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BodyKey Review: Does it Work?

What is it? 

BodyKey is a meal replacement shake claiming to be a satisfying and easy to make shake. You can find it in both ready to drink liquid formulas, and in powdered form.

8 different flavors are provided, and they’re all claimed to be helpful for proving a full range of nutrients. Information on this meal replacement is limited, but it’s part of the companies weight loss plan. So is this truly an effective meal replacement? What have people experienced with this shake? You’ll learn all about BodyKey in this full review.

Do You Know the Best Diet Shakes of 2016?

BodyKey Ingredients and Side Effects 
Whey Protein Concentrate Soy Protein Isolate Resistant Maltodextrin Xanthan Gum & Guar Gum Medium Chain Triglycerides
Tricalcium Phosphate Natural Flavors Potassium Phosphate L-Carnitine Tartrate Clarinol
Magnesium Oxide Potassium Chloride Salt Slendesta Potato Extract Stevia
Ascorbic Acid Sucralose Probiotic (Lactospore bacillus Coagulans) Zinc Citrate d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate
Kelp Biotin Niacinamide Chromium Nicotinate Glycinate
d-Calcium Pantothenate Retinyl Palminate Manganese Sulfate Copper Citrate Folic Acid
Cholecalciferol Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Riboflavin Thiamin Hydrochloride Cyanocobalamin

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven meal replacement such as 18Shake for better results.

BodyKey Quality Of Ingredients 

bodykeySoy Protein Isolate: Soybean extract which is around 90% protein by weight. Though this ingredient does have the full amino acid profile, it’s often criticized due to it often being GMO.

There are also other reported health problems associated with this ingredient. Web MD mentions:

“Long-term use of high does of soy dietary supplements is POSSIBLY UNSAFE” 

“concerns that taking high does might cause abnormal growth tissue in the uterus” 

There is also concern that this ingredient may contribute to excess estrogen levels. Mayo Clinic adds:

“soy contains estrogen like chemicals, the effects of other agent believed to have estrogen-like properties may be altered” 

They also list other potential concerns with soy:

“Soy may cause… intestinal inflammation, loose stool ,menstrual changes, migraine, nausea, stomach pain ,and bloating” 

They also list several other problems associated with soy use.

One other study published by the Washington State University found that soy:

“correlation between oxalate and phytate in soy foods was significant… soy foods also contain higher concentration of phytate” 

These Phytates are known to block proper protein absorption. So it’s unknown what kind of an effect this may have on the protein content found in this shake. Even with  a total of 16 grams of protein, it’s possible for some of it to be reduced and not well absorbed. 

Xanthan Gum: A cheap thickener added to help provide a satiating effect. It’s also used as a laxative. Possible side effects from its use can include:

  • Nausea, stomach problems, and indigestion.
  • Flatulence, gas, and bloating.
  • Diarrhea, loose stools , and frequent bathroom usage. 

It’s also often extracted from common allergens that include wheat, corn, and soy. Though it’s unknown where this ingredient is sourced. 

L-Carnitine Tartrate: Ingredient made in the body, and found in food. It’s used to help create energy as well as to protect mitochondria in the human body.

Though it’s added in supplement form to help with fat burning, mentions the limits of this ingredient:

Supplementation of l-carnitine does not burn fat unless the individual is deficient” 

Therefore, there’s no need to use this additive. Many foods already contain this, and the body is usually sufficient in this. 

Sucralose: Artificial sweetener commonly known by its brand name of Splenda. A study conducted by a Dr Morando Soffriti found that:

“Sucralose in our experimental findings induces a dose-related incidence of leukemia in males” 

Because of this, the Center for Science in the Public Interest had to issue a Caution label on this ingredient. 

Slendesta Potato Protein Extract: An extract taken from potato skin. It’s used to help reduce body weight. Though a study performed by the European version of the FDA was conducted. The European Food Safety Authority found that this ingredient had problems:

“cause and effect relationship has not been established between the consumption of Slendesta Potato Extract and reduction of body weight” 

So there’s no reason to use this ingredient for any nutritional benefit. 

Kelp: A kind of seaweed added due to its iodine content, which can be used to improve thyroid help. The problem with this  ingredient is that the  amount of iodine it provides can vary depending on where it’s  sourced.

Live has listed possible side effects, they mention that it may:

“affect thyroid function, causing hypo- or hyperthyroidism” 

When the thyroid is altered, this can lead to weight gain as well as many other serious health issues. Without knowing the full iodine content in this brand, it’s impossible to properly dose.

The Price and Quality of BodyKey 

One 28 serving dry mix sells for $78.75. Therefore, at 2 shakes a day, this for $5.62 per daily serving.

This is a fairly expensive meal replacement for what’s offered. You get 16 grams of protein, which is good, but some of it comes from GMO soy. Soy has also been criticized since it’s known to potentially cause hormone issues and a lack of protein absorption.

It also has a fiber blend that is made up of common thickeners, which can potentially cause side effects.

One sweetener in this is healthy in Stevia, but they also add Sucralose, which may cause many health problems.

So this meal replacement combines both cheap and good ingredients. Though overall, for the price paid, this isn’t worth the high cost.

