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Juice Plus Review: Does it Work?

What is it?

Juice Plus is a meal replacement shake made with whole foods and natural ingredients. There’s a patented form of fiber offered at 8 grams, as well as 13 grams of protein from soy, chickpea, pea, and rice.

It’s meant to be used for many purposes including as a post or pre workout food, a snack, and as a full meal replacement.  It’s currently available in both French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate. So is this whole food based shake actually healthy? What do customers have to say about the taste and weight loss benefits? You’ll see how Juice Plus performed in this full review.

Do You Know the Best Diet Shakes of 2016?

Juice Plus Ingredients and Side Effects
Low Processed Soy Protein Chickpea Powder Rice Protein Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar Stevia
Arabic Gum Guar Gum Xanthan Gum Plant Cellulose Frutooligosaccharides Plant Cellulose
Soy Fiber Rice Bran Pectin Apple Fiber Natural Flavor
Broccoli Sprout Alfalfa Sprout Radish Sprout Organic Amaranth Organic
Organic Quinoa Organic Millet Calcium Citrate Calcium Carbonate Calcium Ascorbate
Sea Salt Pumpkin Powder Pomegranate Powder Spirulina Powder Yucca Powder
Mushroom Powder Natural Enzyme Blend Niacinamide Soy and Sunflower Lecithin Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
Riboflavin Thiamine Mononitrate Vitamin B12


Low Processed Soy Protein: A processed form of soybean, which has all the essential amino acids.

Studies have shown multiple issues with the use of this ingredient. This is due to its phytates and phytoestrogens.

The Nestlé Research Centre ran a study that showed:

“phytic acid is a major inhibitory factor of iron absorption in soy-protein” 

This compound is known to reduce the absorption of important vitamins and minerals. This can potentially lead to nutritional imbalances.

Soy has also been linked to increased estrogen production. The PhysicianComittee adds:

“Soy products… contain very weak plant estrogens called phytoestrogens that hinder the body’s natural estrogen” 

This ingredient could potentially increase estrogen and reduce testosterone. When estrogen is increased, it can potentially lead to unwanted symptoms. This can cause malfunctioning of hormones that can force mood swings. 

Chickpea Powder: Ground garbanzo beans, this ingredient is high in fiber and carbohydrates. There’s no information on how well rounded the amino acid profile is, so it’s impossible to determine if it’s a healthy protein source. 

Rice Protein: Extract of rice protein that is low in the amino acid lysine. Due to this low amino acid score, it needs to be mixed with other forms of protein to make up for the deficiency.

The body also rapidly absorbs it, and in high amounts it can lead to digestion issues, diarrhea, and stomach problems. 

Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar: Pressed sugarcane that provides both glucose and fructose.  This can lead to an increase in obesity, tooth decay, and metabolism disorders. There’s a total of 11 grams of this sweetener added to Juice Plus shake. 

Arabic Gum: Thickener extracted from the acacia tree.  Possible side effects may include:

  • Nausea, stomach problems, and bloating. 
  • Loose stools, diarrhea, and frequent bowel movements. 

Guar Gum: Fiber taken from the seeds of the guar plant. Web MD advises to take this ingredient with at least 8 ounces of water. This is advised in order to avoid possible blockages in the throat and intestines.

Other possible side effects may include:

  • Nausea, gas, and bloating. 
  • Diarrhea, loose stools, and sudden bowel movements. 
  • Choking and difficulty breathing. 

Xanthan Gum: A mixture of bacteria with a fermented sugar. It’s used to help stimulate bowel movements, as well as to thicken ingredients.

It may potentially lead to side effects such as :

  • Gas, bloating, and stomach problems. 
  • Loose stools, and diarrhea. 
  • Throat irritation and flu symptoms. 

Spirulina: A blue-green algae used due to its whole food nutritional profile.

The Oregon Health Division ran a clinical study on this ingredient, and they expressed concern over safety:

“risks from exposure to these toxins in contaminated health food products… have been largely ignored” 

This includes toxic microcystins and microtoxins. Depending on the water it’s sourced from, it can be taken from waters that are full of lead, or heavy minerals. This can potentially lead to organ damage and other severely damaging health effects.

It’s also not known where this ingredient is sourced. Each bag of this shake comes with a warning that there’s a possibility for birth defects. This is likely due to the added spirulina.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven meal replacement such as 18Shake for better results.

Juice Plus Quality Of Ingredients 

Juice PlusThe company adds many cheap fiber sources, a high amount of sugar at 11 grams, and whole food ingredients that don’t add much nutritional value.

There’s a good amount of vitamins and minerals, but it’s unknown how much of it comes from the superfoods.

The amount of protein added is good, but since it comes from plant based protein, it’s unknown how well rounded the amino acid profile is. Without seeing this score, it’s hard to judge if it’s a good source of protein.

There are also many possible side effects from the thickeners, evaporated cane juice, and even spirulina.

The Price and Quality of Juice Plus

A 15 serving pouch sells for $30.75. At 2 shakes a day, the daily price would be $4.10.  

