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What is it?

Vagifirm is a supplement that claims to tighten the vagina with regular use. The official website also mentions this product is used to maintain vaginal cleanliness and help restore the user’s desire for sex.

Vagifirm relies on phytoestrogens to help restore vaginal muscles and cells, as well as herbs that aim to rid the body of toxins. Additionally, this product has the added benefit of boosting the vagina’s natural ability to self-lubricate.

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Vagifirm Ingredients and Side Effects

Vagifirm’s creators make a lot of claims about this product—from firming the vagina and breasts to restoring libido and increasing estrogen levels and fighting menopause symptoms.

Here’s a look at the ingredients listed on the website for evaluation before you buy Vagifirm:

Morinda Citrifolia Kacip Fatimah

Morinda Citrifolia: A small evergreen tree from the South Pacific, morinda citifolia, or noni, is used to treat a number of conditions which range from headaches, high blood pressure and heart disease to depression, digestion and menstrual issues.

Noni is thought to help repair damaged cells, as well as strengthen the immune system with use.

  • In large doses, noni may cause liver damage.

Kacip Fatimah: An herbal aphrodisiac that hails from Malaysia, this ingredient is traditionally used as a tonic to support women’s reproductive systems.

It is thought to tone and firm the vaginal walls, and is used to help women get back in shape after childbirth or to tighten the vagina as women get older.

Kacip Fatimah contains phytoestrogens, which are thought to act similar to the estrogens naturally made inside the body and may help relieve menopause symptoms or menstrual issues.

  • People with hormone-sensitive cancers should avoid using Kacip Fatimah, as it may worsen the condition.
  • Not much is known as to whether or not this ingredient causes any adverse reactions with use.

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Vagifirm Quality of Ingredients

Vagifirm for all the claims this product makes, it’s notable that it contains only two key ingredients. Both noni and kacip fatimah seem to be fairly safe ingredients for most users, but their use as vaginal rejuvenation ingredients or for menopause hasn’t been widely reviewed.

While a supplement containing phytoestrogens is likely to help with menopause symptoms to some we’re not all that familiar with kacip Fatimah and it isn’t used all that often in menopause supplements.

Vagifirm’s official page has a section dedicated to science, but it mostly just features pull quotes from various websites that highlight the historic use of both key ingredients in folk remedies. There’s nothing printed that definitively proves these ingredients are useful in doing all that the web copy claims.

Overall, we’re skeptical that Vagifirm can live up to all the benefits advertised, but there’s likely no major risk in trying this product.

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The Price and Quality of Vagifirm

Vagifirm is sold on the official website and offers this product at $64.95, with free shipping and handling. Though there is a drop down menu that allows for ordering in larger quantities, shoppers won’t get any discounts by purchasing in bulk.

Amazon is also currently offering this product for $64.95 for bottle containing a one-month supply. It doesn’t look like users can save by shopping through third-party channels.

Based on the fact that this product contains only two ingredients, this product seems expensive. We acknowledge that kacip fatimah and noni aren’t the cheapest supplements on the market, but both can be found for less than $20 for a large bottle—making it a more economical choice to buy them separately.

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Business of Vagifirm

Vagifirm is made by made by a company that also goes by the name, Vagifirm. For your reference, we’ve listed their contact information below:

Phone: 877-438-1729


Address: 2028 E Ben White Blvd


Austin, TX 78741

The Vagifirm website feels a bit older, and isn’t well-designed, but it does provide an e-commerce platform that’s relatively straightforward.

In looking at the language listed on the website, there are an awful lot of claims regarding the restorative power of this product. While the customer reviews suggest Vagifirm is effective in improving libido and tightness, some of the web copy feels a little deceptive.

For example, the homepage contains a lot of information about how this product is effective for improving sex lives, transforming vaginal muscle and tone and improving energy levels — all due to the presence of the herb, kacip fatimah.

Vagifirm links to all sites that mention the use of this herb as a folk remedy or cite its phytoestrogen content, but there’s not any information that definitively says that this ingredient is effective for every indication mentioned on the site.

While this product is likely safe, and effective for a number of the uses claimed on the site, it seems that this company is trying to oversell the benefits, which makes the web copy seem somewhat “spammy,” in spite of the fact that this has pretty good reviews.

Customer Opinions of Vagifirm

Vagifirm has a lot of positive reviews, from people who claim this product really helps women feel firmed and more aroused. Most of the reviews highlighted these benefits only, failing to mention whether the presence of the phytoestrogens had an effect on any menopause symptoms.

Here’s a look at some of the feedback we found:

“This product does work. I felt it working within about two weeks and so did my husband. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure it gave me a horrible yeast infection and I had to stop using it.”

“The best part of this supplement is how easy it is to get aroused. I used to not care all that much about sex, and now, for better or worse, I think about it all day. It’s improved my relationship quite a bit.”

“I was surprised this product worked as well as it did-and so was my husband. After about a month, I was noticeably tighter and felt like I had more lubrication. My sex life has changed for the better.”

“I have been using this product for the past few months and have found it to provide some serious benefits. I feel healthier in the vaginal area and have seen an increase in my sex drive. It really firms!”

Vagifirm has mostly positive reviews, but it’s not clear if the phytoestrogens are making a difference in the body outside of the vagina, as we don’t know much about the ingredients.

A couple people mentioned some issues, like the user who experienced a yeast infection — but most users claimed this firmed their vaginal muscles and increased libido.

Based on the reviews, it seems this is a good product for women looking to revamp their sex lives, but those seeking menopause relief may want to look elsewhere for a solution that offers more phytoestrogens, along with ingredients that boost progesterone production.

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Conclusion – Does Vagifirm Work?

Vagifirm doesn’t necessarily claim to be this magic solution for women looking to improve their vaginal health, nor does it claim to completely get rid of menopause symptoms.

This product’s use as a menopause supplement is touted as a secondary benefit on the website, meaning it’s not likely to have much of an effect — but users may see some benefits, especially if they aren’t experiencing severe symptoms.

Vagifirm did have some good reviews, many women said this helped them improve their sex drive — which is a major plus, but there wasn’t much information about

For women experiencing menopause, it seems like Vagifirm might not be the best solution for dealing with all the symptoms they may be dealing with.

We don’t know how many phytoestrogens are actually present in the formulation — which can make a huge difference in how well it works for hot flashes, mood swings and other signs of imbalance.

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