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Bernie Salazar joins

You know him best as Biggest Loser Season 5’s at-home winner, but hopefully you’ll now get to know him as just Bernie. We’re very pleased to announce that Bernie Salazar will be joining our team at bernie salazarNot only does Bernie have an incredible weight loss success story, but also living healthy and continuing to share his knowledge about doing so are important aspects of his life. We’re thrilled that he chose DietsInReview to share his experiences with you.

Tune in to the Diet Blog each Thursday, where you can hear Bernie tell the humor-infused tales of how he continues to maintain his new, healthy lifestyle since leaving Biggest Loser, and how, just like you and I, he navigates a world that presents too many opportunities to cheat. It promises to make you smile and keep you motivated.

Welcome to, Bernie!

June 4th, 2008