This is pricy for what’s a mixture of plant-based protein. Though there’s a total of 13 grams, the reason why so many protein sources are added is because it’s not a well-rounded amino acid profile, then if the ingredients were added on their own.

This shake also has a total of 11 grams of sugar, so it’s exceptionally higher than other shakes. Limiting sugar is important in order to reduce the risk for obesity.

There’s also a lot of thickeners added which may promote side effects. And they’re not very high quality fiber sources.

It does have a low amount of calories at 120, but it’s not a well rounded enough shake to help satisfy as a meal.

There’s also a warning on these shakes:

“product contains chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects” 

It’s because of the cheap fiber, high sugar, low quality protein, and possible birth defect issues that make this a poor choice. 

Business of Juice Plus 

The company also goes by the name of Juice Plus, they can be reached below: 

Phone Number: (901) 850-3000 

Address: 140 Crescent Dr.

Collierville, Tennessee 38017

They operate a multilevel marketing company, which means that regular people can begin distributing and marketing these products for a commission. These types of businesses are controversial, since sellers can exaggerate claims.

The company also has total of 21 complaints on their Better Business Bureau page:

“charges were not authorized and they are making me pay to return the product” 

“cancelled the subscription a year ago, they continue o bill me” 

“called on numerous occasions to have billing stop” 

There was concern that the company will continue to charge, even when customers have tried to cancel. There were also problems with customer service, as many tried to reach the company to no success.

The company has also been criticized for publishing self-funded and biased studies. Though some clinical studies have shown side effects from the use of their products.

The University Of Texas performed a study and showed that one of their brands had:

“unforeseen side effects. including liver damage” also studied the companies products, and they concluded it was a:

“colossal waste of money” 

There’s many issues listed about this company in terms of customer service, lack of usable clinical studies, and potentially serious side effects.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results with meal replacement shakes diet our experts recommend to use it at least 5 months. Save your money buying a few bags of meal replacement product.

Customer Opinions of Juice Plus 

As with any multilevel marketing company, it’s important to watch out for exaggerated and fake reviews from salesmen.

Here are a few verified customer reviews:

“This is a total rip off” 

“shake seems to create horrible gas” 

“Horrible gas and stomach upset” 

“Couldn’t finish it! Nasty!!” 

Side effects related to stomach health are often listed. People mention it left them bloated, full of gas, and very uncomfortable.

There was concern over the price. People felt for what’s offered, it’s much too overpriced.

Conclusion – Does Juice Plus Work?

Before you make a final decision on whether or no Juice Plus is for you, it’s important to keep in mind the customer reviews, and quality of ingredients. Users have mentioned how they experienced side effects such as gas. There’s also a high amount of sugar added to this meal replacement, with several cheap thickeners.  It even comes with a warning that it may cause birth defects.

When looking to lose weight healthy, it’s important to use a meal replacement that’s made with nutritious ingredients and a low amount of sugar. The very best option in 2016 is called 18Shake.

There’s a combination of whey protein added for a high quality amino acid profile. It also has just one gram of sugar, high quality fiber, and an all-natural ingredient blend. That’s why customers mention the quality is great. People have left many positive reviews due to its taste, easy of blending, lack of side effects, and potent weight loss effects.

18Shake is even backed by a full 30-day money back guarantee. So you can try this shake risk free.

Teami Review: Does it Work?

What is it? 

Teami is a diet plan system offering tea blends made to help you lose weight with a laxative and stimulant effect. Their Teami formula is made to help increase metabolism and energy, while reducing the risk for bloating.

Much like many other teas, these formulas are made without dairy, soy, or GMO ingredients. They also mention how it’s all-natural, though this is also common to other teas. The company has a large following on Instagram, and they use a lot of fitness models to advertise their products. So is this diet plan effective for weight loss? What kinds of results are possible, and is it safe? You’ll learn all you need to know to make an informed decision in this review.

Do You Know the Best Diet Shakes of 2016?

Teami Ingredients and Side Effects 

Hear are are the ingredients to each of their teas, the colon and skinny formula which are separated:

Oolong Yerba Mate Lime Leaf Extract Lotus Leaf Ginger Root
Dandelion Leaf Rhubarb Root Senna Leaf & Root Hawthorn Berry Extract Psyllium Husk Seed
Phaseolus Calcaratus Seed Valerian Root Poria Cocos Stem Bark


Oolong: Made from the same plant as green and black tea, this is partially fermented.

It not only has caffeine, but also theobromine and theophylline, which stimulate the central nervous system.

It is also used to increase mental alertness and metabolism. Side effects are possible and they include:

  • Heartburn and rapid heart rate. 
  • Jitters, convulsions, and involuntary spasms. 
  • Irritability and mood swings. 
  • Sleep disturbances and restlessness. 
  • Headaches and vomiting. 

Web MD mentions that users:

“should not drink oolong tea with other stimulants” 

“could cause serious heart problems” 

This makes it important to watch out for any side effects, and to limit use. 

Yerba Mate: Plant made to use tea; it stimulates the brain, heart, and blood vessels.  It can produce the same kinds of side effects that were listed in the Oolong section.

