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What is it?

TruCDP is a cognitive enhancement supplement that helps improve attention, memory and focus. TruCDP is also used to help increase learning potential and protect against damage caused by aging or exposure to environmental stressors.

TruCDP works by increasing choline levels in the brain, which helps minimize the effects of aging on memory and cognitive function. TruCDP the choline increase also helps prevent other health concerns like heart disease and high cholesterol.

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TruCDP Ingredients and Side Effects

TruCDP label is easily found online, and comes along with a warning label for potential consumers. This product only contains one active ingredient, CDP-Choline. Below we’ll take a look at what users can expect with use:


CDP-Choline: A nootropic compound that also goes by the name, citicholine, this ingredient is used to increase levels of choline in the body, which promotes improved cognitive function in the brain. CDP-Choline is thought to improve focus and is generally taken by users looking for improved productivity, as well as a more dependable memory. This ingredient may also help repair damaged brain cells, treat ADHD, and symptoms of progressive diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

  • While CDP-Choline is thought to be safe for most people, its long term effects remain to be seen. Side effects may include high blood pressure, diarrhea, nausea, headaches and trouble sleeping.

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TruCDP Quality of Ingredients

While reviewing the formula of TruCDP, it seems this product could potentially be a good solution for people looking to enhance their thinking, learning and memory, as well as feel more energized and productive throughout the day.

Additionally, this product comes along with a hefty warning label, advising those under 18 to avoid this supplement, as well as people with diabetes, heart conditions or those who have suffered a stroke in the recent past. We appreciate the responsibility taken here, but it does raise some concerns that there may be some significant risks in taking this supplement.

Because there may be some risks involved, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before trying TruCDP or something similar.

Unfortunately, this product is currently out of stock, and it’s unclear if the company that makes TruCDP is waiting on a supplier, reworking the formula or if its been discontinued altogether.

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The Price and Quality of TruCDP

TruCDP is not for sale on the manufacturer’s website (it appears to have been removed), but this product can be found through other e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart, as well as a handful of stores that specialize in supplements.

TruCDP is currently available on Amazon for $22.23 per each bottle containing 30 capsules, which should last most people 30 days.

It’s not clear whether the company that makes this product, PEScience, is phasing this product out, or if it will come back in stock shortly.

In comparing the cost of this product to the benefits it provides, it seems that there may be some potential for improved brain capacity with use, but users may be more successful using something with more key ingredients than TruCDP has in its formula.

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Business of TruCDP

TruCDP is made by a supplement company known as PEScience. Their information is listed below:

Phone: 888-885-0195

Address: 3665 East Bay Drive

Suite 155

Largo, FL 33771

The PEScience website looks fairly clean and provides straightforward information about their various products, as well as contact information for consumers who wish to get in touch with someone.

The company doesn’t show up on the Better Business Bureau website, nor are there any complaints easily accessed through a quick Google search, suggesting there are no major red flags associated with billing or general customer service issues.

Overall, the website contains a lot of engaging content related to their products like whey protein and supplements, such as recipes and best practices, as well as videos and more.

While we didn’t see any issues with the website, it’s hard to know whether or not TruCDP is a good product based on the fact that it has been removed from the website, and as a result, we don’t know if there were case studies, clinical trials or anything else suggesting this product went through the proper channels of proving safety and efficacy.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using brain enhancement supplements for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of TruCDP

Despite being included on a number of e-commerce platforms, there are virtually no consumer reviews for this product available online. It’s not clear why people were not compelled to share their experience with this product, but it was removed from the official PEScience website, so there is the chance it just never got the consumer uptake needed to continue production.

Luckily we were able to find a few reviews of people documenting their experience with the supplement. Here’s a look at what users found when they tried TruCDP:

“My friend told me this product would help me feel more alert and focused, but I only felt minimal effects, to the point where I’m not sure this was a placebo or if it was working, but I’ll keep using this a bit longer.”

“I’ve been taking some form of choline for years now, as I have ADHD. I think TruCDP was pretty good. I didn’t experience any side effects and it’s better than becoming dependent on prescription drugs.”

“This product does work for me, but I’ve also noticed that it sometimes gives me a slight brain fog if I take too much, so clearly, getting the dosage right is important.”

“I take this with piracetam and have seen some major gains in cognitive function. Not sure how good it is on its own, but this combo has been working pretty well.”

Unfortunately, because there aren’t many reviews out there, we were left with some rather vague accounts of peoples’ experiences with TruCDP. It does seem like it has a small following of people pleased with the results, citing improved brain function and clarity with use.

But, because we’re working with a very small sample size, it’s hard to gauge what the actual risk for side effects are. One person mentioned feeling the opposite effects when taking this in higher dosages, but we’re not sure how often that happens.

It does seem like this product carries some serious potential, so we’re not sure what happened with the marketing, or if there was some other factor preventing people from using this product. Aside from TruCDP, there are other products made purely from this single key ingredient, CDP-choline.

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Conclusion – Does TruCDP Work?

After evaluating TruCDP we simply don’t have enough information at our disposal to know if this product is effective or if there are simply better options out there.

While the cost of this product is relatively low, it also is kind of a one-note product, only featuring the ingredient CDP-Choline, which could very well be useful in improving brain function. It seems users may be looking for something with a broader range of benefits, taking on cognition from a number of different angles.

But, CDP-Choline does have a solid history in helping people with brain injuries and progressive diseases, as well as lack of focus or ADHD.

Another issue is, it seems that TruCDP is no longer widely available. The manufacturer’s website has taken the product down, but it is still available for sale through a number of e-commerce stores. We’re not sure if PEScience is still distributing this product, or if Amazon and others are selling this until stock runs out.

Overall, it seems that TruCDP may not be available for much longer, and based on the lack of feedback surrounding the product, there’s likely better solutions out there. In general, it seems that users are better off looking for a supplement with documented success stories and a more comprehensive formula.

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