Business of BodyKey 

The manufacturers go by the name of Amway, they can be reached via the following contact details: 

Phone Number: (616) 787- 1000 

Address: 7575 Fulton Street East

Ada, Michigan 49355

The company has a total of 12 different complaints on their Better Business Bureau page. This is an independent site, which tracks customer satisfaction, and company approval. Here’s what people have had to say:

“agreed to issue replacement and never did… I have followed up many times” 

“They do not want to cancel my account” 

“This feels like a scam and I am not willing to be subjected to this anymore” 

“Lied about… products, gave me the wrong products and took extra money” 

People were often disappointed with the way the company treated them. Some have explained that they often tried to cancel their auto-shipping programs, but that the manufactures continue to charge.

There were also complaints that they are difficult to deal with, and that they felt they are being scammed.

They operate as a multilevel marketing company, so they use regular people to sell and market their brands. They have had issues in the past for the following controversies:

  • They settled a $56 million dollar lawsuit. This is due to alleged fraud, and claims the company was operating as a pyramid scheme.
  • A $10.5 million dollar lawsuit was won against the company for making supplements claiming to help with weight loss. Since they had no proof to prove these claims, they had to settle in the lawsuit.
  • Several other lawsuits have been filed and won against the manufacturers. 

The company has faced much criticism from customers, as well as through several high profile lawsuits.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results with meal replacement shakes diet our experts recommend to use it at least 5 months. Save your money buying a few bags of meal replacement product.

Customer Opinions of BodyKey 

Any product sold by a multilevel marketing company will often be flooded with fake reviews. This is because sellers of these brands known they will earn a commission if they sell more products.

It’s important to look for exaggerated reviews from fake customers. Here are some verified reviews from real customers of BodyKey:

“Awful tasting” 

“vanilla flavor of this product was horrible and I had to dump it” 

“I wouldn’t recommend it” 

“I couldn’t get past the first drink both times trying this” 

Many concerns were expressed about the taste, quality, and lack of weight loss properties. Customers felt that this shake was undrinkable, and that it wasn’t worth its high cost.

There was also a lack of appetite suppression from people. Overall, the only certified reviews about this shake were negative. Though there wasn’t many online reviews.

Conclusion – Does BodyKey Work? 

Before you make a final decision on BodyKey, it’s important to remember the high cost and use of cheap ingredients. This shake does have high hamounts of protein and just 1 gram of sugar, but it’s not the most effective weight loss shake. There are better brands that have only natural ingredients, and a well rounded nutritional profile.

When choosing a proper shake it’s important to look for only natural ingredients, no artificial ingredients, wholesome protein, and a well-rounded amino acid profile. The very best shake out of 2016 goes by the name of 18Shake.

This meal replacement has a blend of 2 forms of whey protein for healthy amino acids, as well as proper appetite suppression. It’s also made with no fillers, artificial ingredients, or any unwanted additives. Customers mention it’s a great meal replacement when you’re looking to lose weight. That’s why many have left glowing reviews on the websites testimonials section.

This shake is so well reviewed, that the company backs it up with a 30-day money back guarantee. 18Shake has already helped so many people lose weight, and that’s why it’s supported by a great risk free return policy.

Atkins Shake Review: Does it Work?

What is it? 

Atkins Shake is a meal replacement made as a low carbohydrate approach to weight loss.  There’s a total of 9 different ready to drink flavors, each one with around 1 gram of sugar and 15 grams of protein.

It’s meant to help with appetite suppression through the day. The company doesn’t offer much information about these shakes on their official website, but it’s known to have just 1 net gram of carbohydrates. Limiting carbohydrates are important for the Atkins plan, which is a diet based on the idea that carbohydrates cause weight gain. So is this a true solution to weight loss? What kinds of benefits have customers seen? This Atkins Shake review will provide you with all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Do You Know the Best Diet Shakes of 2016?

Atkins Shake Ingredients and Side Effects 
Water Milk Protein Concentrate Calcium Caseinate Whey Protein Concentrate Sunflower Oil
Pasteurized Cream Isolated Soy Protein Cellulose Gel Cellulose Gum Magnesium Phosphate
Potassium Citrate Sodium Hexametaphosphate Natural and Artificial Flavors Calcium Phosphate Salt
Acesulfame Potassium Carrageenan Soy Lecithin Sucralose Sodium Ascorbate
Zinc Gluconate DL-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate Niacinamide Manganese Gluconate D-Calcium Pantothenate
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Thiamin Hydrochloride Riboflavin Chromium Chloride Folic Acid
Biotin Potassium Iodide Sodium Molybdate Sodium Selenite Phylloquinone
Cyanocobalamin Cholcalciferol

Isolated Soy Protein: A soybean extract defatted to provide around 90% protein by weight. It’s a common GMO crop unless otherwise stated.

There are fears that this ingredient might have numerous negative health consequences. Paleo adds:

“soy has protease inhibitors… These toxins block the action of enzymes that… have the responsibility of digesting certain proteins” 

So it can block the absorption of important amino acids found in protein. This can have numerous potential negative effects on health. This is because amino acids are essential for the body to regulate itself.

There’s also concern of this ingredient increasing the hormone estrogen. This can potentially lower testosterone and cause side effects to both men and women that include:

  • Increased mood swings and depression.
  • More body hair.
  • Lack of drive, focus, and attention.
  • Low energy. 

