KY Liquibeads Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

KY Liquibeads is a bead shaped-vaginal suppository that provides mess-free moisture to the area. The makers of KY Liquibeads have stated that this product is to be used to supplement the vagina’s ability to self-lubricate.

KY Liquibeads are inserted with an applicator and dissolve over time. The idea behind this product is that it allows the woman to act spontaneously, rather than needing to apply lubrication each time she has sex.

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KY Liquibeads Ingredients and Side Effects

KY Liquibeads contains a few active ingredients, which the KY website features directly on the official website. These ingredients are designed exclusively to provide moisture, rather than treat any underlying issues causing vaginal dryness. Regardless, here are the key ingredients you’ll find inside KY Liquibeads:

Dimethicone Dimethiconol

Dimethicone: A silicon-based polymer which acts as both a lubricant and a skin-conditioning agent, dimethicone is a hypoallergenic substance found in a number of skin care products.

  • Side effects may include itching, burning, or a slight stinging.

Dimethiconol: Used in a number of hair and skin products, dimethiconol is not water soluble and provides a moisturizing, lubricant quality.

Glycerin: A water based lubricant, glycerin is used in a number of products to increase the slipperiness of the solution.

  • In some cases, glycerin may cause yeast infections with use.

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KY Liquibeads Quality of Ingredients

KY Liquibeads is just a moisturizer. It doesn’t provide any women’s health benefits aside from allowing for more comfortable, satisfying sex — free from discomfort associated with vaginal dryness.

The thing that makes KY Liquibeads  unique, is the fact that this product is in bead form, releasing moisture as the gel cap dissolves in the vagina—which simulates the natural production of moisture.

Overall, KY Liquibeads seems to provide the benefits it claims on the official website. Women experiencing vaginal dryness are likely to find this a convenient solution, as it allows for a more natural sexual encounter to occur, rather than having the user pause to apply lubrication.

That being said, we’re not sure if this product can do much to restore dry vaginal cells over time, or if the effects just wear off.

During menopause, some women experience vaginal dryness as a result of lost hormones, as well as a thinning out of uterine tissue — which can make sex uncomfortable.

KY Liquibeads may be a good temporary solution, but they don’t have any hormones included in the formula, which means, without the addition of a menopause supplement to the user’s regimen, the underlying reason for vaginal dryness won’t go away.

Additionally, this product doesn’t contain any ingredients known to restore the cells of the vaginal walls on a cumulative level—the beads seem to provide a temporary solution.

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The Price and Quality of KY Liquibeads

KY Liquibeads are made by KY, who make a range of lubrication products, as well as other sexual aids. These products can be found just about anywhere, from Target to your local supermarket, as well as on Amazon,, Jet, eBay and more.

Shoppers can also buy products directly from the KY website—they offer the beads at a regular price of $18.99 for a box containing six beads. If you buy two boxes at a time, the price drops to $16.04 per box, buy three boxes and the price drops to $15.09 per each box.

Walmart offers the same size product for $14.97 with free 2-day shipping. eBay sell the beads for $12.78 per box — which seems to be the lowest price available, while most retailers are selling this somewhere between $15 and $20.

Though these beads have pretty positive reviews, it’s not especially clear how long each bead lasts for the user. Are the rendered useless after intercourse or do they last for a few days?

If they only last up until intercourse is complete, the KY Liquibeads seem a bit pricy for only six uses, especially if users are paying the full $18.99 a pop.

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Business of KY Liquibeads

KY Liquibeads is part of the popular brand, KY, which is known for their line of lubrication products. KY is owned by the parent company, Reckitt Benckiser. We’ve listed their contact details below:

Phone: 800-228-4722

Address: 103 – 105 Bath Road,

Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3UH

Reckitt Benckiser is a large global consumer goods company that owns a range of brands including Durex, Lysol, Clearisil, and of course, KY.

Because Reckitt Benckiser is such a large company, their official website features a lot of vague information about corporate responsibility, the company’s history, as well as its portfolio of consumer goods products.

KY has its own website, which positions itself as a sex positive center for information. Because this brand is dedicated to lubrication, more or less, they offer some articles and FAQs about dryness, as well as whether lube is compatible with condoms and more.

It also offers e-commerce capabilities, which is somewhat rare for a brand this large, which usually relies on third-party retailers to sell direct to consumers on their behalf.

What we didn’t like about the website was, there was no mention of how long the KY Liquibeads are meant to last. It’s not clear if they provide long lasting moisture or if they are to be used in anticipation of intercourse.

That distinction would be helpful for consumers looking to determine whether this product can meet their needs, or if they need longer term moisture support.

Customer Opinions of KY Liquibeads

KY Liquibeads is available on so many platforms, with many consumers weighing in with their experiences. Here’s a look at some of the feedback, based on our research:

“After doing some research, I found a lot of positive reviews associated with these beads. I’ve been dealing with a lot of dryness these days and this has helped my sex life and marriage tremendously.”

“Not impressed with this product at all. It caused a burning sensation in my vaginal area, which naturally made me stop. Really liked the idea, but burning moisture is rather useless to me and my sex life.”

“The lubrication is pretty good, but the beads felt really awkward when I put them in. Not really a problem once it dissolves, but there was some discomfort in the interim.”

“So, these do a pretty good job of moisturizing, and you don’t need to reapply constantly—but when the bead initially melts, there’s a lot of lube, you might need to wear a panty liner. Probably bad for oral sex.”

KY Liquibeads do seem to provide a lot of moisture, which is their main purpose—so, no one can really say that these don’t work. Yet, there were some complaints about the bead taking a while to dissolve, as well as some discomfort while waiting for the bead break down inside the vagina.

Some menopausal women weighed in and said this product enhanced their sex lives—the beads generally seemed to do a good job in providing lubrication and improving comfort during sex.

There’s not much information that suggests whether or not this product is useful in providing long term vaginal moisture to users or if it can repair dry cells, like other vaginal moisturizers.

But, it does seem to be effective in delivering enough lubrication to counteract dryness, no matter what the underlying condition.

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Conclusion – Does KY Liquibeads Work?

KY Liquibeads seems to be effective in lubricating the vagina with few reported side effects. Women experiencing dryness, whether that’s from medication, menopause, or something else generally like this product, as it’s easy to use and straightforward.

Menopausal women do often have issues with dryness, which is caused by a drop off in hormone production as they go through the transition. KY Liquibeads won’t do anything to solve the underlying condition, and many women may want to supplement their use of this product with a supplement that helps balance out the estrogen and progesterone levels in the body.

We wish that KY Liquibeads provided more information to users clarifying whether this product is effective for long term moisture, or if it’s just a lubrication with no cumulative benefits.

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