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Nutrition as a lifestyle

You say or hear the word diet and automatically a few words come to mind: restricting and limiting you and the foods you can eat, rigid meal plan, overwhelming, time consuming. Often you feel anxious because you, like many other dieters, have fallen victim to losing weight, then unfortunately gaining the amount you lost and possibly more back. weight lossThink about it, if all these diets were as great as they claim to be or provide all this weight loss as they promise they can there would not be many diets, nor would there be the tons of diet, “how-to”, weight loss books that overflow the shelves in bookstores across the nation. If these diets were as easy to follow as they claim to be, people would not encounter this “yo-yo” dieting and weight loss/weight gain phenomenon that too many dieters have experienced.

If you feel lost and are not 100% confident where you should begin and you find a diet to help jump-start your weight loss that’s fine, but realize it’s unrealistic to think you can follow this diet for the rest of your life. At some point, you will run out of meal plans to follow, you will get tired of eating a certain food at the same time everyday, you will be exhausted with the concept of limiting your food selection, and you will be fed-up at completely cutting out one or more food groups.

In order to truly guarantee success, we need to shift our thinking from “I’m on the such-n-such diet” to “I’m working on a healthier lifestyle”. That’s exactly what it is, it’s a lifestyle. You need to be educated on healthier food choices, knowing the right foods to eat on a regular basis, as well as the kinds of food to limit or avoid. By restructuring your thinking to viewing this as a lifestyle you will empower yourself with knowledge and confidence to eat in any situation, be able to eat a meal out, etc. Nutritionally, by adapting to a healthy lifestyle you will greatly increase your chances of losing weight and keeping it off, and not to mention to numerous health benefits and reducing your health risk(s) and diseases.

A healthy lifestyle also includes proper amount of sleep, exercise, stress management, identifying and practicing one’s spirituality or religion, smoking cessation, and limiting your alcohol consumption.

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July 7th, 2008