Soy also has what’s known as goitrogens. It may cause thyroid issues which can promote many health problems. One side effect from a malfunctioning thyroid is increased weight.

Though soy does have a well-rounded amount of amino acids, it’s considered a potentially dangerous ingredient. 

Artificial Flavors: Chemical extract that’s made in a laboratory, it’s used to help mimic a flavor. It’s considered an easier way to provide a flavor without dealing with preservation or loss of flavor.

Though this ingredient can be extracted from many different things, and what it’s extracted from does not need to be listed. This can potentially be extracted from common allergens. 

Acesulfame Potassium: Artificial sweetener that provides no calories.

A clinical study published by PLOS One was conducted on mice. It showed extreme side effects.  The study listed the following:

“could affect cognitive functions, potentially via altering neuro-metabolic functions” 

“associated with metabolic dysregulation (glycolysis inhibition)” 

This means it could cause serious issues to blood sugar, and it may increase hunger and increase food cravings.

It also targeted the brain directly, and altered the way the body deals with food. In this study, there was serious concern that this artificial sweetener could potentially cause harm to the human body. 

Carrageenan: Thickener and stabilizer taken from red seaweeds.  A study published in the Cancer Letters journal it showed the possibility for extreme side effects:

“carcinogenesis induced by degraded carrageenan” 

When taking this ingredient the mice suffered from tumors. This carcinogenic effect means this ingredient is potentially cancer causing. 

Sucralose: Artificial sweetener that is not broken down by the body, so it offers no sugar grams.

Not only has this ingredient been found in wastewater, meaning it’s potentially harmful to the environment, but it’s also shown side effects in clinical studies.

Because of these studies, the Center for Science in the Public Interest downgraded its quality from “Safe” to “Caution”.

One such negative study was performed by the Washington University School of Medicine:

“Sucralose Affects Glycemic ad Hormonal Responses to an Oral Glucose Load” 

So this ingredient has been shown to damage blood sugar levels and it isn’t a satiating food source. It can potentially cause increased hunger when taken alongside other foods.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven meal replacement such as 18Shake for better results.


Atkins Shake Quality Of Ingredients

atkins-shakeThough this meal replacement is low in sugar, it’s also made with 2 potentially dangerous artificial sweeteners in sucralose and Acesulfame potassium.

There’s also a total of 160 calories, which is exceptionally higher than other shakes. This can potentially make it harder to lose weight.

Also included are a total of 15 grams of protein, of which only a few of it is whey protein concentrate, the rest is cheap processed milk protein. These cheap sources are also never shown as to what kind of amino acids they provide.

An amino acid profile should be standard when looking at a quality meal replacement. This assures you’re purchasing a quality shake that has what’s needed to truly replace a meal. Without it, it’s impossible to judge if the protein added is well-rounded and suitable to help the body run its many important processes.

The Price and Quality of Atkins Shake

The company offers an interactive map where you can find the nearest locations. They also offer their brand on their own website for $7.19 per 4 pack.  So a 28 day supple sells for $57.52. 

Considering the addition of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and cheap protein, this brand is overpriced for what’s being offered.

They do offer an auto-delivery program for 5% off, but this is a way to lock people into contracts to automatically bill their credit cards. It’s unknown if the Atkins company provides effective customer service.

Due to the lack of an amino acid profile, and the use of many artificial and cheap ingredients, this brand fails to be a good solution for a meal replacement.

Business of Atkins Shake 

Atkins Nutrionals, Inc. owns this brand and they can be found below: 

Phone Number: (303) 633-2840 

Address: 1050 17th Street, Suite 1500

Denver, CO 80265

The company enforced a recall of their products after it was contaminated with a potentially fatal ingredient.

Their official website states:

“Consumers are urged to destroy any potentially affected product” 

It’s unknown how this ingredient was leaked, or whether or not anyone has suffered any serious consequences due to this problem. They also fail to provide any information on how this issue would be corrected.

These types of recalls where contaminations happen are not common for facilities which are inspected by third parties. A GMP certification is a standard that ensures you’re buying a product that is made in a clean and safe facility.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results with meal replacement shakes diet our experts recommend to use it at least 5 months. Save your money buying a few bags of meal replacement product.

Customer Opinions of Atkins Shake 

You can find several reviews from consumers online, here’s what a few had to say:

“tastes absolutely disgusting” 

“made me thing of eating raw oysters” 

“This stuff tastes awful, disgusting, horrible, and terrible” 

“these make me sick to my stomach” 

People have often complained that the old formula was better, and that this new version has an unpleasant taste. People also mentioned that the texture was off, and that it has a lingering artificial taste.

There are a lot of people concerned with the goop like consistency that made it less of a drink, and more of a thick difficult to swallow drink.

A lack of weight loss was also a concern, as people failed to see any changes. This included people who made sure to diet and exercise.

The most common complaints have to do with the overall taste. For many this was undrinkable and artificial tasting.

Conclusion – Does Atkins Shake Work? 

Before making a final decision on Atkins Shake, it’s important to look at the customer reviews and the kinds of ingredients used. People complained often about the taste and texture of these shakes. Many were disappointed to drink it, and for those who bought large amounts, it was impossible to finish a case.