Web MD also mentions that taking this for a long time or in large quantities is:

“POSSIBLY UNSAFE. It increases the risk of mouth, esophageal, laryngeal, kidney, bladder, and lung cancer.” 

Therefore, it’s not a long-term solution for weight loss. It can have serious potential side effects through its stimulants and the potential risk for cancer.

Dandelion Root: Herb that is used to reduce swelling while increasing urine production. Though there’s not enough evidence to prove these claims according to Web MD.

The University of Maryland Medical Center also confirms:

“there have not been any quality scientific studies on dandelion” 

“dandelion can cause increased stomach acid and heartburn” 

It’s also known to increase hunger as well. Without much evidence to go on, it’s unknown if this is a safe diuretic.

Rhubarb Root: A plant that’s used to treat digestive issues. It’s commonly added to foods as a way to add flavor. Possible side effects can include:

  • Stomach pain. 
  • Heartburn. 
  • Constipation or diarrhea. 
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding. 

Long-term use has also been associated with irregular heart rhythm, muscle weakness, potassium and bone loss, and kidney failure.

Hawthorne Berry: Used to lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and to improve blood flow. Extracts from this plant contain antioxidants.

It’s known to potentially interact negatively with medications. Possible side effects are many and they include:

  • Headaches and dizziness. 
  • Insomnia. 
  • Nosebleeds. 
  • Fatigue. 
  • Palpitations. 

It’s also not advised to take this if one has any heart conditions, due to the increased risk for side effects.

Psyllium Husk Seed: Seeds of this plant are used to cook with due to its fiber, and it’s also a treatment for constipation.

In certain people it can have allergic reactions as well as side effects. The FDA also states that his is a choking hazard:

“Esophageal obstruction and asphyxiation… are significant health risks” 

This risk is increased if there are not enough fluids. It’s advised to always take this with sufficient fluids. Though it can also cause a lack of absorption of minerals and vitamins.

This can also target water-soluble vitamins that can be flushed out with this ingredient.

Phaseolus Calcaratus: Also known as rice bean, this ingredient is eaten as a food, though it’s known for causing flatulence unless properly cooked.

It’s considered a high protein source, though not much information exists on this ingredient in tea form.

Poria Cocos Stem Bark: This is a fungus that is used to teat diarrhea and GI bleeding. Web MD adds how:

“it hasn’t been well researched by scientists” 

So it’s unknown if this would be safe for short or long-term consumption.

Valerian Root: Often used to treat anxiety and insomnia. It’s unknown exactly how this works. In some people this may have the reverse effect, and it can increase anxiety.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven meal replacement such as 18Shake for better results.

Teami Quality Of Ingredients 

TeamiThere’s many laxative ingredients added to this that may make going to the bathroom more common.

Though this is not the healthiest solution to weight loss. Live confirms this by saying:

“Regularly taking laxatives in an attempt to lose weight can have potentially fatal consequences” 

It’s also not a long-term solution to weight loss. One ends up losing a lot of vitamins, minerals, fluids and electrolytes.  This can require extra supplementation in order to make up for what’s lost.

Live Strong also mentions:

“weight lost while taking laxatives is just water… will quickly return once you stop” 

There’s also the use of understudied ingredients, which haven’t been proven such as porio cocos stem bark and valerian root. Taking these can potentially increase the risk for side effects.

It also relies on stimulants to make weight loss happen. Unfortunately, the added caffeine can produce many side effects.  Relying on caffeine for weight loss is not recommend, since it’s effects after repeat use are limited to just sleep loss.

The Price and Quality of Teami 

One 30-day pack costs $49.99. This is essentially a mixture of teas, so it’s quite expensive for what you’re getting.

While the caffeine found in this tea can improve metabolism, this effect is not long lasting. Routine use of it is linked to a lack of benefits as reports:

“to the point where the only benefit a user experiences is caffeine’s anti-sleep effect.”

Other ingredients in this formula are for reducing the amount of water the body stores, as well as laxatives for increasing bowel movements. This combination isn’t a long-term solution for weight loss. It’s also not a fat loss solution; it’s only meant to get rid of fluids.

Real fat loss isn’t seen through heavy laxatives and diuretics.

It’s also not a long term or cheap approach to weight loss. Much more cost affordable options exist for weight loss.

Business of Teami 

Teami Blends owns this company, and they can be reached via:

Phone Number: (888) 803-0169 


They operate out of Miami, Florida, but they don’t add an address.

There’s a few negative reviews listed on the companies Better Business Bureau page:

“Never received product but was charged” 

“never received the product I ordered, even after contacting the company” 

“they provide no info on returns” 

Many were disgruntled to see that they couldn’t make a return. There have also been complaints on how the company operates, these customers couldn’t find any customer service support.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results with meal replacement shakes diet our experts recommend to use it at least 5 months. Save your money buying a few bags of meal replacement product.

