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What is it?

Doxiderol is a nootropic supplement containing natural ingredients intended to help support healthy brain function and overall focus and energy. It is said to improve one’s attention span and memory, and help one stay sharp to compete against others in mental tasks.

They add that a current 980,000 capsules have been sold of this supplement. Their website mentions how nootropics have been reviewed by many reliable sources, and that their brand has clinically studied ingredients from natural sources. The healthiest nootropic which has shown multiple benefits is Memotenz. It can help reduce the breakdown of mental function, while elevating one’s ability to retain information and stay focus. Visit their official website to learn more about what Memotenz can do for cognitive health.

Doxiderol Ingredients and Side Effects

No full ingredients list is provided, but instead there are brief descriptions of some of the added ingredients. It’s unknown if anything else is added, and at what dosage the following ingredients are used:

Vinpocetine Bacopa Acetyl-L-Carnitine
L-Theanine Caffeine Citicoline

Vinpocetine: Synthetic chemical that is somewhat similar to what is found in the periwinkle plant. This is said to help aid blood flow in the brain to benefit memory, but it’s unknown if this is true.

Studies have shown this can cause side effects such as:

  • Nausea, sleep issues, and nervousness.
  • Flushing in the face, dizziness, and stomach pain.

L-Theanine: Natural amino acid that is extracted from certain foods such as mushrooms or tea leaves. This is used to help promote relaxation without causing the body to feel tired. has reviewed its claimed benefits and found:

“limited clinical information is available”

It may lead to symptoms that include:

  • Stomach issues, headaches, and dizziness.

Caffeine: Common stimulant used as a way to provide noticeable energy boosts and mental focus. Overtime this has to be cycled in order to avoid it being reduced in its effects.

This is often added in nootropics but has to be carefully monitored as it can increase the risk for side effects. Three is no information about the total amount of caffeine used, which is highly important to determine as it can lead to side effects.

It is not advised to take it late in the day as it can contribute to numerous side effects including:

  • Difficulty relaxing, twitches, and muscle spasms.
  • Headaches, increased bathroom use, and nausea.
  • Mood swings, insomnia, and addictive tendencies.

Citicoline: Found naturally within the body and used as a brain chemical. This has been used to help those who suffer from brain issues such as dementia and trauma.

Shown to be safe with short term use, but it can cause side effects such as:

  • Nausea, chest pain, and blurred vision.
  • Diarrhea, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

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Doxiderol Quality of Ingredients

There needs to be a full examination of the ingredients before deciding if it is properly dosed, and whether or not it’s truly effective. While healthy bacopa and acetyl-l-carnitine is used, there is a lack of insight into what else might be used.

The added caffeine is something in particular which can increase the risk for side effects. One has to be able to determine if they added it in safe amounts as it can contribute too many side effects.

It’s simply impossible to be able to determine if what they add is wholesome and effective without an ingredients label. Find out what useful nootropics were featured in the top 10 ranked list.

Doxiderol Price and Quality of Doxiderol

The official website sells a 30 capsule bottle for $34.95 currently. Discounts are offered for those who subscribe monthly, but this practice is questionable as it places people into a monthly plan.

Their money back guarantee is very specific as well, and is further explained in the “Business of Doxiderol” section.

They do add that clinically studied ingredients are used, but instead of posting actual studies, they added brief descriptions and images of trusted scientific journals.

Without being able to read the actual findings of these studies, it’s unknown if they are unbiased and performed on enough people to be considered effective. Due to the lack of actual evidence, it leaves much doubt as to the capabilities of Doxiderol.

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Business of Doxiderol

The makers of Doxiderol go by the name of and they can be found below:

Address: 244 5th Avenue Suite 2532

New York, New York 10001


Phone Number: (855) 563-6847

A 90 day money back return is offered as long as the used bottles are returned. Less than 80% of it has to be used in order to qualify for a return. This means that their 90 count bottle can have no less than 72 pills left.

They have an F rating on their Better Business Bureau page due to customer complaints. People mentioned they were unable to get a refund, as well as other unspecified billing issues.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using brain enhancement supplements for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Doxiderol

Reviews are mixed and on Doxiderol has a 2.9 of 5 star rating. 67 people have given it negative reviews. Here is a sample of user experiences found online:

“only useful for the first day, I built up a tolerance very quickly making it not work anymore”

“gave me results within 20 minutes of use”

“it’s just OK but much too expensive… no scientific evidence to support most of the claims”

“decent but it didn’t last long enough to be considered effective”

The main issues people had been that they felt it didn’t last long, it was too expensive, produced side effects such as headaches, and that it contains too many unstudied ingredients.

Those that enjoyed it often added how it did provide a short boost of energy that was immediate, but they often failed to comment whether or not this was sustained. This may be simply because of the added stimulant, and may not be a lasting solution.

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Conclusion – Does Doxiderol Work?

Doxiderol suffers from a lack of a full ingredients list, a questionable money back return policy, and the use of caffeine which creates a tolerance. The company makes a lot of bold claims but instead of publishing studies, they make vague references to the effects. Many people who used it added how it leads to either only short lasting effects, or that it caused unwanted side effects.

The best nootropic which had great reviews and an effective formula was found to be Memotenz. It has many wholesome ingredients that can help not just enhance brain function in the short term, but which may also help resist age related decline.

They only use natural ingredients free of any fillers colors, stimulants, or any unwanted cheap additives. Learn about what makes Memotenz the best nootropic of the year by clicking on this link.

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