Also, the ingredients include 2 potentially harmful artificial sweeteners, cheap protein sources with only unknown amounts of healthy whey protein, and high amounts of calories which can make weight loss harder. These ingredients are not optimal for weight loss, since studies have shown some of them to cause metabolism disorders.

When replacing meals it’s important to use only natural ingredients, high quality protein, low calories, and no GMO soy. The very best option of 2016 meeting all these important traits is 18Shake.

This meal repalcemrnt is made only with high quality whey protein, no GMO soy, and only pure all natural ingredients. Best of all, its customers agree it’s a powerful weight loss tool. That’s why it has great reviews from its repeat customers. People think it tastes good and is an easy way to lose weight with only pure ingredients.

You can find testimonials on their website which confirms the powerful weight loss benefits. 18Shake is even backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can purchase this shake without any fears of potentially losing money.

Glucerna Review: Does it Work?

What is it? 

Glucerna is a meal replacement shake made with CARBSTEADY, a slow digesting carbohydrate source to regulate blood sugar. It comes with 27 vitamins and minerals, and it’s gluten and lactose-free.

They provide a graph showing the steady blood sugar control possible, in comparison to a “leading national beverage”. There are 3 flavors available in vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and butter pecan. There’s also a total of 10 grams of protein, 23 grams of carbohydrates, and 3 grams of fiber. It claims to be the #1 doctor recommended brand, so is it truly effective for weight loss? Does it have healthy ingredients? This Glucerna review will help you determine if it’s truly an effective meal replacement.

Do You Know the Best Diet Shakes of 2016?

Glucerna Ingredients and Side Effects 
Water Corn Maltodextrin Milk Protein Concentrate Fructose Glycerine
Soy Protein Isolate High Oleic Safflower Oil Short-Chain Fructooligosaccharides Canola Oil Soy Oil
Potassium Citrate Natural & Artificial Flavor Magnesium Phosphate Cellulose Gel Salt
Choline Chloride Ascorbic Acid Calcium Phosphate Cellulose Gum Monoglycerides
Soy Lecithin Sodium Citrate Carrageenan Calcium Carbonate Potassium Chloride
Potassium Hydroxide Acesulfame Potassium Ferrous Sulfate dl-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate Gellan Gum
Zinc Sulfate Sucralose Niacinamide Manganese Sulfate Calcium Pantothenate
Cupric Sulfate Vitamin A Palminate Thiamine Chloride Hydrochloride Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Riboflavin
Chromium Chloride Folic Acid Biotin Sodium Molybdate Potassium Iodide
Sodium Selenite Phylloquinone Vitamin D3 Cyanocobalamin

Corn Maltodextrin: Artificial sweetener and thickener extracted from corn.  This ingredient has a high rating on the blood sugar index. Live also adds:

“maltodextrin promoted the growth of unhealthy bacteria, which damaged the intestine and increased the risk for inflammatory disease” 

When unhealthy bacteria grow, this can lead to a damaged immune system, as well as several other health problems. 

It may also promote other side effects such as:

  • Weight gain.
  • Bloating, and indigestion.
  • Flatulence. 

Though this shake is meant to be a low-glycemic shake, this ingredient is known to severely raise blood sugar. Since it’s listed first in the ingredient listing, this means most of this shake is made up of corn maltodextrin.

The FDA requires companies to list ingredients that make up most of a food in descending order. So most of this shake is made up of this processed cheap corn sugar. 

Fructose: Simple sugar extracted from fruit. Multiple clinical studies have shown this ingredient to be harmful to overall health. The University of California, Davis, did one such study, they found that fructose:

“may have deleterious long-term effects on the regulation of energy intake and body adiposity” 

It showed an increase in the risk for long lasting weight gain. There were also other noted effects from the same study:

“does not appear to be the optimal choice as a source of carbohydrate” 

“potential to exacerbate the components of the insulin resistance syndrome” 

Fructose is considered a bad choice for sweetening. It can also cause blood sugar problems, and it may lead to diabetes.

Due to its many potential problems, it’s often advised to avoid this sugar as much as possible. Sugar has no nutritional value, and in this form it may promote unwanted side effects. 

Soy Protein Isolate: A defatted soybean extract that provides around 90% protein by volume.

Soy is often GMO unless otherwise stated, and it can potentially provide estrogen compounds, phytates and goitrogens.

The Nestlé Research Center found that this ingredient had detectable levels of phytates:

“phytic acid is a major inhibitory factor of iron absorption in soy-protein isolate” 

Phytates are known to reduce mineral intake, so it can potentially cause nutritional deficiencies. This may not only stall many important body functions, but it can lead to serious health problems.

Harvard also confirmed the possibility for soy to create increases in estrogen:

“handful of unsettling reports suggest that… soy proteins may actually stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells” 

This is due to the phytoestrogens, which can cause increase in the hormone estrogen. This can lead to an increased risk for cancer, as well as harm to both men and women through hormone manipulation. 

Cellulose Gel: Food thickener and emulsifier. It’s often added to things like toothpaste, detergents and paper products.

