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Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 16 with Amanda Arlauskas

It’s finally Makeover Week on the Biggest Loser ranch! This is the week that every Biggest Loser contestant wants to make it to. Alison surprises the six remaining contestants with a $1,000 gift card to go shopping wherever they choose to pick out new clothes that can compliment their new bodies. Each contestant goes into a store and tries on clothes they never thought they could fit into, but are now for the first time realizing that all of the hard work was worth it.

Alison then gives the contestants and their families one more surprise. She brings in a Grammy award-winning guest who has sold over 20 million records, and has scored many acting spots – Ashanti. She comes out and performs her single “Shine” to the contestants, reminding them not to care what others think of them, and to embrace in the moment and “shine.”

The contestants face a challenge where each must climb a Jacobs Ladder for as long as possible, 10 feet above a pool. The winner will receive a one pound advantage, and the loser will receive a one pound disadvantage. Koli Palu wins after an amazing two and a half hours, and unfortunately for pink team member Ashley Johnston, she falls after only three and a half minutes, gaining the one pound disadvantage.

The weigh-in pulls in high numbers for some of the contestants. But for some, the weight loss is just not enough to stay above the yellow line. Sam Poueu and Michael Ventrella fall below. With Sam having already reached his goal weight, he is eliminated from the game with two votes.

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May 5th, 2010

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I always enjoy makeover week, it is my favorite part of the show besides the finale. I had been crossing my fingers for weeks to see how Daris and Mike would do with their makeovers and I wasn't disappointed. Also Sunshine looks incredible with the pop-star hair style.

Speaking of pop stars, it was a nice touch for Ashanti to give them a private concert.

I'm really happy that Sam got eliminated, only because he really does not need to be there, he looks completely finished and fantastic. I was happy to see that his relationship with Stephanie is working out well, I really like Stephanie a lot and she is making good progress. I was happy to see Sam go because in spite of Mike being a gameplayer, Mike really needed to be there more. His speech would have sealed it for me, and I know what he said in his plea swayed Daris' vote.

Mike and Ashley still have a long way to go but the rest of the contestants are looking really good right now. I'm excited to see who ends up in the final four. Koli has been my least favorite of the remaining contestants but his attitude change and weight loss this week really helped me gain a lot of respect for him. I have a hard time seeing Daris giving up, I mean he did that challenge for 2 1/2 hours, I can't be disappointed in him, he is an amazing contestant.

I think this season's one of the best so far. I love how now when things are down to the wire everyone is still very supportive and helpful of each other and there haven't been any "villians" this season (unless you count Melissa, but frankly she just was a bit blunt about her gameplay, rather than subtle about it like Mike/Koli/Sam had been, I didn't really see her as being a villian though)

posted May 7th, 2010 12:43 am


They got Cash, not a gift card. And Michael gave a great keep me here speech and his quote is one I have on my wall.

posted May 5th, 2010 6:40 pm


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