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What is it?

Lyriana is a female sexual enhancement supplement aimed at boosting a woman’s desire and drive. Lyriana claims to boost hormone production and libido, as well as help the body increase natural lubrication.

Lyriana is made from a blend of phytonutrients and aphrodisiacs that work to address the three main causes of low libido in women. Users can expect an increase in blood flow and sensitivity, as well as a boost in estrogen and dopamine levels — all working together to improve sexual pleasure.

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Lyriana Ingredients and Side Effects

Lyriana is made with a blend of ingredients that improve blood flow, along with sexual desire. Here’s a quick look at the ingredients you can expect to find inside the Lyriana formula:

Epimedium L-Arginine Maca
Damiana Yohimbine Extract

Epimedium: An herb that also goes by the name, horny goat weed, epimedium is used to help promote blood flow in the body, improving sexual desire in both men and women.

  • Side effects may include upset stomach, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and dry mouth.

L-Arginine: An amino acid often taken as a supplement, this ingredient is used to boost blood flow throughout the body by increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the system—this works to increase sexual arousal, as well as improve energy and athletic performance.

Maca: A root crop from Peru, maca is often used as a superfood-type ingredient, as it may increase energy, athletic performance and stamina when taken.

Maca is also thought to potentially reduce menopause symptoms and increase sexual performance and desire in both men and women.

Yohimbine Extract: The active ingredient in the African herb, yohimbe, yohimbine extract is used to increase blood flow in the body, providing heightened arousal to the genital area.

  • Yohimbine extract may cause side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, rapid heartbeat, tremors, upset stomach, seizures, kidney failure, heart attack, headache, drooling, sinus pain, anxiety, insomnia and more.

Damiana: An herbal aphrodisiac, damiana is a shrub that grows in Mexico and Central America used to stimulate sexual desire and increase energy.

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Lyriana Quality of Ingredients

At first glance, it doesn’t look like Lyriana contains any ingredients used to promote a hormonal balance in the body. There are several powerful aphrodisiacs in the mix—many of which are staples in a number of male enhancement supplements.

We’re not sure this formula is really designed for women at all, aside from the packaging. Sure, ingredients like L-arginine that promote blood flow inside the body can be effective for both genders, as can herbs like yohimbe and epimedium, but there aren’t any herbs present — like say, soy or black cohosh — that work to provide the body with additional estrogen.

And speaking of yohimbe, this ingredient comes with a long list of side effects, and may not be safe for users at risk of heart disease. This ingredient has been linked to some serious adverse reactions like sweating, heart palpitations, and an increased risk of heart attack with use—meaning, menopausal women may want to avoid this product, as it may worsen some of the more uncomfortable symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, heart palpitations and more.


Based on our evaluation of the contents of Lyriana, we feel users would be safer if they chose another product, particularly one that both boosts libido, as well as provides true hormonal balance in the form of plant-based hormones.

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The Price and Quality of Lyriana

Lyriana is sold on the official website for $59.95 for a one-month supply. Users can save if they buy in three or six month supplies. The site offers a 90-day money back guarantee, should shoppers find this prodct doesn’t live up to their expectations.

While the usual price of Lyriana is $59.99, Amazon is currently offering the product at a steep discount; $19.99 per bottle containing a one-month supply. This product has really poor reviews on the platform, and it could be Amazon is trying to unload excess stock.

After looking at the contents of the product, it’s clear that it doesn’t do exactly what is advertised on the website. The regular price is far too much for a product that does not have an effect on the body’s hormone levels, but puts women at risk of adverse reactions due to the presence of yohimbe.

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Business of Lyriana

Lyriana does not advertise who makes this product, nor do they provide an address or an about us page. They can be reached by using a contact form on the site, or by calling this number:

Phone: 800-245-6004

Lyriana website is rather misleading. Visitors are greeted by a long wall of text touting the many benefits of this product and how it works to address the main causes of low libido.

Users have to scroll quite a bit before they get to read about the ingredients used in the formulation, which offer benefits that don’t quite match the manufacturer’s claims.

There’s a lot of “noise” on the site — several sections on the home page that feature copy that names all the benefits with no backing science, as well as a bunch of statistics that don’t link back to any clinical study or survey.

Customer Opinions of Lyriana

Lyriana’s Amazon page features some scathing reviews from those who gave this product a chance. Many of the women who tried this product claim that it produced some unwanted effects, didn’t work, or simply wasn’t what they were expecting. Here’s a look at some of the comments we came across during our research:

“I took this product for two weeks with disappointing results. Saw no increase in libido, but got these terrible almost migraine headaches, which I certainly didn’t have before. Really not happy with this one.”

“Used this product for a few weeks and really didn’t see much change in my sex drive. It upset my stomach and irritated my bladder. I also had heartburn the whole time I was using this.”

“Okay, it did help with the libido issue. I just really can’t handle yohimbe. After taking one capsule, I was totally amped up and dizzy. I wish they would take yohimbe out of the formula or lower the content.”

“Lyriana did absolutely nothing to help my sex drive, nor did I feel like my hormones were back in check. Still dealing with all the wonderful effects menopause has on my sex life. Will try to find something else.”

Lyriana contains a lot of ingredients you’d normally see in a male enhancement product. While, there’s definitely some crossover in the way the body controls a person’s sexual desire, there are, obviously, some key differences in body chemistry.

We’ve seen these ingredients before, and they generally help men become aroused more easily, but based on the reviews, women may need support from some different ingredients.

For one, a lot of why women experience a decrease in libido is because their hormone production starts to drop off.

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Conclusion – Does Lyriana Work?

Lyriana is a product that contains a range of aphrodisiacs, but really doesn’t have much else to offer. Because this product doesn’t seem to do what it lays out on the website, we wouldn’t recommend this product to women who have lost their libido due to menopause or any other reason.

Lyriana’s formula does not contain a single ingredient known for its ability to improve the hormone balance in women — one of the key benefits outlined on the official site. This product also claims this is a good solution for women in menopause, yet doesn’t include anything that may help deal with the common symptoms — including vaginal dryness and low libido.

Aside from the the fact this product isn’t marketed correctly, Lyriana relies on yohimbe as a key ingredient — which may cause some adverse effects with use. While it may increase sex drive, the side effects associated with this ingredient include heart palpitations, dizziness headaches and stomach pain, which may make people dealing with hot flashes and existing heart palpitations or night sweats from menopause feel even worse.

Women looking for an increased libido and better sexual function should see if their hormone levels are out of balance. Potential users should talk to their doctor about testing progesterone and estrogen levels.

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