Studies into this ingredients safety have shown it to be potentially bad for overall health. One study by the International Weekly Journal of Science called Nature, found that this ingredient:

“increased societal incidence of obesity/metabolic syndrome and other chronic inflammatory disease” 

Mice given this ingredient had a likelihood of being obese. Since it can cause metabolism disorders, it may also create many other associated health problems. 

Carrageenan: Thickener and binder that’s extracted from edible seaweed.

A study by the Naylor Dana Institute for Disease Prevention found that this ingredient:

“had an enhancing effect in colorectal carcinogenesis in rats” 

When given to these rats, there was an increase in tumors. Another study published in the Cancer Letters also found the same side effect. There has been concern from a few studies that it may be a cancer-causing ingredient. 

Acesulfame Potassium: Calorie free artificial sweetener that has had controversy over its potential health risks.

A study published by PLOS One saw that this ingredient had effects that ranged from:

“altering fasting insulin and leptin levels” 

“could affect cognitive functions, potentially via altering neuro-metabolic function” 

In this study, it was found to not reduce hunger, while affecting blood sugar negatively. It could have a negative brain effect that might effect the possibility for weight loss. 

Sucralose: Non-caloric artificial sweetener that can be around 1,000 times sweeter than sucrose.

Several studies have shown side effects from this ingredient. The Washington University School of Medicine performed one such study:

“Sucralose affects the glycemic and insulin response to an oral glucose load” 

So this ingredient could affect metabolism, and it raised the blood sugar in rats. Though artificial sweeteners are meant to stabilize blood sugar, studies confirmed it had the opposite effect.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven meal replacement such as 18Shake for better results.


Glucerna Quality Of Ingredients 

glucernaThis meal replacement is meant to help stabilize blood sugar levels. Though many of its ingredients have shown the opposite effect. Corn maltodextrin, fructose, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, and carrageenan have all shown the possibility to cause metabolism, and blood sugar disorder.

Also, there’s a high amount of potentially dangerous artificial ingredients added. Some of which have clinical studies showing they promote weight gain.

There’s a high mount of calories added at 190 per serving.  All these issues might make one actually likely to be obese.

The Price and Quality of Glucerna 

The company sells direct, a case of 24, 8 fl ounce bottles sells for $45.99. The daily price at 2 shakes a day is $3.83. 

Since there’s a high amount of artificial ingredients, cheap GMO protein, and a high amount of calories, it’s possible for this to actually  increase weight.

It’s claimed that this is the number #1 doctor recommended brand, but they fail to cite any proof of this claim. Considering how many studies have shown several of these ingredients to be potentially harmful to blood sugar levels, it wouldn’t make sense that this would be a recommended brand. 

Business of Glucerna 

Abbott Laboratories owns this brand, and they can be reached via the following: 

Phone Number: (800) 227-5767 

Address: 625 Cleveland Avenue

Columbus, Ohio 43215

The company is a global group that makes healthcare products.

They had to settle a over $500 million dollar settlement due to illegal marketing. This was the 2nd largest settlement from a US drug company.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results with meal replacement shakes diet our experts recommend to use it at least 5 months. Save your money buying a few bags of meal replacement product.

Customer Opinions of Glucerna 

Several reviews are available online. Here’s what a few customers have experienced:

“not helping my dad’s blood sugar… it’s causing it to rise very quickly”

 “I hated the taste… tastes reaaaaaaly bad!”

“tasted like cold cardboard and leaves a horrible aftertaste” 

“gave me diarrhea” 

People often mentioned that the taste was much too sweet, and that when they tracked their blood sugar levels, they noticed a spike increase.

There were also some people who experienced digestive related side effects.

Many were concerned with how artificial it tasted, and the lack of weight loss or blood sugar control benefits.

Conclusion – Does Glucerna Work?

When looking for a meal replacement, it’s important to look at a the science of how a brand works. In Glucerna there’s a high amount of artificial ingredients, and most of what this shake is made up of is processed corn. Customers have also considered it much too sweet, and not beneficial for what it’s marketed towards, which is to help with blood sugar.

Meal replacement shakes that offer high quality protein, all natural ingredients, no added fillers, and that are user favorites are available. The very best option out of 2016 that meets all this criteria is 18Shake.

Not only is this meal replacement made with GMO free whey protein, but also it contains just 1 gram of sugar, 5 grams of fiber, and just 90 calories. It’s the reason why customers mention it’s effective for real weight loss results. You can read these glowing customer testimonials on their official website. People also highly rate the taste, ease of mixing, and appetite suppression.

18Shake is offered with a solid 30-day money back guarantee. So you can try this shake risk free.

Nutrilite Review: Does it Work?

What is it?

Nutrilite shake is a meal replacement said to be made using the latest soy technology processing, for an easy to mix, instant beverage. It’s made with 8 grams of protein, and it’s offered in chocolate, mixed berry, and green tea.

You can mix this shake with water without having to use a blender. It’s claimed to be a great tasting, preservative, artificial color, and artificial flavor free meal. There’s not much information provided by the manufacturers, and they fail to provide an ingredients list or nutrition facts label. Though in researching this brand, there was a listing of what’s inside. So is this truly a effective and good tasting shake? What kinds of results are possible? This Nutrilite review has all the information needed to make a informed decision.

