New Wedges Make Exercise a Little Easier for Beginners

fitness-wedgesOne of the most common complaints I hear from beginner exercisers is that their knees, wrists or necks feel uncomfortable — or even painful — during common moves like push-ups, planks and ab work. When you’re just starting a new workout program, there’s already enough things to deal with, from making room in your schedule for exercise to properly hydrating to having the right form to delayed onset muscle soreness. The last thing you need is extra discomfort, right? Right!

The company Do or Die Fitness recently sent me their new fitness wedges for just this problem. Made of soft yet supportive latex-free foam, the wrist wedges, neck circle and knee donuts are a new exerciser’s BFF. All of the supports reduce discomfort and stress on your joints by improving your ergonomics. I was especially a fan of the knee donuts. Whether it’s being in table-top position in yoga that’s uncomfortable or doing a modified push-up that puts too much pressure on your knees, these little donuts do wonders. The wrist wedges were also easy to use, even including a little diagram of where your hand goes, so that you use them correctly. The neck circle was my least favorite of the three, but it wasn’t because it didn’t work — it did its job. I just feel like, for neck support, you could easily use a towel, pillow or something else that’s soft you have around the house.

All of the supports are light-weight, pretty affordable ($9.99 to $19.99 for each or $44.99 for all three) and amazingly don’t really slip unless you really, really try to make them slide, even on hard surfaces like concrete or hardwood floors. While most advanced exercisers won’t have a big need for these, I’m going to go ahead and call them a must for exercise newbies!


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