Customer Opinions of Teami 

There’s many reviews available online. Here’s what customers have had to say:

“tea is disgusting and it also caused me to break out into hives” 

“thoroughly regret spending this kind of money on this product” 

“I was running to the bathroom every hour the next day” 

“no weight loss, no loss of inches in tummy area” 

There was a lack of weight loss benefits as well as many side effects for several customers. Some didn’t like the taste of the teas, and others claimed it was bland and unpleasant to drink.

Several users also experienced serious bathroom issues including diarrhea, frequent bathroom use, and watery loose stools.

Conclusion – Does Teami Work?

You might get the urge to try Teami after hearing about all its claimed benefits. Though the tea can produce some short-term stimulatory effects because of the caffeine, it’s also not a long-term solution. It’s also known to potentially cause side effects that include rapid heart rate, mood swings, and insomnia. This can actually make weight loss even harder.

Worst of all is the laxative like effects from most of the ingredients. Many customers also agree, it caused issues that included frequent bathroom trips, diarrhea, and other symptoms. The best solution for weight loss is a plan that doesn’t include stimulants and laxatives.

The best diet plan out now goes by the name of 18 Diet Plan. Not only is it specially formulated to help with weight loss, but also users agree, it’s a great solution for fast results.

The 18 Diet plan combines a wholesome meal replacement, all natural supplement, and eBook for meal replacement tips. This comes without any harsh ingredients that only bring about short-term results. This plan is a solution for long lasting results that are side effect free.

WeightNot Review: Does it Work?

What is it? 

WeightNot is a weight loss diet plan made to help people through natural foods, supplements, coaching, and online tools. They claim to offer fast and healthy results, through a full lifestyle change.

Their program is offered in 3 unique stages. The first is for detoxification, the second is to reset ones metabolism, and the 3rd is for restoring digestive health. There are a lot of layers to each stage, and it’s offered in 2 versions, with one offering even faster results. They claim losing weight quickly is the best solution for long-term weight loss. Are there any benefits to using the WeightNot plan? What kinds of results have customers experienced? You’ll learn everything you need to know about WeightNot in this review.

Do You Know the Best Diet Shakes of 2016?

WeightNot Ingredients and Side Effects 

A long list of supplements are offered, though the company does not offer a list of these ingredients until after you purchase one of their plans.

Although they claim it’s all natural, stimulant free, and prescription free, it’s still important to know what kind of ingredients are used.

Ingredients even if natural have to be added in specific amounts. There’s a potential for unwanted side effects when you take random amounts of ingredients.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven meal replacement such as 18Shake for better results.

WeightNot Quality Of Ingredients 

WeightNotIt’s impossible to determine the quality without first looking at the ingredients.

Customers mentioned online that there’s a detox blend, a supplement for liver health, and fiber blends. Though it’s never revealed exactly what’s inside and in what amounts.  There are also other supplements but it’s unknown what they’re for.

Web MD advises to:

“keep in mind that research gives many of them (supplements) mixed reviews” 

“In some cases, there isn’t a lot of science to back up the claims and some have health risks” 

Therefore, it’s critically important to know what you’re getting before you make a purchase. The possibility for side effects is a major issue, and investing money into random supplements is not advised.

It truly doesn’t make sense to purchase a full package without first knowing what you’re getting.

The Price and Quality of WeightNot 

There’s 2 separate programs offered, and each one has a different price:

Fast Thintervention “Reflex”: Sold for $5 a day and comes with:

  • Email and online support, including apps and access to forums. 
  • Collection of recipes and information about dieting stages. 
  • Tips for exercise and nutrition. 

To begin using this program you have to sign up for at least a month long trial. So a 30-day would cost $150. 

Faster Thintervention “Intensive”: This is sold for $10 a day. It combines all the features from the Reflex program, but it includes extra tools:

  • Faster detox plan. 
  • Phone or video coaching. 
  • Text and phone support. 
  • A menu made specifically for one’s needs. 
  • Advanced diet sequence 

This plan is only available for a minimum of 2 to 6 months. So at it’s longest it can cost upwards of $1,600 or more, and that’s without adding taxes. Some customers also mentioned that they paid around $2,000 for this service.

Also, a lot of the support isn’t thoroughly explained. They fail to mention what kind of certification the coaches who offer support have. It’s unknown if the text and video support are actually from certified dieticians.

Taking advice from someone who doesn’t know about health isn’t recommended. Also, taking online and phone advice isn’t as valuable as direct one on one support.

The help offered is also not described in detail. It’s unknown what they mean by “Advanced diet sequence”, and they fail to properly describe their detox plan.

The reason for the lack of information is because the company is holding unto their diet advice, expecting potential users to purchase these plans on the good faith of the company. It’s because of this that this diet plan isn’t of very good quality. You just won’t know before you go into it what it calls for.

According to customers:

“The bulk of the program actually sees you on an 810 calorie per day diet” 

“a good deal of these calories come from the various supplements you take” 

So you’re greatly restricted to a minimal amount of calories. Unfortunately, this is not a long-term solution to weight loss as the diet suggests.

