Jaime Pressly Goes Bananas After Pregnancy


Jaime Pressly is best known to most people for her role as the crazy, albeit frickin’ hilarious, piece of white trash Joy from “My Name is Earl.” And, while she was just playing a role, her recent real-life diet adventures don’t seem to fall too far from her nutty turn as Joy Turner on Earl.

In an interview with Health magazine, Pressly said it only took her three months to lose the 42 pounds that she gained during her pregnancy with her two-year-old son Dezi James.

How did she do it? Bananas. Yeah, that’s right. Oh, and the cabbage soup diet.

“I lost the first 32 pounds by my 30th birthday, which we celebrated in Vegas. We had pool parties and I was not about to be chunky. I did the cabbage soup diet twice in a row. It lasts six days and you eat cabbage soup three to four times a day. But one day, you can also eat up to eight bananas.”

Pressly lost the remaining weight with exercise.

“I get bored easily, so my trainer, Mike Jones, introduced me to the TRX (suspension training system). You use your body weight for resistance.”

(via: Monsters & Critics)

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