Do You Know the Best Diet Shakes of 2016?

Nutrilite Ingredients and Side Effects 

Here are the ingredients to their Mixed Berry flavor:

Isolated Soy Protein Fructose Sunflower Oil Nonfat Dry Milk Calcium Phosphate
Tribasic Natural Berry Flavor Sodium Caseinate Acerola Concentrate Beet Powder
Citric Acid Potassium Citrate Lecithin Cornstarch Maltodextrin
Passion Fruit Pineapple Guava Cashew Fruit

Isolated Soy Protein: Defatted soybean that has around 90% protein by weight. This ingredient has had many studies showing its potential side effects.

It’s often GMO, due to soybeans being one of the most GMO crops available.  There are fears that this process may make it harmful to eat.

One clinical study by the National Center for Toxicological Research found:

“widely consumed soy products may cause harm in the human population via either or both estrogenic and goitrogenic activities” 

Goitrogens are known to cause damage to the thyroid. This can lead to several unwanted side effects that include:

  • Increased weight gain.
  • Reduced immune system function.
  • Inflammation.
  • Body chemical imbalances.

 The same study showed a estrogenic effect. This can be damaging to both men and women. It may increase the risk for breast cancer, as well as cause hormone imbalances.

The National Women’s Health Network also revealed that soy:

“can behave like endocrine disruptors, with the potential for adverse effect” 

“have been case reports…. Abnormal uterine bleeding that subsided on ceasing their intake of phytoestrogens” 

This ingredient was shown to no longer cause issues in people who stopped taking it. There have been numerous studies showing that soy may increase estrogen, cause metabolism disorders, damage the thyroid, as well as several other problems. 

Fructose: Simple fruit sugar that’s widely considered to be a dangerous sweetener.

A study by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center found that fructose:

“serves to reward sweet taste… often without much else in the way of nutrition” 

In its processed form, it loses any trace vitamins and minerals. The same study showed it to have a 

“potential risk factor for cardiovascular disease” 

There were also other concerns with increasing the risk for obesity:”

“reduced 24-h plasma insulin and leptin concentrations and increased postprandial fasting triaclyglycerols” 

It didn’t help with controlling blood sugar and hunger satiety. Leptin is a satiety hormone that helps the body know that it’s no longer hunger. So you can eat a large amount of fructose, and not feel satisfied. The same study also found that it:

“did not suppress circulating ghrelin” 

Ghrelin is a appetite-stimulating hormone. So this ingredient could lead to weight gain and metabolism disorders. When added to foods, it may cause one to not feel satiated, and to overeat. This  effect in the long term may eventually lead to obesity. 

Nonfat Dry Milk: Dehydrated form of milk that is processed to help it stay preserved for longer.

A major incidence happened in 2008 where this ingredient was found to be contaminated with melamine. Over 300,000 people had problems such as kidney stones and other forms of kidney damage.

Because of it often being imported in from different countries, there’s a possibility for contaminations. 

Sodium Caseinate: Protein found in milk, this ingredient is often added as a cheap flavor and nutrient source. It’s often included in cereals, baked goods, and processed cheese.

Due to its high lactose content, it may produce allergic reactions and flatulence in some. 

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven meal replacement such as 18Shake for better results.

Nutrilite Quality Of Ingredients 

nutriliteThough there’s no added artificial flavors or colors, they do add processed ingredients. There’s also a lack of information about the ingredient strength for most of what’s inside. There’s no way to find out how much sugar is added. Though the sugar does come from a potentially harmful additive in fructose.

There’s 8 grams of protein that come from cheap milk proteins and GMO soy. These ingredients can be found elsewhere for much cheaper.  Though soy is not recommended, due to the numerous clinical studies showing it to be potentially harmful to overall health. It has also been shown to potentially lead to weight gain and reduced mineral absorption.

Since there’s GMO soy protein added,  it may have multiple damaging effect. Many studies have shown is potentially dangerous due to its potential estrogenic, goitrogenic, and metabolism disrupting effects.

The Price and Quality of Nutrilite 

The company fails to mention how much this shake costs.  They only allow sales from those who work with the company’s multilevel marketing tactics. This allows for regular people to work with the company to sell and market their brands.

One seller provides a 15-ounce container for $37.66. Though it’s unknown how many servings are in this shake, or it’s sold at a good price.

Due to the lack of information about most of the ingredient strength, no company listed ingredients ,and a mixture of cheap ingredients, this shake rates poorly. It’s impossible to truly determine what kind of an effect it may have in comparing dosage strength. Though the ingredients added are cheap and processed.

This shake has numerous additives that may be potentially harmful, as well as possibly increasing the risk for obesity. 

Business of Nutrilite 

Amway sells this shake and they are a multilevel marketing company, you can reach them below: 

Phone Number: (616) 787- 1000 

Address: 7575 Fulton Street East

Ada, Michigan 49355

The company has been rated poorly in terms of customer service. Their Better Business Bureau page has a total of 12 complaints for the following:

“refused to help or handle the situation” 

“They do not want to cancel my account” 

“gave me the wrong products and took extra money” 

“This feels like a scam and I am not willing to be subjected to this anymore” 

Many felt the company was not responsive in handling complaints, and there were problems with a lack of communication.

