Creme de la Femme Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Creme de la Femme is a hormone-free vaginal moisturizer. Creme de la Femme is made for women experiencing chronic vaginal dryness and aims to provide relief and protection to delicate tissue.

Creme de la Femme both addresses the need for lubrication during intimate activity, as well as ongoing relief from the dryness that occurs as women age. This product also comes with the added benefit of being safe for use internally or externally, and comes with an applicator for convenient application.

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Creme de la Femme Ingredients and Side Effects

Creme de la Femme is glycerin and alcohol-free, and nstead relies on a blend of oils to deliver the benefits advertised on the website. Unfortunately, the makers of Creme de la Femme have not listed the formula, and we found the list of ingredients on the Walgreens website instead. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect to find inside:

Mineral Oil Paraffin
Ceresin Petrolatum

Mineral Oil: A clear and odorless oil, mineral oil is derived from petroleum and is a byproduct of the petroleum used in the production of gasoline. Mineral oil is used in a number of cosmetics to provide moisture and soothe the skin.

  • According to a 2011 report by the FDA, mineral oil may have some carcinogenic properties.
  • Users with open wounds should avoid contact with mineral oil or any other petroleum-based products.

Paraffin: A petroleum-based product used to moisturize and soften skin. Paraffin is flammable and may be toxic when burning.

  • Paraffin is not recommended for people with poor circulation, such as those with diabetes or hypertension.

Petrolatum: A petroleum-based ointment used to soften skin, heal irritated skin and soothe dryness.

Ceresin: A substance made from coal or shale, ceresin is similar to paraffin wax and may be used to moisturize the skin. Ceresin is stable, like a wax and is used in a number of stick-based cosmetics.

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Creme de la Femme Quality of Ingredients

Creme de la Femme contains some ingredients known for their long lasting moisture. However, users drawn to more natural solutions may not like that this product contains mineral oil, paraffin and petrolatum, all of which are variations of petroleum products.

Creme de la Femme likely won’t have many side effects, but petroleum-derived products may contain a number of toxins, which may have harmful effects on the body over time. Additionally, petroleum products are comedogenic — which means they clog pores and prevent skin from breathing, causing irritation or breakouts.

There’s also no added health benefits in Creme de la Femme. Women are essentially adding petroleum jelly to their vaginal area, which while it may protect the skin from irritation and create a moisture barrier — they aren’t absorbing any beneficial nutrients that can provide healing over time,

Another drawback with this product is the fact that it is not compatible with latex condoms, which may make some users consider a different lubrication method—particularly if they are not in a committed relationship or still have the potential to become pregnant.

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The Price and Quality of Creme de la Femme

Creme de la Femme is sold on the official website, The product sells for $14.95 for a 1.5 oz. tube, if you buy one unit at a time. Users can save more if they buy more product up front — up to $8.00 per tube if they buy 24.

Shoppers can also find this through other online channels like Amazon, CVS and Walgreens, but most third-party retailers are selling Creme de la Femme at the same price point as the manufacturer website.

While Creme de la Femme is doesn’t cost too much, and likely won’t be a hardship for most consumers, it’s worth considering that this product only consists of petroleum products — items, when sold as mineral oil or petroleum jelly only run shoppers a few dollars apiece.

Based on what we know about the formula — $14.95 a tube seems like a lot to pay in exchange for a product that doesn’t offer any key benefits and is made exclusively from ingredients many people find objectionable.

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Business of Creme de la Femme

Creme de la Femme is made by natural supplements manufacturer, Amazing Solutions. They can be contacted using the details listed below:

Phone: 800- 576-7616

The Amazing Solutions webpage is loaded with information about vaginal dryness. This company has been around for over 30 years and seems to have developed a loyal following, as evidenced by the amount of testimonials featured on the website.

While the site briefly mentions the ingredients used to make this product, they bury this information under a lot of text. Based on the information they provide, along with the reviews from past users, it seems that this product does work to protect delicate skin cells from further irritation, but never mentions why Creme de la Femme is better than applying petroleum jelly to the vaginal area instead.

Customer Opinions of Creme de la Femme

Creme de la Femme has a large number of positive reviews, though this product is not without some drawbacks. Here’s a look at some of comments people left behind:

“Thank god for Crème de la Femme! I was experiencing severe postmenopausal dryness, causing burning and pain throughout the region. Thought I had an infection, but it cleared up after use.”

“Since I can’t take estrogen, due to breast cancer, this is the second best thing to actually treating dryness with hormones. The applicator sucks. It’s hard to use and I need to carry it in a Ziploc in my purse.”

“So, this product is pretty good for providing relief to the vaginal area—soothes the skin, but it’s like putting Vaseline on chapped lips. My husband hates it, and says on his end, it eliminates a lot of the sensation.”

“Creme de la Femme is good for older ladies—provides a lot of moisture and has really helped improve my sex life all-around. I’m a little nervous about estrogen creams, so I’m giving this a go instead.”

Creme de la Femme doesn’t seem to draw much criticism for the ingredients used to make this formula, but the makers of this product don’t clearly advertise what’s used to produce the benefits advertised.

Petroleum products do a good job of helping create a moisture barrier, and it’s clear that this product does help simulate the effect of natural lubrication of the vaginal walls.

Many users appreciated that this product did not contain ingredients like glycerin or alcohol, which are present in many sexual lubrication products, but may have a drying effect. Glycerin may even cause yeast infections for some users.

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Conclusion – Does Creme de la Femme Work?

Creme de la Femme does do what it claims to. It provides moisture to women looking for a quick fix solution for vaginal dryness. In combination with a phytoestrogen regimen or HRT, menopausal women could very well see some great results.

Creme de la Femme had mostly positive reviews. This product seems to be effective in improving women’s sex lives, making sex easier and more enjoyable for people who have been experiencing discomfort for a variety of medical reasons.

But, the ingredient list for Crème de la Femme may be problematic for some users. We didn’t like how the makers of this product fail to clearly mention what is used in this formulation—essential information to people concerned about what they are applying to rather intimate areas of the body.

Some people may not appreciate that this formula is crafted entirely from petroleum products. While 30 years ago, this may not have been seen as a negative—there’s a large swathe of the population who really don’t want fossil fuels in a product they use on their vaginas or anywhere else on the body.

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