Never Diet Again Follow Up on the Oprah Show

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Tune in this Monday, July 12, 2010 to the Oprah Show when Geneen Roth, author of Women, Food and God, returns to discuss the nitty gritty of ending the battle with food.

With books flying off the shelves since Oprah first had Roth on the show in May, Oprah put anyone who has ever battled with their weight or dieting up to a 60-day challenge to apply Roth’s Seven Rules of Eating and see where it takes them.

Watch as a woman, who has lost 70 pounds, still struggles with emotional issues and why some women can’t seem to break their obsession with food.

Even if you missed Roth’s first appearance on the Oprah Show, this follow-up show is a must-see for anyone who has ever picked up a diet book or tried to heal a break-up through caramel ice cream sundaes.

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