Web MD mentions that this kind of dieting:

“in the long-run, very low-calorie diets aren’t more effective than more modest diets” 

This goes against the company’s claims that this is a long-term solution for weight loss. Web MD also adds: 

“Very low-calorie diets are not ok for everyone” 

They advise you talk to your doctor before limiting yourself to the amount of calories allowed by this plan.  So the recommendation that this plan is safe for everyone is also not true. Taking the advice of the customer support staff is also not advised, as they are not certified to hand out dietary advice.

Business of WeightNot 

The name of the company is also WeightNot; they have customer support staff available via:

Phone Number: (855) 934-4486 

Address: 7801 Norfolk Ave, Suite 115

Bethesda, Maryland 20814 


They have multiple negative reviews on the way they handle customers. They are also featured on the website Scambook as well as the Better Business Bureau website. Here’s what people have had to say:

“received a charge on my credit card without my knowledge” 

“have not heard a word since I ordered” 

“extremely rude and condescending towards me” 

“trying desperately to resolve the issue with the merchant” 

Several customers were extremely disappointed with the company. Many have had to argue with the staff due to their bad attitudes and lack of support.

They also do not offer a money back guarantee, so once you’re locked into a contract you have to deal with what’s given. Many mention that they couldn’t take their supplements due to their doctor’s orders, even though the customer representatives claim their supplements would be OK to use.

There were complaints about being deceived and offered health advice from people who have no background in health and nutrition. This can be potentially dangerous especially when one has unique health concerns. Customers have advised not to work with this company due to the lack of support.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results with meal replacement shakes diet our experts recommend to use it at least 5 months. Save your money buying a few bags of meal replacement product.

Customer Opinions of WeightNot 

There are reviews about the supplements as well from customers:

“I was throwing up at night” 

“pills smell horrible and make me nauseated” 

“violently vomiting for the first three days” 

“I was dizzy, I had shortness of breathe, and I broke out into cold sweats” 

For certain people the supplements offered caused serious side effects. These users experienced symptoms of vomiting, nausea, headache’s and flu like symptoms. Though the supplements are all natural, this doesn’t mean that they’re all safe.

Unfortunately, users also mentioned that the company does not offer a listing of their ingredients before you make a purchase. So if there is an ingredient you might be allergic to or not able to process well, you wouldn’t be offered a refund.

No money back return policy is offered on their supplements. So you have to take a change in trying this product before knowing whether or not it would be safe to use.

Conclusion – Does WeightNot Work?

Before you decide on the WeightNot diet plan, consider the fact that you won’t know what you’re getting before you buy it, and that customers have listed various side effects. This plan does emphasize fast results and all natural foods, though this same structure can be found in many other plans.

WeightNot suffers from a lack of important information. They don’t explain what kinds of foods you’ll eat, nor do they have support staff that are registered dieticians. Many customers have also complained that they weren’t allowed refunds, and that they were locked into month long contracts. Some plans can even have you locked into a 6-month plan.

A better solution would be to use a plan that’s described in detail before you purchase it, and a plan that’s been rated highly by customers. One such strategy you can use is the 18 Diet Plan.  Not only did customers experience safe and long lasting weight loss, but also they did so knowing full well what they were purchasing.

This plan comes with an all-natural weight loss supplement made with clinically researched ingredients. You can also read about all their ingredients because they actually offer a full supplements facts list. Also, there’s an appetite suppressing high quality meal replacement shake that’s made with easy to digest whey protein. No added fillers, binders, or preservatives are added, and their products are stimulant free as well as all natural.

You also get access to an eBook that goes over the proper way to use a meal replacement diet. With the 18 Diet Plan you get the satisfaction of knowing exactly what it involves, and an ironclad money back guarantee on all the products offered. Not only were customers satisfied with their weight loss results, but they also experienced results without a fear of not knowing what would be in store for them.

Bioslim Review: Does it Work?

What is it? 

Bioslim is a weight loss system offering supplements, a cookbook, activity guide, and full reference guide. It claims to offer the nation’s best natural weight loss program that works with your body, instead of forcing the body to lose weight unpleasantly and with much struggle.

They add that your metabolism will be increased, and that the entire Bioslim system offers a supportive weight loss system. Inside this system you get information on how to exercise and eat properly. They mention that there’s no added stimulants, food substitutes, or unnatural ingredients. It’s claimed to be a long-term solution to weight loss that can support overall health. Are all these claims true? What kinds of effects are truly possible? In this Bioslim review you’ll learn everything you need to know to make a decision.

Do You Know the Best Diet Shakes of 2016?

Bioslim Ingredients and Side Effects 

The complete system has 3 supplements. Here are the ingredients added:

Green Tea Cotinus Quercetin Calcium-pyruvate Potassium-Pyruvate
Coenzyme Q10 Vitamin B5 Vitamin C Glucomannan Chromium Polynicotinate
Oriental Ginseng Root Atractylodes Astralagus Chinese Thoroughwax Gardenia
Balloon Flower Licorice Root Dong Quai Sargassum Laminaria
Vitamin B Complex Pantothenic Acid Siberian Ginseng Choline Inositol
Bromelain Calcium Selenium Magnesium Zinc
Vitamin A Vitamin D Vitamin E

Cotinus: Also known as smoketree, this plant hasn’t been well researched. One study was conducted on fish to test the effects on their growth rate.

