Piracetam Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Piracetam is a common nootropic ingredient that is used to boost brain health. The drug falls fall under what is known as a racetam, meaning it is used to affect neurotransmitters.

The intended benefit of this is targeted support for overall brain health, as it is synthetically made to treat issues with cognition. It can actually create more fluid brain cells so they can transmit information better. In reviewing several types of nootropic supplements our review experts found that Memotenz provided the best results. It’s made up of natural compounds which can help support proper mental function including enhanced focus, improved memory, and overall sharpness. Click the link cited for information on Memotenz and what it can do.

Piracetam Ingredients and Side Effects

Piracetam: This has a long history of use as a way to treat cognitive issues. It has had studies which shows it can be effective for helping reduce age related mental decline.

Examine.com has found however that:

“offers limited benefits for healthy people”

This supplement is best supplemented by the elderly or those with proven cognitive issues typically caused by trauma or aging.

It’s also known that an average standard use can range between 1,200 to 4,800 mg per day.

This ingredient is also more of a preserver, and would be an unlikely choice for those who want a boost in brain health. It can also lead to potential side effects that include:

  • Anxiety, agitation, and nervousness.
  • Clinical depression, hyper sexuality, and weakness.
  • Weight gain, tremors, and fatigue.

While there is belief that it can affect neurotransmitters, the entire process behind its effects is not known. This can help increase the oxygen and blood flow in the brain, but studies have also shown this may be a side effect of the drug, and not actually the way it enhances brain function.  Due to the lack of research on the mechanism behind it, it remains to be seen what kind of total effect is possible.

The FDA has not approved it for use as a medicinal ingredient and it cannot be sold in supplement form in the US. It is used mostly in parts of South America, Europe, and Asia, primarily by students looking to enhance their brain function.

Since this is the generic name, many kinds of brand names are used depending on which part of the world you’re in. The best nootropic supplements can be discovered by visiting the link here.

Piracetam Quality of Ingredients

This ingredient has been studied to be more of a way to prevent the breakdown of mental health to elderly people. As far as giving an extra edge to cognitive health to healthy people, it’s not well reviewed.

It may contribute to side effects as well, and of course it is not available in the US.

It’s not a comprehensive enough ingredient even for elderly people, as it typically only provides a mild effect. Many claims can be read about online, but in peer reviewed studies, it has not been proven effective.

More commonly students will use this to help aid in the retention of information; however, this is contradictory to what the science suggests.

This is more likely to help those who have had trauma like a stroke. Studies have shown it can help the elderly, and because it has not been proven to help otherwise healthy people, it would not be necessary to supplement with. Click the link for a thorough list showcasing the most effective nootropics.

Price and Quality of Piracetam

While you cannot purchase this in the US, it is sold online to certain countries. This can range depending on what brands you choose.

Certain companies will provide this as a single ingredient to their nootropic drugs. It can be often found for cheap for around $12 or more per 60 capsule serving. Of course determining the overall quality is difficult, as not all brands use safe inactive ingredients.

There can also be differences in dosing, which can affect the overall effectiveness. It’s then important to look at the individual brand to see if it’s added in safe enough amounts, and that there are no artificial additives which serve no cognitive function.

This can be sold in powdered form and in pill form. The only difference is that the powder requires liquid to be mixed, and it typically has no added fillers. The most effective nootropics can be found in our expert created top 10 list.

Business of Piracetam

There are different companies which offer this ingredient in varying amounts. Consumers should be aware of a number of things to look for:

  • GMP certification: This ensures there are routine quality control inspections which look over dosing, quality and overall cleanliness. This also means it is made in a FDA approved facility. 3rd party inspections occur which will let consumers know if there are any control issues.
  • No auto shipment policy: Often hidden under a company’s terms and conditions, a free trial will often be offered which is then turned into a month to month plan automatic charge if one does not cancel within time.

The major problem with this is that customers will often not be told, and instead hidden in the company’s website is a mention of this policy. This is technically a contract which locks people into having to pay for unrequested supplements.

  • Good customer reviews: Avoid any supplements with consumer complaints of scam like practices. While this may seem obvious, there are certain businesses which will seem legitimate on their official website, but once you research them there are multiple claims of complications.

Learn about which nootropics made the top 10 list by clicking here.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using brain enhancement supplements for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Piracetam

Provided are mixed reviews from different products containing only Piracetam:

“it’s effective for elderly people”

“no effects at all with any kind of dosage”

“noticed side effects to my kidney”

“does help with memory related issues”

As expected there were mixed reviews about this. Since it was rare for anyone to mention age, it’s unknown if the only people who noticed benefits were those who were elderly.

There were some who did notice side effects however including internal organ issues. Find out which nootropics were seen as the best for mental sharpness and focus.

Conclusion – Does Piracetam Work?

Whether or not this will be effective depends on who uses it. Elderly people will benefit it if they are trying to treat memory related decline. In fact it has been shown to be good for helping support those who experienced a stroke. In healthy people who haven’t had any similar issues there would be no benefit to this. There are also some potential side effects which can range greatly. You also cannot purchase this in certain countries.

The best supplement for overall brain health has been shown to be Memotenz. It has natural ingredients which have been studied to help support mental focus, attention, memory and other noticeable cognitive benefits.

They also make it in a GMP certified facility which ensures it is safe and made in a controlled environment. Find out more information on Memotenz and how beneficial it is by clicking the link here.

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