There were a few people who wee told they would have their issues corrected, only to be continued to be charged and ignored.

The Federal Trade Commission also fined the company $100,000 for price fixing.

Another lawsuit worth $112 million for alleged fraud was settled. There were also complaints of the company operating a pyramid scheme.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results with meal replacement shakes diet our experts recommend to use it at least 5 months. Save your money buying a few bags of meal replacement product.

Customer Opinions of Nutrilite

There are a few customer reviews listed online:

“Taste is not good” 


“Doesn’t work good on your muscle” 

“Not mixed well in milk” 

When reviewing this brand it can be difficult to figure out who are real customers, and which are salesmen looking to make the product seem better than it actually is. This is due to the companies multilevel marketing strategy, which means anyone can begin selling this brand. Often people will make it seem much better than it actually is, in order to make more sales.

The few reliable reviews mention how it doesn’t mix well, that it has a bad taste, and that it had no effect on weight loss. People had trouble balancing the right texture as well. For many, there was a lack of proper mixing.

Conclusion – Does Nutrilite Work?

When considering Nutrilite, it’s important to look at what the company offers, as well as what kinds of ingredients are added. The company never provides any information as to what’s inside, and what the total strength is of each ingredient.

What’s included is a potential weight-increasing ingredient in fructose, and GMO soy. It’s important to be aware of what’s truly added, which is impossible, only other customer have uploaded images as to the ingredients added. This makes it impossible to know if it’s up to date, or what the total strength is of each ingredient.

When using a meal replacement, it’s important to look for all natural ingredients, non-GMO additives, and a full nutrition facts label. The very best 2016 meal replacement that offers all this, is called 18Shake.

This shake has a high amount of vitamins and minerals, only high quality whey protein at 15 grams, and just one gram of sugar from stevia. Its all-natural formula has been shown to help with appetite suppression, and customers mention it’s possible to lose a lot of weight with this shake. They also say it mixes well, tastes great, and is filling enough to replace a full meal.

18Shake has a  full 30-day money back guarantee, so you can use this shake without a fear of losing money. It’s one of the many reasons customers continue to use this meal replacement.

Fitmiss Delight Review: Does it Work?

What is it?

Fitmiss Delight is a women’s meal replacement shake made to curb appetite for hours, via a high protein and low calorie formula. There are claims that this shake will promote lean muscle growth, increase energy, and promote healthy weight loss.

It’s not specified why it’s only for women, but they do claim this brand has the ability to help one lose weight safely. There’s even added digestive enzymes that are added to help make processing this shake easier. With all the claims made, is this likely to help with weight loss? What have others found possible, and does it promote healthy weight loss? This Fitmiss Delight review will give you all the information you need to know to make a decision.

Do You Know the Best Diet Shakes of 2016?

Fitmiss Delight Ingredients and Side Effects 

Features here are all the ingredients to their Vanilla Chai Flavor:

Whey Protein Concentrate Solathin Egg Albumin Micellar Casein Whey Protein Isolate
Whey Protein Hydrolysate Flax Seed Inulin Natural Flavors Artificial Flavors
Silicon Dioxide Calcium Silicate L-Glutamine Citric Acid Reed Beet Juice Powder
Carboxymethylcellulose Salt Protease Acesulfame Potassium Sucralose
Lactase Potassium Citrate L-Leucine L-Isoleucine L-Valine
Apple Extract Artichoke Leaf Extract Barley Grass Powder Black Berry Fruit Powder Blood Orange Powder
Broccoli Powder Cherry Extract Citrus Flavonoids Cranberry Extract Lemon Bioflavonoids
Mango Seed Extract Pomegranate Rind Extract Red Currant Powder Spinach Powder Spinach Powder
Watermelon Powder Wheat Grass Powder

Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate: Extracted from the cheese making process, this protein source is well balanced and has a high amount of amino acids.

It’s also easy to digest, and it can be used for successful weight loss benefits. Though it’s unknown how much is added in Fitmiss Delight, since it’s mixed with several other protein sources. 

Solathin: A patented form of potato protein which is added to help suppress appetite. No clinical studies exist for this ingredient from unbiased sources.

It’s unknown what kind of possible side effects are possible, or if it’s an amino acid rich source.

Egg Albumin: Dried egg whites which must be specially treated in order to prevent salmonella contamination. It contains less protein than egg yolk.

It’s also a cheap protein source that isn’t as wholesome as natural eggs.

Carboxymethylcellulose: Thickener most commonly found in laxatives and ingredients for cleaning. The International Weekly Journal of Science published their studies of this ingredient. When it was given to lab rats, it was shown to lead to:

“low grade inflammation and obesity/metabolic syndrome” 

This means that it’s potentially damaging to overall health. High inflammation can increase immune system damage, and it’s known to potentially increase the risk for cancer.

It’s also been shown to damage metabolism. So there’s a possibility of it causing extreme weight gain.

Acesulfame Potassium: An artificial sugar substitute.  The Changshu Institute of Technology ran a study which showed this ingredient when fed to nursing rats lead to:

“a long-dated function on the adult’s sweet preference” 

This altered the way the mice preferred their sweets. These mice ended up craving sweeter foods. This can cause sugar cravings in people, as well as potentially harmful genetic changes.