Though it’s used in Bioslim as a way to enhance the absorption of green tea. No studies have shown this effect to be true.  

Quercetin: Known as a bioflavonoid or vitamin P, it increases the absorption of green tea.

It can lead to side effects:

  • Upset stomach. 
  • Headaches. 

The University of Maryland Medical Center adds that:

“can lead to a loss of protein function” 

“Very high doses… may damage the kidneys” 

So intake of this ingredient should be taken with caution. 

Coenzyme Q10: Molecule found naturally in their body, it’s used to help produce energy. When added to supplements it’s meant to help with fat burning as well as other effects.

Though confirms that:

“no evidence that COQ10 improves life expectancy or is able to induce fat loss or muscle tissue growth” 

Glucomannan: Thickener used to help suppress appetite and improve cholesterol levels.

Peninsula Medical School ran a clinical study and confirmed:

“does not show that Glucomannan intake generates statistically significant weight loss” 

It can also lead to side effects that includes:

  • Flatulence and gas. 
  • Bloating, stomach discomfort, and dehydration. 
  • Diarrhea, increased bathroom usage. 
  • Loss of vitamin and mineral absorption.

 Choking and blocking of the esophagus and throat. 

It’s also advised to drink enough fluids in order to prevent a choking hazard. 

Atractylodes: Used in Chinese herbal medicine as a way to reduce swelling and improve digestion. Though not enough research is available to prove these claims.

Web MD mentions:

“isn’t enough information to know if other atractylodes products are safe” 

Possible side effects include:

  • Dry mouth and a bad taste.
  • Nausea. 

Chinese Thoroughwax: Herb used in Chinese medicine that is used to reduce liver problems and inflammation.

Web MD confirms:

“isn’t enough information to know if bupleurum is safe” 

“none of these (effects) are proven in humans” 

Side effects may include:

  • Drowsiness. 
  • Increased bowel movements and gas. 
  • Lung and breathing issues. 

Gardenia: A flower that is grown in parts of Africa and Asia. There are no clinical studies showing whether this is safe or effective for weight loss. 

Balloon Flower: Roots of this flower are used as medicine. It’s claimed to help with inflammation, cancer, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Though no clinical studies have been performed o humans, and it’s unknown if it is safe or effective. 

Licorice: Plant used as a flavoring agent. It’s added to help with reducing swelling, and for overall immune system support.

Web MD adds:

“Consuming licorice daily for several weeks or longer can cause severe side effects” 

These side effects can include:

  • Low potassium levels. 
  • Paralysis. 
  • Brain damage. 
  • Paralysis. 
  • Water and sodium retention. 

This is why it’s advised to take this with caution and only for short periods. 

Dong Quai: Plant used as a way to change hormones such as estrogen. Though this effect has not been replicated in humans.

There’s also a potential fear for carcinogens, Web MD confirms

“Dong quai contains chemicals that are considered to be cancer-causing” 

Very little information exists about the use of this ingredient.   

Sargassum: A brown algae that is fond in tropical oceans across the world.  Though it’s used in Bioslim to help improve thyroid function, no studies of this effect exist online. 

Laminaria: A type of brown algae found in Japan.  It’s used to help support thyroid function. Web MD adds:

“POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth” 

This is because the level of iodine that affects the thyroid can be high enough to cause damage. It’s known that this effect can lead to weight gain and malfunctions.

There’s also extracts of this that contain arsenic, a poisonous chemical. 

Inositol: Vitamin like ingredient that is used to help with mood, high blood pressure, triglycerides, and skin disorders.

Side effects can include:

  • Fatigue.
  • Headaches and dizziness.
  • Nausea. 

Bromelain: Enzyme extracted from pineapple juice that is used to help with digestion. Side effects can include:

  • Diarrhea. 
  • Stomach pain and discomfort. 
  • Allergic reactions.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven meal replacement such as 18Shake for better results.

Bioslim Quality Of Ingredients

BioslimMany of the added ingredients in these formulas are either understudied or potentially unsafe.

Health and science organizations have mentioned that the kinds of effects possible include malfunctioning thyroid, mood swings, headaches, and even brain damage.

There’s no indication that the makers of Bioslim put any research into these ingredients, as they fail to provide any clinical studies proving their many claims.

There’s no way to determine what kind of an effect these supplements may have on health.  They also provide no information as to what kind of diet is allowed by the nutritional cookbook.

The Price and Quality of Bioslim 

The full Bioslim package comes with 3 supplements, a reference guide for the plan, a video guide, cookbook, and activity planner for $89.95.

The supplements come in a months supply of their vitamin and mineral complex, 12 day supply of their accelerator weight loss pills, and a months worth of their health support supplement.

Without knowing what kinds of exercises or foods are allowed, it’s difficult to judge these two important details.

Though judging from their supplements, there are far too many questionable and untested ingredients. It’s unknown what kind of effect this may have from person to person.

