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Magistral is a liquid dietary supplement that has been designed to help improve prostate health, urinary function, and other male wellness issues. Their advertising recommends the product to older men that have begun to experience urinary issues due to benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), or the swelling of the prostate.

Magistral’s advertising says that it is effective for many men in relieving symptoms like overactive bladders, incomplete emptying and inconsistent and inaccurate urine streams. They say that it also has applications for helping to relieve nighttime urination, urinary hesitancy, and burning sensations in the urethra.

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How Does Magistral Work?

Magistral claims that they are designed to help shrink the prostate and to control the symptoms of BPH. It is a liquid supplement, as opposed to the majority of supplements of this nature, which tend to come in pill form.

They say that the liquid formula is designed ti help make it faster acting, however this does not really seem applicable to a prostate health formula. There are no ingredients that can shrink the prostate immediately; instead, prostate health products must be taken over a period of time, usually weeks or months, before any sort of results become evident.

Liquid supplements tend to get absorbed faster than pill or capsule-style supplements, but by only a matter of hours. This does not have any particular relevance to the effects of Magistral, and consumers should not expect that taking it will immediately give them relief from their prostate symptoms.

The symptoms that it says that it can affect are mostly related to urinary function and can include reduction in the frequency of trips to the bathroom, reduction in the suddenness and insistence of the need to urinate, and improvement in the strength and consistency of users’ urinary stream.

It can also help regulate bladder emptying, leading to both more complete voiding of the bladder and to fewer instances of urine left trapped in the urethra. Voiding the bladder completely can reduce the frequency that men need to use the restroom, and although making sure that urethra is cleared of urine may seem small, it can have a number of unpleasant consequences if it does not happen.

Urethral urine can lead to a very rapid need to go to the bathroom again, or it can also lead to slow leakage and spotting – both of which can be embarrassing and socially awkward. It can also feel uncomfortable, as urine left in the urethra tends to start to burn or itch at some point. Lastly, it can even lead to more serious consequences in the long term such as urethra and bladder infections.

The way that Magistral lists their ingredients makes it somewhat difficult to tell exactly how potent and effective of a product it can be for controlling these issues. Their overall dosage level is quite small, however, which means that regardless of how their ingredients are distributed there is very little chance that Magistral can be one of the more effective prostate products on the market.

There are also very few ingredients in their proprietary blend that have established histories of effectiveness for prostate issues. They have several ingredients in their blend that are found more frequently in products of other types, such as male enhancement and nootropic blends, however the only additive that has a clinically-established history of effectiveness for prostate health is saw palmetto.

Saw palmetto is one of the most common herbal ingredients found in over the counter prostate health products. It is a type of tree that is found most frequently in the Southeastern United States whose fruits contain chemicals that have been shown to help shrink the prostate in some users.

Other uses that saw palmetto may have includes helping to control chronic pelvic pain, neurogenic bladder, and possibly even hair loss. It has also shown some ability to help restore sexual function in men with ED related to nerve obstruction due to prostate swelling.

Other than the saw palmetto, the only other additive in their blend that has shown any ability to help the prostate at all is ginseng, however it is not known to be particularly potent for those purposes. Ginseng is found more often in nootropic and male enhancement products, as its benefits for those functions are far more apparent.

Muira puama, sometimes referred to as as potency wood, is also associated more with libido and erectile improvement than prostate heath, and damiana is found most often in supplements that help to treat the symptoms of menopause. They also have ginkgo biloba in their proprietary blend, which is one of the best-known herbs for memory and mental performance supplements, however there is no clinical data that has suggested it may be useful for prostate health products.

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Potential Benefits of Magistral

Given that Magistral utilizes saw palmetto in their blend, then there is a very good chance that many users will see some reduction in prostate size and the severity of their symptoms. The ginseng in their blend may also help contribute to this, as well as also possibly helping to increase energy, circulation, and sexual performance.

The muira puama in their blend can also contribute to sexual performance, including erectile function and libido, and the damiana may have some beneficial effects on users’ estrogen function. These ingredients may also have some combined benefits for overall brain function, immune health, and overall hormone regulation.

Users should note that Magistral only has 645mg total in their ingredients blend, and while effective dosage amounts vary based on the ingredient and its intended usage, this is less than half the size of more highly rated prostate health products. This means that whatever beneficial effects Magistral may have for a user, they will tend to be relatively mild overall.

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Are There Side Effects of Magistral?

The ingredients in Magistral tend to be relatively well tolerated by the vast majority of users. It is possible that in rare cases some men could experience stomach discomfort or diarrhea, and there are also some very minimal allergy worries. Potential users should talk to their doctors if they have any specific sensitivities that they are concerned about.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Magistral

Magistral is currently only available through their own homepage. They used to be available through some independent vendors online as well, however those sites all seem to have discontinued their relationship with Magistral. As of the date of this article’s publication, this is the price that Magistral is currently quoting to their one-time retail customers:

  • 1, 500ml bottle of Magistral (approximately a 1-month supply): $36.75

This price is about average for a one month supply of a premium quality prostate health product, or somewhat higher than is typically seen for an average quality product.

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Our Recommendation

Saw palmetto is one of our team’s most strongly recommended lead ingredients for a prostate health formula, however it is generally most effective when paired with other ingredients that can complement its effects. Ginseng also has some minor prostate benefits, but other than that there is very little reason to think that the other ingredients in Magistral can have a positive benefit to people’s prostate function.

When this is factored in with the incredibly small dosage amount of Magistral, it becomes questionable just how much of an impact Magistral can have on users’ prostate health and urinary function. We recommend that our readers seek out a dietary supplement that include saw palmetto but that uses other secondary ingredients that are more specifically focused toward the prostate.

The product that they tend to recommend for these purposes is Prostatrinex. Prostatrinex uses a healthy dose of saw palmetto in their blend, but they also combine it with potent beta-sitosterols, pygeum, lycopene, and other additives that have clearly defined histories of effectiveness for use in prostate health products.

It has shown an ability to help men regain control over their urinary functions by reducing both the symptoms of BPH and attacking the root cause of the issue in the first place. Click here to learn more about prostate health and how Prostatrinex can help you restore your lost urinary functionality.

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