PLOS One also performed a different study on this ingredient. In their studies, acesulfame potassium:

“could affect cognitive functions, potentially via altering neuro-metabolic functions” 

This could damage overall metabolism, and make weight gain much easier. That’s why in these findings it’s not advised to take this unnecessary sweetener. It’s added since it does not add much to the total sugar grams, but it’s also considered to be much worse alternative sweetener. 

Sucralose:  Artificial sweetener which is around 1,000 times sweeter than regular sugar.

Science Direct tested this ingredient, and according to their studies it leads to:

“DNA damage in gastrointestinal organs” 

So it’s a potentially hazardous ingredient. There’s also another study performed by the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Their findings showed that Sucralose:

“Alters Gut Microflora” 

Gut microflora is incredibly important for supporting the immune system and helping to improve mood. When microflora is altered, this can cause many issues in the body. It’s unknown what kind of a long term impact his may have on overall health.

Artificial Flavors: A man made synthetic ingredient used to mimic a natural flavor. It can be extracted from many different chemicals, and it’s unknown where Fitmiss Delight takes theirs from.

Sometimes, this can include common allergens such as wheat, corn, and soy.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven meal replacement such as 18Shake for better results.

The Price and Quality of Fitmiss Delight 

fitmiss-delightA 2 pound 26 serving jug costs $34.99.  Though this is low in price, it’s important to also consider the overall quality of ingredients.

There’s a low amount of calories at 90, 1 gram of sugar, and 16 grams of protein. All this seems good, but the quality of ingredients is poor. This is likely why it’s sold for so cheap.

Inside are 2 kinds of artificial sweeteners which can be harmful. Clinical studies have shown acesulfame potassium and sucralose to be harmful in many studies. Though there’s just 1 gram of sugar, where it’s sourced from isn’t quality.

There are also artificial flavors, several thickeners, and a low amount of vitamins and minerals. When replacing meals it’s important to make sure you get only nutritious ingredients, this is in order to prevent any nutritional deficiencies.

This shake has also been negatively reviewed due to its nutritional profile. As you’ll see in the “Customer Opinions of Fitmiss Delight” section, many people who read the ingredients label were surprised by the lack of overall quality. 

Business of Fitmiss Delight 

The company is owned by MusclePharm, and they can be found below: 

Phone Number: (800) 292-3909 

Address: 4721 Ironton St

Denver. Colorado 80239

They currently have a D rating on the Better Business Bureau website, which is responsible for tracking customer satisfaction and company accountability.

Here’s what some have had to say that earned them a D rating:

“can’t seem to get a hold of these people” 

“I ordered some products and did not receive them” 

“refused to reimburse the cost of injury” 

“I did not receive the products I ordered” 

People mention that the company is difficult to deal with, and they fail to respond to numerous messages and phone calls.

There was also a lot of concern expressed over how quickly the product sends their products out. Many mention they failed to receive their products, even though they have since been charged.

The company did respond to some of these claims, but there were still many disgruntled customers who failed to receive what they paid for.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results with meal replacement shakes diet our experts recommend to use it at least 5 months. Save your money buying a few bags of meal replacement product.

Customer Opinions of Fitmiss Delight 

You can read many different reviews online. Here’s what some customers have had to say:

“it’s way too sweet, and it tastes like artificial sweetener”

“Wow does this stuff taste bad” 

“Tastes like chemicals” 

“I don’t know what I can add to this to hide the taste” 

There were a lot of complaints about the lack of thickness to the shake as well as the artificial sweeteners. Many claim it was hard to drink, and that it’s incredibly thin for a meal replacement.

People have tried to add ingredients to help make it blend better, but for many there wasn’t enough that could be done. This comes from people who made sure to add many different combinations. It’s strange that many complained about the texture and thinness, since there’s many added cheap thickeners.

Some also complained about a lack of weight loss benefits. For many there was no benefit to using this shake. People added how they made sure to include diet and exercise, yet they still failed to see any benefits.

Conclusion – Does Fitmiss Delight Work?

Fitmiss Delight is promoted as a specially formulated weight loss shake for promoting healthy women’s weight loss. This might give it the impression that it’s made specifically with one gender in mind. However, there’s nothing in this shake that proves it would help benefit women more. Also, many customers have complained about the thin taste and the lack of weight loss results. This shake also has a blend of artificial ingredients, binders, and cheap artificial sweeteners which can make weight loss harder.

To properly lose weight via a meal replacement, it’s best to seek out a brand made exclusively with all natural ingredients, no binders, only quality protein, and backed by a responsive company.

2016’s best meal replacement is 18Shake. It met all the demands for a quality shake.  It’s made only with high quality whey protein, and you get a blend of specially formulated ingredients for weight loss. That’s why men and women alike have sent in numerous positive reviews, and you can even read impressive testimonials on their official website.

People have long been impressed with the simple to achieve weight loss benefits. This shake has a well-rounded nutritional profile, and many customers continue to use it for weight loss.

18Shake is even backed by a great 30 day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk in using this shake and potentially experiencing issues. It’s the best meal replacement out on the market due to its stellar ingredients and great return policy.