Business of Bioslim 

The name of the company is also Bioslim and they can be found via:

Phone Number: (800) 246-7546 

Address: 16869 SW 65th Ave #318

Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035 


They currently have 64 complaints on the Consumer Affairs website for a lack of customer satisfaction:

“even if you do attempt to cancel within the time… (they) continue to bill you anyway” 

“This is a total scam” 

“They said they will not refund me” 

“sucked into this scam by the free trial” 

Many mention that they used the free trial and tried to cancel within the 14 days allowed, but that the company will often not respond to calls.

Of the 64 complaints, it’s often repeated that they don’t allow returns and they continue to automatically charge one’s credit card without notification.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results with meal replacement shakes diet our experts recommend to use it at least 5 months. Save your money buying a few bags of meal replacement product.

Customer Opinions of Bioslim 

There are reviews on many websites from online customers:

“I was throwing up” 

“paid nearly $600 for something that does not work” 

“products did not work” 

“caused me to have breathing problems” 

Customers have listed several extreme health problems. This includes stomach problems, headaches, flu like symptoms, and body discomfort.

These same customers mention that there was no money back guarantee offered.

Conclusion – Does Bioslim Work?

Bioslim might seem like a good option due to its comprehensive sounding solution to weight loss, and its scientific sounding explanations. Though before you make a decision, it’s important to keep in mind the numerous negative reviews from customers. Not only did many say it wasn’t worth it, but there’s been several complaints about the lack of money back return.

When looking for a diet plan you have to make sure the company reveals information about what foods you’ll eat, and that the supplements offered provide ingredients that have been studied thoroughly. Bioslim fails to provide information about their ingredients, and many of these additives have been shown to be ineffective and potentially dangerous.

The number 1 ranked weight loss diet plan is the 18 Diet Plan. Not only does it offer an all natural meal replacement and supplement, but also it contains ingredients shown to be safe.

These ingredients have also been proven by multiple studies to be effective for real noticeable weight loss. This is why many customers have agreed, this plan is easy to use, safe, and effective for real sustained weight loss.

The 18 Diet Plan is trusted by its manufacturer, and that’s why they back it with a solid 30-day money back guarantee for their supplement and meal replacement.

Javita Review: Does it Work?

What is it? 

Javita is a weight loss coffee brand that is infused with ingredients to boost metabolism and burn calories. There are different styles available depending on the specific product, but each one promises to help with real weight loss benefits.

The company focuses on making instant coffee drinks, though they also offer a green tea strain and a cocoa blend. It’s marketed as a gourmet instant beverage that has more weight loss benefits than a standard caffeine drink would have. Their coffee has added herbs that are often found in weight loss supplements. Does this drink have better use than a standard cup of coffee? What kinds of results are possible? This Javita review will break down all the information you need to know.

Do You Know the Best Diet Shakes of 2016?

Javita Ingredients and Side Effects 

Here are the ingredients used in their “Burn + Control” and “Energy + Mind” coffee:

Arabica and Robusta Coffee Garcinia Cambogia Extract Yerba Mate Extract Green Tea
Bacopa Monnieri Herb Gotu Kola Herb


Arabica and Robusta Coffee: Arabica beans are considered sweeter, and Robusta sharper in taste. These strains both contain caffeine, though the makers of Javita don’t mention how much total caffeine is included when combining the other stimulant ingredients.

A typical cup of instant coffee can have upwards of 135 mg of caffeine. Though caffeine does have metabolism boosting effects, this is only short lived. adds that routine use of caffeine is limited:

“the effects of caffeine will be diminished, often to the point there the only benefit a user experiences is caffeine’s anti=-sleep effect” 

If using caffeine for a weight loss purpose, it’s then important to cycle it to reduce the risk of potential side effects that include:

  • Rapid heart rate, jitters, and high blood pressure. 
  • Insomnia, restlessness, and fatigue. 
  • Headaches, ill feelings, and withdrawal symptoms. 
  • Anxiety, paranoia, and mood swings. 
  • Cold sweats, muscle spasms, and shakes.

Without knowing the full caffeine content, it’s impossible to determine what would be a safe amount. It’s also not advised to take any other stimulants when using this ingredient.  This can further increase the risk for unwanted symptoms. 

Yerba Mate Extract: Plant brewed as a tea that is grown in parts of South America. It’s used to help burn fat and decrease hunger. Though mentions:

“appetite-suppression effect can only be achieved through high doses, if at all” 

“Fat burning effect is attributed to its caffeine”

Therefore, using it needs to be cycled, making it not a long term solution to weight loss. There’s nothing unique in this ingredient beyond the caffeine which can help provide any fat loss benefits.

There’s also the possibility for potentially extreme side effects. Web MD adds:

“increases the risk of mouth, esophageal, laryngeal, kidney, bladder, and lung cancer” 

“When taken in large amounts… is LIKELY UNSAFE, due to its caffeine content” 

Much like the other ingredients in this blend, it’s unknown how much caffeine is added. This makes it impossible to determine what would be a safe amount. 

Green Tea: Antioxidant rich tea that’s commonly drank and used in supplements due to its caffeine content.

