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Prostavar RX is a male health and wellness product that is specifically formulated to help older men improve the health and functionality of their prostates. Their promotional materials do not tend to focus on any specific biological effects but instead mostly address lifestyle issues such as being able to play full rounds of golf or go on long drives without the need to stop and take a break.

They use an all-natural formula that is drug free and does not require a doctor’s permission to purchase. The recommend it both to men that have begun to experience prostate issues that are seeking relief and improvement, as well as for men that are looking to prevent any problems from appearing in the future.

The most effective prostate product that our team has analyzed is Prostatrinex. It has the best reputation within the supplements industry for actually improving users’ prostate health, wellness, and functionality. Click here to the full ingredients list and supplement facts for Prostatrinex.

How Does Prostavar RX Work?

Prostavar RX works by using a blend of ingredients that are thought to help shrink the prostate or at least reduce some of the symptoms that can be associated with an enlarged or inflamed prostate. Most significantly, their blend uses pygeum, phytosterols, and saw palmetto, which are considered three of the most effective natural prostate health ingredients, according to our team of experts.

Saw palmetto is the most common herbal ingredient found in prostate health supplements due to its many beneficial effects on the prostate and bladder. It is high in beta-sitosterol, fatty acids, and other key chemicals that can help to actually reduce the size of the gland itself.

Pygeum and phytosterols also contain beta-sitosterol, and pygeum in particular has also been associated with the reduction of the size of the prostate. Phytosterols do not affect prostate size directly, but they are thought to help improve urinary function considerably, which can help to moderate the severity of the effects of prostate swelling.

For some reason that is not explained, the ingredients that Prostavar RX lists on their website do not match those shown in the images displayed by their third-party retailers or those posted online by previous customers. The image of their nutrition panel on their website contains far fewer ingredients than the images that are posted independently online.

In addition to saw palmetto, phytosterols, pygeum, muira puama, quercetin, and nettle leaves, the independent images of their supplement facts list Belexian man vine, epimedium, L-Alanine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamic acid, L-Glycine, and lycopene. This raised a number of questions with our review team, both regarding which lists were accurate, the cause of the discrepancy, and several of the ingredients themselves.

It is possible that Prostavar RX altered formulation at some point in time and did not inform their third-party distributors or change the images that they have posted on those sites. While this could perhaps be perceived as lazy or irresponsible for a supplements company, it would not necessarily be a malicious attempt at deception.

It is also possible that Prostavar RX intentionally only displays a partial ingredients list on their website because they do not want users to see some of their more controversial ingredients. Epimedium, for example, is a low-grade stimulant that is not recommended by our team of experts.

Epimedium is used most often in less reputable male enhancement products to help improve erectile function, and it can occasionally be found in prostate and bladder performance products because it can increase urinary flow. There is no clinical data that shows that epimedium can benefit prostate health, and it has also been linked to a number of potentially serious side effects.

The entry of Belexian man vine is confusing, as this is not a known type of plant. It is possible that this is a typo and Prostavar RX’s label should read “Belizean man vine,” however that is also not a plant that is listed in any reputable sources and there is no data regarding whether or not it is safe or effective for prostate treatment.

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Potential Benefits of Prostavar RX

As mentioned above, Prostavar RX makes very few specific claims about the benefits of their product, especially from a biological perspective. The reasons for this are most likely legal in nature, however it does not inspire confidence in our review team about Prostavar RX’s ability to work for every customer that tries it.

That said, they do heavily imply that Prostavar RX may be helpful for urinary and bladder issues, especially those that involve frequent urination. Saw palmetto can be particularly useful for these reasons, as can pygeum and phytosterols.

They may also encourage men completely empty their bladders when they urinate, and they may be useful for helping men avoid residual urine left trapped in the urethra. Residual urine can lead to uncomfortable itching and burning in the urethra, as well as the potentially embarrassing problem of leakage, and proper prostate control can prevent this.

The dosage amount listed for Prostavar RX on their website is also exceptionally small. If it is accurate, then any potential benefits that users may experience are most likely going to be minimal.

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Are There Side Effects of Prostavar RX?

Most of the lead ingredients in Prostavar RX are thought to be safe for most users and caused no worries for our team of experts.  They do, however, have some concerns about the ingredients that appeared in the ingredients images found on other Prostavar RX distributors’ websites, particularly epimedium.

Our experts’ major concerns with epimedium are the side effects that can possibly result from its usage. It is a stimulant that increases heart rate, which in turn increases blood pressure, sometimes significantly. This can potentially be a problem for men that have existing blood pressure or heart issues, and can even result in such serious consequences as strokes, seizures, and heart attacks.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prostavar RX

There are quite a few outlets online that carry Prostavar RX, however it does not seem to be available in any physical stores. The prices for Prostavar RX tend to be relatively consistent across platforms, and interested customers should be able to find it for prices similar to these listed below:

  • 1, 90-capsule bottle (30-day supply) of Prostavar RX: $39.95
  • 3, 90-capsule bottles (90-day supply) of Prostavar RX: $79.95

These prices are moderately above average, but not out of line with many other products of this nature. Their price, however, was not the main issue that our review team had with the sales and marketing of Prostavar RX.

Strangely, Prostavar RX claims that they were named as the #1 prostate health supplement in the US by the American Council on Men’s Health Products, however this does not seem to be a real organization. There is no evidence of the existence of the American Council on Men’s Health Products aside from the mentions of it in Prostavar RX’s website and promotional materials.

Their parent company, Superbalife International, LLC, has a 100% negative customer feedback rating with the Better Business Bureau. Their BBB page has a number of stories from previous customers about fraudulent credit card charges from the company.

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Our Recommendation

There were some issues with Prostavar RX that our review team had that were related to their ingredients and formulation, and there were a number of other issues that they had with their parent company and the sales and marketing strategies behind the product itself.

One of the main issues that our team had were the contradictory reports of the ingredients found in Prostavar RX, as well as the negative feedback rating from previous customers and their questionable award from the American Council on Men’s Health Products. These are not issues typically found with higher quality products and more respectable manufacturers.

If epimedium is part of their ingredients blend, that is a huge issue with our team as it has a history of potential side effects, some of them possibly serious. They also did not approve of the minimal dosage amounts of their more useful ingredients, which caused them to doubt how effective Prostavar RX could be overall, even if their more favorable ingredients panel is the accurate one.

The prostate health supplement that our review team does trust enough to recommend to our readers is called Prostatrinex. It is the most powerful single supplement that they have reviewed for shrinking the prostate and improving urinary function.

Their blend uses saw palmetto and pygeum, however it does not contain epimedium and all of its secondary ingredients are well known and have long histories of effectiveness in products of this nature. Click here to learn how to see if Prostatrinex is right for you and your specific prostate health and wellness needs.

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