Weight Watchers Momentum Walk-It Challenge

walking-as-exerciseJust in time for Spring, Weight Watchers’ has announced its Momentum Walk-It Challenge in an effort for all Weight Watchers members and online subscribers to move more.

Here is how the challenge works: You can sign up between April 12 and June 6 at your local Weight Watchers or online. Once you join the challenge, you can create your own walking team or sign up for a 5K event. This will give you automatic access to a free eight-week online training program which can help you reach an activity goal of walking a 5K.

In addition, all participants who complete the eight-week walking training program will be eligible to download a special President’s Challenge Award from Weight Watchers. The President’s Challenge is a free, motivational tracking program of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and encourages making activity part of everyday life.

The goal of the Momentum Walk-It Challenge is to encourage Weight Watchers members to become more active, to form mini social networks and to experience the myriad health and psychological benefits of exercise. Plus, walking is such a simple form of fitness yet it burns calories, tones muscles and helps you reach your weight loss goal.

For more information on the Momentum Walk-It Challenge, visit the Weight Watcher’s website.

Learn more about the new Weight Watchers Momentum program.

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