Weight Loss News in Review – Week of May 1

Each week, DietsInReview.com will recap the hottest headlines in weight loss, diet and health news to keep you informed of news you can really use.

Baby Food Diet Hot with Celebrities

A new diet has been making the rounds in celebrity circles. See how the Baby Food Diet is the latest, and some may even say strangest, weight loss fad to hit Hollywood.

Sam Poueu’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

Sam made Biggest Loser history by becoming the first person in the show’s history to reach his goal weight before the finale. Listen to our interview with him.

Fast Food Changes Mood and Behavior

Besides the fact that fast food will make you gain weight and heighten your risk for certain diseases, your mood and behavior are affected as well.

Oregon Has Least Obese Children, Mississippi the Most

The latest statistics on childhood obesity show the two states that are leading and lagging in the most important demographic for our country’s future health – the youth.

Mother and Daughter Exercise Ideas

Since Mother’s Day is here, we thought it would be a good idea to show how we can spend time with our parents doing something healthy.

New Diet Reviews – Now with more than 1,100 published.

New Diet Video

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