipes and lively blog posts focused around healthy eating habits and more. On the surface this looks like a company that values healthy habits and nutritious ingredients.

What’s interesting about this product is, they provide free product in exchange for reviews on Amazon or through Sam’s Club’s online platform. It’s unclear if this arrangement has had an effect on the comments people have left behind, but it should be taken into consideration when looking at the reviews.

Customer Opinions of Purely Inspired Coconut Oil

Purely Inspired Coconut Oil has reviews that are kind of all over the place. Most people left a one-line comment that mentioned that the product wasn’t especially effective, while others offered vague praise. Here’s a look at some of the past customer feedback:

“My wife says these have been really effective in helping her feel better. I haven’t noticed anything personally, but it seems there are studies backing this up. Who am I to argue?”

“Had to quite taking my coconut oil in my coffee because it was upsetting my stomach. Glad I can get some of the same benefits without any cramping or stomach upset.”

“This product makes me feel better. My skin and hair look nice and I have more energy than I did in the past. I think I actually lost some weight, too. I’m just not sure if it had anything to do with the pills.”

“Did not work for me. I’m on my second package of these and have yet to lose a single pound. I take three pills in the morning and three at night with water, as directed. I’ll probably stop after I finish this pack.”

Purely Inspired Coconut Oil had a lot of comments mentioning that this product made them feel better, but never explained why. Many people take coconut oil for digestion or improved energy, but we’re not sure if this was the case.

A few people mentioned that this product did help them lose some weight after using, but didn’t mention if they also made some changes to their diet or exercise routines, or if adding the supplement was the only thing they had changed.

The reviews we found didn’t particularly help us determine whether or not this product was effective. Most of the feedback was vague and didn’t reveal much about the circumstances under which the product was being used.

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Conclusion – Does Purely Inspired Coconut Oil Work?

Purely Inspired Coconut Oil has mixed reviews, but there are certainly a large number of followers who liked this product. Because many people use coconut oil for its potential to increase energy levels, it makes sense that there’s a certain demographic who finds the addition of the coffee extract appealing.

Based on our findings, our look at the ingredients and the company, we’re not sure we believe that coconut oil supplements have a strong effect on the user’s ability to lose weight any more quickly than they would simply by changing their caloric intake or increasing physical activity.

Caffeine may help speed up the metabolism to some extent, but it’s unclear whether the amount present inside Purely Inspired Coconut Oil provides any more benefits than drinking a cup of coffee.

Aside from the advertised indication for this product, we’re not sure it’s a great supplement. Coconut oil may have some benefits, sure, but it’s use as a women’s health supplement has not been studied enough for us to make any conclusions.

Users looking for a product that has an effect on estrogen may want to look into products that contain plant-based estrogens—think soy, black cohosh, red clover and more. Those considering coconut oil as a way to prevent or control yeast infections and gut/vaginal bacteria may want to look at probiotics, candida cleanses or other products with a better track record of keeping potential infections at bay.

After reviewing several types of menopause supplements, we have learned that Femmetrinol most consistently helps users treat discomfort form hot flashes and night sweats, as well as balancing out mood swings and increasing libido.

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