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What is it?

Cystex Plus is an over-the-counter product created to relieve urinary pain. Cystex Plus is meant to provide pain relief to those suffering from a UTI while they are waiting to see a doctor.

Cystex Plus is part analgesic (which relieves pain and burning) and anti-bacterial (which serves to control infection). This product is not meant to replace antibiotics or other prescription treatment—it’s more of a way to provide over the weekend or during off-hours at your usual medical center.

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Cystex Plus Ingredients and Side Effects

Cystex Plus relies on two active ingredients to provide the benefits advertised in the marketing materials. One stops the infection from spreading, while the other offers pain relief. Here’s a look at what you’ll find inside this product:

Methenamine Sodium Salicylate

Methenamine: A medication used to both control and prevent recurring urinary tract infections, methenamine works to stop the growth of bacteria found in urine.

Methenamine turns urine acidic, killing the bacteria. It’s worth noting that while this substance is used to stop bacteria from spreading, it can’t actually cure an existing UTI.

Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramping and loss of appetite.

In larger doses, methenamine may cause frequent urination, bloody urine or bladder irritation.

Sodium Salicylate: A type of NSAID pain reliever used to stop burning, itching and pain associated with a urinary tract infection. This ingredient may have an anti-inflammatory effect and is used to treat a number of conditions ranging from acne to headaches and joint pain.

Side effects may include stomach ulcers, liver or kidney problems, allergic reaction, raised blood pressure, heartburn and increased bleeding.

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Cystex Plus Quality of Ingredients

Cystex Plus is a blend of NSAID pain relief and antibacterial ingredients, which helps treat urinary pain, as well as prevent a UTI from spreading before the consumer has time to make it to a doctor.

This product does not claim to actually treat urinary tract infections, nor does it change the color of urine. While it seems like an extra step, taking Cystex Plus may help alleviate burning, fever and pain associated with infection and prevent the spread to the kidneys or blood stream.

Cystex Plus is not an herbal or homeopathic supplement, so some people may not like the idea of taking additional medications. It contains NSAID, which may cause liver or kidney damage when used regularly or in large quantities.

Most people can take NSAID safely without any issue, but consumers should be aware of the risk before taking, and avoid any alcohol or unnecessary drugs with use.

Based on our look at the formula, as well as the reviews past customers have left behind, it’s clear that this product has some benefits. For the purposes of our review, however, there’s nothing this product can really do for menopausal women unless they are suffering from a UTI.

Women getting frequent infections during menopause should see a doctor to discuss how to treat the full problem on a more holistic level. In this case, Cystex Plus may simply be a Band-Aid solution.

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The Price and Quality of Cystex Plus

Cystex Plus is an over-the-counter product that is widely available from a wide range of retailers from Rite Aid and CVS to online platforms like Amazon.

Like most products in this category, Cystex Plus is not sold directly by the manufacturer, they tend to operate as third-party distributors instead. The official website does offer some coupons users can redeem from participating retailers, as well as a list of stores that sell this product.

As a point of reference, CVS offers a 40-count box of product for $11.29, while Amazon offers this product at $27.95 for a bottle containing 100 capsules. Prices range depending on who you buy from.

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Business of Cystex Plus

Cystex is a brand owned by a company known as Clarion Brands. They can be reached through the contact information listed here:

Address: Seven Neshaminy Interplex Drive
Suite 415
Trevose, PA 19053

The Cystex website is clean and easy to read. This brand focuses exclusively on UTIs and their treatment and prevention, and offers a good amount of digestible information to people who may be suffering from an infection.

The FAQ section lays out information like when users should see a doctor, some of the main causes for UTIs and certain myths associated with the condition—like the fact that UTIs are not a sexually transmitted disease.

Cystex makes a couple different products — Cystex Plus, which is aimed at providing relief for users with an existing UTI, as well as a liquid urinary health supplement used to prevent UTIs for those who are subject to frequent infection.

We like that the official website is informative and reminds consumers they should visit a doctor if they have a UTI. Untreated UTIs can spread to the kidneys and the blood stream, which can lead to serious health concerns if left unattended.

This product is meant to eliminate the discomfort that occurs before users can get prescription medication from their doctor.

Customer Opinions of Cystex Plus

Cystex Plus has fairly positive reviews left from previous customers, though its intended use is fairly narrow. Here’s a look at what some users have to say about their experience with this product:

“Used to be a frequent UTI sufferer, and am now quite familiar with the early symptoms and treatment. This has been a lifesaver, I’m in between health insurance plans and Cystex clears up early signs quickly.”

“The box says you can take this for up to 3 days before going to a doctor. This only worked for one day, then symptoms returned in full force. Not worth the money — I’d recommend getting to a dr. ASAP.”

“Tried these a couple months ago, and found it was really helpful in relieving the pain I experienced before getting to the doctor. It works in about 20 minutes — a total live saver!”

“Ever since I’ve found Cystex, I’ve not had a single UTI. No more anti-biotics, which I’d rather avoid since they kill off all the good bacteria in the body. ”

Cystex Plus seems to deliver many of the benefits it advertises. Many users reported a positive change when they tried using this to address hot flashes and mood swings, but there are a few drawbacks.

With a cream, users are stuck waiting for the product to dry and need to take extra precautions to ensure it doesn’t get on clothing others might handle or more absorbent parts of the body.

Additionally, a few people mentioned that this product is to be used daily for three weeks, followed by a week off—though the website defers dosing details to your healthcare practitioner. Those taking the week off, claimed that their symptoms returned in full force during that time.

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Conclusion – Does Cystex Plus Work?

Cystex Plus does appear to be effective in helping reduce the severity in the pain associated with UTIs.  Most of the reviews we came across were positive, with users claiming this product was especially effective in eliminating that burning, itching sensation that comes with infection.

In addition to making a product that works consistently (at least according to the reviewers that left comments online), this company seems to be fairly straightforward about what their product does and doesn’t do. They’ve also provided some good, clear information about UTIs and why someone might get them.

However, because we’re considering this product as a solution for menopausal discomfort, there’s not much Cystex Plus can do for this demographic.

Yes, in some cases, menopausal women may experience an increase in the frequency of urinary issues, yeast infections or other discomfort in the vaginal region, but Cystex Plus merely provides temporary relief for UTI pain—users are instructed to go to a doctor at their earliest convenience.

Overall, it’s clear that Cystex Plus is not necessarily a solution that makes sense for treating menopause symptoms. This product is made for UTIs, and even more specifically, treating pain before users are able to make it to a doctor.

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