VIDEO: Mike Messina Wins Biggest Loser 13’s At-Home Prize

If at first you don’t win $250,000, try again until you win $100,000. That’s exactly what Mike Messina did for Biggest Loser 13.

He was eliminated in week 3, and then then in the final week of the show was eligible to compete for a spot as a contestant. He beat out 13 other competitors to go head-to-head with Jeremy Britt in a challenge that would earn one of them a finalist position. For four hours he and Jeremy held on to an overhead bar balancing on nothing more than what looked like a tree stump. Four long, cold hours later, Mike lost his balance and handed the whole thing over to Jeremy, who won last night.

Mike lost 44.69 percent of his total body weight during seven months of filming and time at home, moving his starting weight from 358 to a finale weight of 198. He looked, fit, thin, and trim last night in a handsome suit.

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