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What is it?

Midol Complete is a topical solution designed to help treat menopause and perimenopause symptoms. Midol Complete works to improve symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and more with regular application.

Midol Complete is made from natural estriol, which works to create a sense of balance inside the body. This product works best when taken daily and claims to boost both estrogen and progesterone in aging women.

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Midol Complete Ingredients and Side Effects

While the makers of Midol Complete have listed out all the ingredients in the formula, we’re not sure about the dosing for each item listed. We’ll look at the active in Midol Complete below:

Acetaminophen Pyrilamine Maleate

Acetaminophen: A pain reliever and fever reducer, acetaminophen is used to treat headaches, muscle aches, toothaches, joint pain, fevers and more.

  • Side effects may include increased sweating, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain or cramping.
  • An overdose of acetaminophen may cause liver damage or in rare cases, death.

Parambom: A diuretic that helps treat bloating, swelling, and water weight gain that happens during menstruation. It works by increasing urination.

Pyrilamine Maleate: This ingredient an antihistamine. In combination with caffeine and acetaminophen, pyrilamine maleate is used to treat menstrual symptoms like cramps.

Histamines are released at a higher rate during menstruation, which may lead to symptoms like breast tenderness irritability, aches and pains and stress.

Caffeine: Found in coffee, tea and more, caffeine is used to improve mental energy, fight fatigue and increase alertness, it may also treat migraine headaches, in combination with aspirin or acetaminophen.

  • In higher doses, caffeine may cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, restlessness, insomnia, agitation, anxiety, chest pain and more.
  • Caffeine may also worsen symptoms of IBS, increase blood pressure and cause heart palpitations.

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Midol Complete Quality of Ingredients

Midol Complete contains acetaminophen, as well as caffeine and pyrilamine maleate—an effective combination in reducing pain during menstruation. Though it’s not altogether clear, it seems the combination of a diuretic, antihistamine and pain relief is generally pretty useful in dealing with menstruation pain.

Based on the reviews we found, it seems like Midol Complete is an effective treatment for menstrual discomfort, as well as pain related to other conditions.

For menopausal women, this likely doesn’t offer any relief from things like hot flashes or night sweats, but it may help with any pain or ease stress, headaches and more.

Overall, we do not recommend using this product to treat the usual symptoms of menopause — which is related to a decline in estrogen and progesterone. Midol Complete does not contain any ingredients known to effect hormone levels in the body, meaning it’s not going to help with most menopause symptoms.

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The Price and Quality of Midol Complete

Midol Complete is not sold directly on the Midol webpage, but the site does include a list of stores you can buy this product from, as well as some coupons for use at participating retailers.

The price for Midol Complete varies, though a bottle containing 40 capsules never seems to cost more than $10. Currently, Amazon sells this size for $6.67.

Walmart sells a 16-count bottle for $3.97, while Jet offers this size for $4.17, and the larger, 24-count bottle for $5.19. Users can find this product just about anywhere from Target and Walgreens, to CVS, Rite Aid and your local supermarket.

Overall, this price range seems in line with what consumers typically pay for an over-the-counter pain reliever, and this one seems to offer more benefits than you’ll get with an ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

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Business of Midol Complete

Midol Complete is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company, Bayer. Here is a little background information, as well as some contact details:

Phone: 800-331-4536

Address: 100 Bayer Boulevard
Whippany, NJ 07981-0915

Global pharmaceutical company, Bayer is responsible for making Midol Complete, as well as a whole host of other products both over-the-counter and that require a prescription.

The official Bayer site offers some information about the company—users can learn about their commitment to corporate social responsibility, their products, as well as read articles about what the company is currently working on.

The Bayer site looks nice, but there’s no real reason for users to visit this page, if you’re looking for detailed information about a specific product like Midol Complete.

Midol has its own dedicated website, which may be a bit more useful. Visitors can read about their monthly cycle (this may be geared more toward adolescents learning about their bodies, rather than the adult set), as well as some tips about how to stay comfortable during your period.

The Midol site looks pretty nice, and does contain some helpful information, particularly for those who may not know what’s going on with their monthly cycle.

We wish that the Midol site provided more information about how this product works and what ingredients are used to make it, but seeing how widespread Midol Complete is—there’s no reason customers should have any issues with the information that has been included.

Customer Opinions of Midol Complete

Midol Complete is pretty well-reviewed. This product seems like it effectively delivers on its claims—relieving the bloating, pain, headaches and more associated with menstruation. Here’s a quick look at some of the reviews:

“I have endometriosis and these pills are the only thing that works for me. Sure, all my symptoms don’t magically disappear, but Midol complete really helps me manage this painful time each month.”

“Great for much more than just the usual period related aches, pains and more. I use these when I’m not on my period for headaches and water retention, as well.”

“I wouldn’t take these too close to bedtime, as they contain caffeine, but they’re pretty great for relieving period symptoms in short order. I’ve tried many different products and this is the best.”

“These are great — not only for cramps and bloating, but for stress, too. I basically use these anytime I’m having a stressful day, feeling achy or in pain — even my boyfriend likes these.”

Midol Complete is a well-known pain reliever directed at women on their periods or dealing with PMS, it seems to consistently work for most users as a dependable form of pain relief, as there’s more to it than your basic ibuprofen.

There’s nothing in here that specifically targets hormones, so it can be used for any type of pain — men and postmenopausal women have found this useful, as well.

While this product does not seem to have any effect on the hormone level in the body, it could be useful for women dealing with menopause or perimenopause, should they be dealing with a combination of pain and low energy—though it doesn’t have the right ingredients to address the root cause of any menopause symptoms.

Overall, this seems like a good product, but the menopausal demographic may want to look elsewhere for a solution that’s more geared toward their specific needs.

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Conclusion – Does Midol Complete Work?

First of all, Midol Complete is a menstruation-oriented product, so it might not be the best solution for women dealing with menopause. However, just because it’s targeting women on their period, does not mean it’s not an effective over the counter supplement for pain or cramping in general.

Menopausal women need a bit more support from things like hot flashes or mood swings—things that are caused by a hormonal imbalance in the body. Midol Complete does not contain any ingredients known for their ability to treat or minimize any of the primary menopause symptoms.

Midol Complete does have some pretty good reviews, the thing is, it’s just not really made for our target demographic, but anyone with cramping or pain—even those who don’t menstruate may be able to get some relief from taking this product.

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