Lose Weight, Win Money with HealthyWage

What would it be like to not only lose weight, but also win money while doing it? HealthyWage, a weight loss website, is running a contest that will reward you for improving your health. Groups of five can enter the contest as long as you are registered by May 15, 2010.

Each member of the group is required to submit a $20 fee, and then it is time to start shaping up! Whatever team can lose the highest percentage of weight from May 15th through August 15th will win a grand prize of $10,000.

Pretty tempting, huh? That money could go towards anything – bills, gym memberships, charity, savings, etc. What a great incentive HealthyWage has given the participants in this challenge.

Weigh-ins will be at the beginning and end of the challenge at numerous gyms all around the country, or can be done at your own personal doctor/clinic. As another added incentive, Biggest Loser contestants Pete Thomas and Neil Tejwani will join in on conference calls for coaching, question answering, and sharing their personal weight loss stories. As Suze Orman always tells us Biggest Loser contestants, health and wealth go hand-in-hand.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab some friends and sign up for this contest before time runs out! For more information, visit www.healthywage.com.

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