Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast is a product designed to control the vaginal pH, making it inhospitable for the growth of bacteria. Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast provides the digestive benefits you’ll typically get with a probiotic, along with the added benefit of fighting candida overgrowth.

Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast is made from a blend of probiotic ingredients, as well as added elements like cranberry that improve the health of the urinary tract. This product is released throughout the day, so you’ll experience the benefits for up to 10 hours from one dose.

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Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast Ingredients and Side Effects

Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast is made with a few key ingredients that aim to provide long term moisture. Here’s a quick look at the contents that make the Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast formula:

Probiotics Cranberry Extract

Probiotics: Live “good” bacteria used by the body to promote immune system health, digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

Probiotics help control the balance of yeast in the gut, reducing the risk of yeast infections, as well as treat a number of issues like irritable bowel syndrome, gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation.

Cranberry Extract: Cranberry is used to prevent urinary tract, bladder infections and increasing the flow of urine. Cranberry is thought to reduce the bacteria present in the urinary tract, which may keep bacterial vaginosis and UTIs at bay.

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Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast Quality of Ingredients

Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast contains five different strains of probiotics, which according to the marketing materials used to sell this product, are especially beneficial to women’s health concerns.

While we’re looking at supplements from the angle of how this can help the menopausal woman, it’s clear that this product can offer some benefits to women of all ages. It’s not going to do anything for the main symptoms of menopause like hot flashes or shifts in mood and more — but there are some really great things about taking a probiotic — especially one that targets yeast.

Menopausal users will appreciate the preventative effects this product has — the probiotics work to prevent yeast infections (something that may become more of an issue due to vaginal dryness), while the presence of cranberry extract can improve urinary health and potentially prevent UTIs.

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The Price and Quality of Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast

Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast is sold on the official Lovebug page for $28.95 for a bottle containing one month’s worth of product. If shoppers buy direct from the manufacturer, they are required to enroll in a monthly autopay cycle.

The site features a “choose your plan” page, which showcases all of their product offerings, along with a call-to-action requesting that they sign up for one of the products — the Yeast is a Beast, the kids’ version, the Skinny Probiotic and more — there’s no tailoring your plan based on frequency or quantity.

For users skeptical of the monthly cycle, Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast are sold through several other channels, like Target, Amazon, Jet and more.

Both Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast Amazon and Target offer this product at $26.99 for the one-month supply, with Amazon offering a small discount to those who opt to subscribe and save through the platform.

As compared to other probiotics, this product is priced within what’s considered a reasonable range. We don’t love the strong push toward subscribing for a monthly order, but users can buy this through third party channels should they have any issues with that arrangement.

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Business of Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast

Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast is made a probiotics company that goes by the name, Lovebug Probiotics. You can contact them using the information listed below:

Phone: 917-575-8908

Address: 115 East 34th Street
Suite 1506
New York,
NY 10156

Lovebug Probiotics is a youthful brand with a nice website and a casual, approachable tone. Overall, visitors can get a good sense of what this company is about, as they do a good job of explaining why you might need probiotics, and what their various products can do to tackle specific ailments.

Overall, everything looks good. Lovebug Probiotics has a rather nice looking blog that works to educate the public on things like gut health, immunity and more — approached with a playful tone.

According to the website, potential buyers need to enroll in a monthly subscription if they’d like to buy direct — which includes a 30-day supply of product delivered each month, a three-month online course on the topic of gut health, monthly newsletters and free shipping.

We’re not sure whether the inclusion of so much content adds to the value of the product, as most of the reviewers we came across left their comments on sites like Jet or Amazon after buying through those channels.

Though this company appears to be transparent and by no means, illegitimate, we’re a little wary of any e-commerce site that forces consumers to enroll in a monthly subscription. These arrangements are often hard to cancel and seem dubious at times, as it can come across as a way to force consumers into buying more than they want.

Customer Opinions of Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast

Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast does seem to be an effective solution for women who are experiencing frequent or long-lasting yeast infections.

Based on the information previous consumers posted, it looks like this is a good supplement for women looking for the dual benefit of gut health and infection prevention. Here’s a look at some of the comments:

“Finally, the yeast is dead! After trying all kinds of remedies from borax to tea tree oil, I’ve finally found something that works for the never ending yeast infections. Feeling fresh, no more odor or itching.”

“Liked that this product was very easy to swallow. Been taking this supplement for a few weeks now and most of my symptoms have dissipated. Definitely works better than some of the generic probiotics.”

“Was hoping for better results after reading all these great reviews. Unfortunately, these really didn’t help with my digestive issues or my vaginal ones. Felt more constipated if anything. Oh well, I guess.”

“Lovebug Probiotics is great — normally probiotics hurt my stomach, but having recurring UTIs and yeast infections, I’ve found this product has been nothing but helpful. It’s changed my view of probiotics.”

Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast didn’t work for everyone, but most of the users we came across only had good things to say.

We would have liked to hear from more menopausal users, but we didn’t come across anyone who shared their stage in the reproductive cycle, so it’s hard to get a good read on whether or not this product works well as a supplement to a hormone replacement product — synthetic or phytoestrogen-based.

Based on the reviews we came across, there don’t seem to be any risks with adding this to your diet, and women worried about an increased risk of yeast infections of bacterial vaginosis may want to give this, or something similar, a try.

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Conclusion – Does Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast Work?

Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast is a product with great reviews, offered at a reasonable price point for a probiotic.

On its own, we don’t see much use for this product in helping women with menopausal symptoms get their hot flashes or night sweats under control, but Lovebug Probiotics Yeast is a Beast may well be a good addition to any woman’s diet.

Just about anyone can benefit from the nutrition provided by a good probiotic supplement, so those who feel comfortable spending money on a couple supplements can get some extra support from adding this to their regimen—digestive benefits, yeast overgrowth protection and enhanced immune system health.

In looking over several different types of menopause solutions, it’s clear that Femmetrinol works best to bring the benefits users are looking for through herbal ingredients like black cohosh, wild yam and more.

Femmetrinol is made with consumer safety at the heart of the production process. This product is made from potent, yet gentle ingredients guaranteed to provide relief in every dose. Click the link to learn how Femmetrinol can help you deal with the full range of menopause symtpoms.

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