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What is it?

Lovera is a supplement used to treat menopause, as well as low libido. Lovera is intended to help restore sex drive in women who have experienced a loss of desire or arousal due to hormonal changes.

Lovera is made from a blend of herbal aphrodisiacs and soy isoflavones, which aim to eliminate hot flashes, while at the same time, stimulate desire. The makers of this product claim it helps restore hormonal balance with regular use.

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Lovera Ingredients and Side Effects

Lovera is made from all herbal ingredients, many of which are known aphrodisiacs. The makers of this product have posted a list of ingredients on the website, along with a short description of their intended function. Here’s a look at what users can expect from using Lovera:

Pomegranate Soy Isoflavones Maca
Catuaba Bark L-Arginine Damiana

Pomegranate: This fruit is thought to contain some natural estrogens which serve to help restore a balanced level of hormones in the body. Pomegranate may also improve the flow of blood in the body, which can have a positive effect on the libido.

Soy Isoflavones: Soy beans contain plant-based hormones known as phytoestrogens, which are thought to act like human-estrogens when taken as a supplement.

  • Side effects may include constipation, gas or bloating, as well as an allergic reaction.

L-Arginine: An amino acid found naturally inside the body, L-arginine is thought to improve sex drive by increasing blood flow in the body.

Damiana: Damiana is a wild shrub that grows in Central and South America and is known for its aphrodisiac effects, as well as its ability to help balance out the hormone levels in the body.

Maca: A Peruvian root crop known for its high levels of nutrition, maca is thought to improve sex drive in both men and women, as well as increase physical and mental energy levels with use.

Catuaba Bark: An herb used for medicinal purposes, catuaba bark is thought to help with nervousness, forgetfulness, as well as increasing libido and improving physical energy levels. As an added bonus, catuaba may have some use in warding off bacteria and viruses that enter the body.

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Lovera Quality of Ingredients

Lovera is made from some ingredients known to be effective in helping users treat the symptoms of menopause by aiming to balance the hormones. We’re used to seeing soy isoflavones in a variety of products both for menopause, as well as some that target other hormonal issues like PMS, heavy menstrual periods and more.

Overall, it seems like Lovera could help some people experiencing menopause, though it’s clear this product has a number of intended uses per some of the comments made by reviewers.

Additionally, ingredients like maca, damiana and L-arginine are thought to help promote sex drive, which seems to be one of the more common benefits users saw from taking this supplement.

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The Price and Quality of Lovera

Lovera is sold on the official webpage in a few different packaging options. A single bottle will cost users $49.95 with free shipping and handling. You may also get this at a reduced cost of $39.95 should you decide to enroll in a monthly autopay cycle. The auto ship option is also available in three-month amounts, offering a regular delivery every three months for $99.95.

Consumers may also purchase this item from Amazon for $52.16 per bottle containing a one-month supply.

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Business of Lovera

Lovera is made by a company that also goes by the name Lovera. Here are their contact details, as listed on the official webpage:

Phone: 510-556-8372


The Lovera website is fairly plain-looking, but is easy to read, providing some key details about the product, as well as an e-commerce portal for ordering.

We liked that the Lovera website offered some detailed information about the ingredients used to make the product, as well as the fact that this product has been clinically tested. User reviews suggested it was an effective product, it just seemed to help far more with sexual issues rather than the full range of menopause symptoms.

While they did discuss the ingredients, they didn’t really go into how, exactly this product delivers those key benefits to users—but most users should be satisfied with the amount of detail provided.

What we didn’t like about this company is the fact that they push the auto-pay option a bit heavily. While they may legitimately be trying to save customers time and money, often times these arrangements are hard to get out of and can be misleading.

Customer Opinions of Lovera

The reviews we found for Lovera showcased mixed results. There were a number of people who claimed that this product didn’t work as promised, while others said they were “awesome” or “worked great.” It’s likely dependent on the variation in body types and severity of menopause symptom. Regardless, here’s a quick look at some of the responses people posted online:

“Ugh. I took this three times a day for over three weeks and saw absolutely no changes. This is very disappointing, as I had read so many good reviews. I would not recommend this product at all.”

“If you have severe hot flashes or night sweats, I don’t think this product is for you, but it does help with energy levels and helping restore a sense of hormonal balance.”

“I love the feminine look of the product, and I feel like it was effective in helping me restore some of my lost sex drive. My husband has noticed the increase in my libido and it’s been great for our marriage.”

“This pill had a placebo effect. I thought it was working, but I think I wanted to work so bad. After giving it a couple weeks, I realized just wasn’t a very good product.”

Lovera is used by women at all stages in life. We found reviews from women in their thirties with hormonal imbalances, as well as slightly older women who used this for a boost in sex drive.

What we didn’t see a lot of were women who sought out this product as a way to improve their experience going through menopause, and a few even mentioned that this likely wasn’t the best product for reducing hot flashes or night sweats, though it came with some additional benefits—particularly in relation to improving their sex lives or helping boost energy levels.

After reading through the comments Lovera users posted, this product clearly offers some key benefits, but its use as a menopause-specific product seems like it could be ineffective. effective for certain users, there’s not enough evidence

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Conclusion – Does Lovera Work?

After our full review of the contents of the Lovera formulation, as well as the feedback posted online by past users, we likely wouldn’t recommend this product as a supplement to combat the effects of menopause on its own.

We really like a lot of the ingredients, maca and damiana have some great benefits, and pomegranate has long been touted as a nutritional powerhouse.

That being said, it seems like most of the glowing reviews by women who had used this product expressed that they were more pleased with the sexual benefits than anything related to reducing hot flashes or night sweats.

There were several mentions from users who felt that this product was not particularly effective in taking on the more common menopause-related complaints and many of the were women who had not yet entered this phase in life—many were in their 20s, 30s and early 40s.

After looking over the above information, we believe that there are better products out there for dealing with menopause holistically. Lovera does clearly have the potential to be a way to increase energy and sexual desire in women who are in menopause, but they may need to shell out for an additional supplement if they want all menopause symptoms addressed.

In looking over the vast quantity of menopause products, we’ve found that Femmetrinol is the best solution for helping women restore their sex drive, as well as find relief from the hot flashes and night sweats that put a damper on day to day activities.

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