Studies have been mixed on its weight loss benefits:

“may boost metabolism and burn fat… However, other studies show no benefit” 

Due to the added caffeine, it can also lead to side effects which were listed in the “Arabica and Robusta Coffee” Section. 

Bacopa Monnieri Herb: Used as a nootropic for brain health to improve memory creation and reduce anxiety.

Though mentions that when this ingredient is used alongside a stimulant:

“this combination has not been tested” 

So it’s unknown what kind of effect this stimulant heavy mixture might have. It’s also known to potentially cause side effects, especially when taken on an empty stomach:

  • Nausea, upset stomach, and stomach grumbling. 
  • Bloating, diarrhea, and increased bowel movements. 
  • Dry mouth.        

This ingredient has also been tested by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine:

“in other cognitive abilities (it’s) currently lacking perhaps due to inconsistent measures employed by studies” 

Therefore, it’s unknown if this ingredient truly is effective for all that’s claimed. 

Gotu Kola Herb: Used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, this ingredient is used to reduce inflammation, promote wound healing, and improved skin health.

The University of Maryland Medical Center offers caution:

“gotu kola has the potential to the harmful to the liver” 

“best not to use… for more than 6 weeks” 

There have also been several reported side effects:

  • Nausea. 
  • Extreme fatigue and drowsiness. 
  • Upset stomach. 
  • Headache. 

It’s because of the potential side effects to the liver and other possible issues that this ingredients use should be exercised with caution.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven meal replacement such as 18Shake for better results.

Javita Quality Of Ingredients 

JavitaKnowing the strength of the stimulants you take is important to verify safety. Not everyone reacts to caffeine the same, and for some much less is needed for safe effects.

Caffeine is not a long term solution to weight loss. Studies have shown its effects are reduced to just sleep loss when taken repeatedly. This requires a cycling effect, though caffeine is not a very effective weight loss additive.

The other ingredients in this coffee blend such as yerba mate and green tea are also potentially damaging.

Garcinia Cambogia is added which is an effective weight loss ingredient, though it’s unknown how much is added.

Overall, the lack of information on the stimulants, and the lack of evidence for effectiveness for some of the ingredients make it impossible to determine what kind of an effect it may have. When taking a stimulant heavy formula it’s especially important to know how strong it truly is.

The Price and Quality of Javita 

No price is listed on the official website. They do try to get people to become members in order to learn more about the full pricing.

Each box offers a 24 serving packet, though it’s unknown how many servings are allowed each day.

There are prices listed on, but it’s unknown if this is the typical price offered by the company. One 48 serving package sells for $58.70.

This is incredibly high for what’s essentially a cup of coffee with a few added cheap stimulants and herbs.

For example, the added yerba mate and green tea mixed with coffee can be purchased for much cheaper when purchased separately. Though it’s incredibly important to find out how much caffeine is added. 

Business of Javita 

The company is owned by Javita International LTD. They can be reached via the following:

Phone Number: (855) 528-4821 

Address: 7835 NW Beacon Square Blvd.

Boca Raton, Florida 33487 

No information exists about whether or not they offer a return policy. Information on how the company operates is also unknown.

They currently have a C rating on the Better Business Bureau website which helps track customer satisfaction.

Here’s what people have had to say about the companies service:

“have NOT received any product from them” 

“Javita has not resolved this issue” 

“No settlement has been made” 

It’s unknown whether or not they back up their products by a safety guarantee.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results with meal replacement shakes diet our experts recommend to use it at least 5 months. Save your money buying a few bags of meal replacement product.

Customer Opinions of Javita 

There are currently 171 negative reviews on their page. People have mentioned the following:

“gave me heart palpitations and my stomach hurt” 

“I have GAINED 2 pounds” 

“hasn’t done anything to promote weight loss” 

“It did not curb my appetite” 

Many people mentioned that they failed to lose weight, appetite, or have any improved mood. There were many complaints about the lack of any benefits at all.

For the users who tried this brand, they claimed there was no difference between this and a regular cup of coffee.

Side effects were also an issue for customers. This included common issues seen from stimulants such as headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, and increased bathroom usage.

Conclusion – Does Javita Work?

When deciding whether or not to try Javita, it’s important to keep in mind this brand is incredibly limited because of its ingredients. Several customers mention there was no benefit to this drink, and that it caused considerable side effects with no weight loss benefits.

People add that Javita products are simply a caffeine heavy drink that’s not much different than regular coffee. When looking to lose weight it’s important to look for a diet plan that’s stimulant free, made with all natural ingredients, and made with clinically studied additives which have been shown to help with weight loss.

The best diet plan for 2016 is called the 18 Diet Plan. It’s a combination of a natural metabolism booster, meal replacement, and a diet book to help understand the diet better. The entire package is made without stimulants, artificial ingredients, or any ingredients which haven’t shown weight loss benefits.

There are many users who have experienced beneficial weight loss results without any unwanted side effects. This diet plan has long been used by celebrities and several people for beneficial weight loss results.

The 18 Diet Plan also has offers a full 30 day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk of using an unknown or potentially dangerous product.