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What is it?

One a Day Menopause is a daily multivitamin specifically targeting women going through menopause. This product is meant to offer nutritional support along with relief from hot flashes and night sweats.

One a Day Menopause is made from soy isoflavones, as well as a range of vitamins and minerals that benefit the skin, bone and heart health and more. The makers of this product also claim that the supplement aims to improve physical energy and help with the emotional toll of menopause.

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One a Day Menopause Ingredients and Side Effects

One a Day Menopause is made from an extensive list of vitamins and minerals that are meant to help support the immune and cardiovascular systems, as well as support bone health and more. In an effort to keep things brief, we’ve opted to only outline the most active ingredients in the blend. Here’s a look at what you can expect to find inside this formula.

Soy Isoflavones

Soy Isoflavones: Isoflavones are a compound found in soy beans, as well as numerous plants. Isoflavones are chemically similar to the estrogen found inside human bodies, and are also known as phytoestrogens.

This ingredient is used to reduce symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, anxiousness and irritability which are a direct result of lowered estrogen levels during menopause. Some women also use isoflavones to reduce breast pain and PMS symptoms, as well as prevent breast cancer.

Soy may help balance out hormone levels in the body, making this a common natural alternative to hormone replacement therapies.

  • Side effects may include symptoms like bloating, constipation and nausea, as well as an allergic reaction like rash and itching.
  • In some cases, soy isoflavones may cause abnormal tissue growth inside the uterus.
  • Additionally, patients with hormone-related cancers (breast, endometrial and ovarian) should avoid taking soy.

In addition to soy isoflavones, this product contains vitamins A, C, D and E, as well as the B complex vitamins and minerals like copper, zinc, selenium and calcium.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven menopause pill such as Femmetrinol for better results.

One a Day Menopause Quality of Ingredients

One a Day Menopause is a multivitamin first and a menopause relief product second. This item contains a long list of minerals and vitamins needed for any healthy diet, like vitamins A, B, C and more, yet aren’t necessarily better for women in menopause than men or young women.

We do like the idea of delivering critical nutrients to the body, and they likely do help with certain aspects of menopause—like preventing bone loss and joint health, as well as the function of the heart. Yet, the presence of soy isoflavones is likely not enough for consumers looking for more from their menopause products.

In addition to our concern that One a Day Menopause may not be the best choice for all the symptoms associated with this transitional phase, the official website fails to identify why this product is effective or how it works.

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The Price and Quality of One a Day Menopause

One a Day Menopause is available just about anywhere. Users can find this in most supermarkets and drug stores, including stores like Walmart, Walgreens CVS and Target, as well as online from Amazon, Jet and more. The average price for a box of 50 tablets is around $15, and the supply should, as the name suggests, last for a 50-day period.

While this product is more affordable than many similar products on the market, it’s worth noting that this product is a multivitamin with the addition of soy isoflavones.

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Business of One a Day Menopause

One a Day Menopause part of the One a Day product line owned and manufactured by pharmaceutical giant, Bayer. Here is their corporate contact information:

Phone: 888-596-5154

Email: info@One a Day

Address: 803 Washington St.
New York, NY 10014

One a Day Menopause is part of a hugely popular line of daily multivitamins that can be purchased from just about any major retailer.

Bayer has set up an exclusive website for the One a Day line, which provides some details for potential consumers about how this product stands to help those with menopause, and provide other key benefits that become more vital as we age—bone health and heart support, as well as energy and younger looking skin.

Unfortunately, the site’s FAQ section was designed to address One a Day as a whole brand, not just the menopause formula, and we don’t really ever get to learn why it might be beneficial for a menopausal woman to select this product, as opposed to something that offers a more direct effect on things like hot flashes and night sweats that need to be addressed with greater urgency.

As far as multivitamins in general go, both Bayer and One a Day are such established names in the over-the-counter healthcare space, that consumers are likely to be able to safely take this product without any negative consequences.

The thing is, though, the reputation of the company or the brand doesn’t necessarily mean consumers are getting the right product for their needs.

Customer Opinions of One a Day Menopause

One a Day Menopause received a mixed ranges of feedback from some who said it helped with menopause symptoms, while others claim that it had little effect on them at all. Here’s a look at what previous customers had to say after trying One a Day Menopause:

“I have extremely strong hot flashes. They hang around all day and I have terrible night sweats. This product lessened some of the effects—but it’s by no means a miracle cure.”

“One A Day is certainly fine as a multivitamin, but I’m not sure about the menopause symptom relief. It’s a good idea to take vitamins anyway, so I kind of figured all keep taking these until I run out.”

“Helps with some symptoms, but definitely not all of them. I’ve experienced some settling when it comes to hot flashes, but my moods are still pretty unpredictable, which is taking a toll on my life.”

“I’ve been taking the One a Day formula, along with melatonin, and have been sleeping better than I have since starting menopause. Not sure how effective it is, but I’m glad I’m getting some nutritional support.”

One a Day Menopause had primarily good reviews, they just weren’t singing the praises of how effective this solution is at reducing common symptoms like night sweats and hot flashes, and there were almost no mentions of whether or not this product had any effect on mood.

It seems that some women found that they got a little relief in the form of reduced severity in hot flashes, but there was little else mentioned in the customer reviews across numerous platforms.

While we certainly see the appeal of One a Day Menopause for a number of women, it seems those going through a particularly difficult menopause would be wise to try something a bit stronger, with a proven effect on hormonal balance.

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Conclusion – Does One a Day Menopause Work?

One a Day Menopause is part of a product line with major recognition and made by Bayer, another major name in drugs and supplements. That being said, we’re not sure that we recommend this product for those looking for a potent formula that both balances hormones and provides some reprieve from hot flashes, night sweats and shifting moods.

Regardless of quality or mass market availability, this product is a multivitamin, not a true treatment for menopause symptoms. Users looking for a multivitamin may like this formulation—it does contain a number of key nutrients—but will likely need some type of hormone replacement treatment or an herbal alternative to actually deal with their symptoms.

Many of the reviews did suggest some positive changes, but there weren’t many mentions of women who experienced a drastic reduction in symptoms.

Our team of reviewers has found that Femmetrinol is the best option for menopausal women looking for a solution that covers the long list of menopausal symptoms—from hot flashes to mood swings and everything in between.

Femmetrinol is made following good manufacturing practices, and has been subject to a number of quality testing measures to ensure maximum benefits. Click here to take a closer look at the ingredients used to make Femmetrinol.

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