Shredding Pounds: New eFitness Tracker

Have you been on the search for a tool that lets you track not just your food consumption but also your physical activity? Enter shredding pounds, a website and service brought to you by Fritz Lamour. Through Fritz’s own experiences through training for boxing and tae kwon do, he discovered that regardless what level you are at having a tool that allows you to track your progress was essential.

To start you will need to sign up through the site and once logged in will complete a questionnaire that will have you input your measurements, rank your preferences for types of activities, as well as identify your workout schedule. Upon summary of completing these questions you will be given your BMI (body mass index) as well as calculations based on weight loss goals entered and your average caloric intake. This is a basic but good jumping off point to get started. Through playing around with the tool once I received all of my personal settings I was impressed by the options available and have highlighted some of my favorites below:

  • Food tracking – we all know that burning more calories than we consume is one of the keys to weight loss. Besides keeping a food journal or counting calories this can become very difficult so I loved being able to play around with foods and input them into the tracker to get accurate counts. While this area still needs to expand in terms of food options the potential is here.
  • Exercise demos – do you avoid using machines or exercise equipment at home or at the gym because you have no idea what to do with it? Well look no further with over 900 demos and videos, you can ensure you are working out correctly and also help you change up your routine. I have an exercise ball at home and can finally put it to use…hallelujah!
  • Progress tracker – this element is very visual, which I love. In each day of the month you have a snapshot of what exercises and food you have taken in to help you with your progress and help you work on your weekly, monthly and long term goals.

There is an option to work with a trainer through the tool for an additional cost to help with customized meal plans as well as work out plans. This could be a good supplement for those who like to be held accountable and be given an extra push. In a world where we are bombarded with tools to help us get healthy, whether it is a pedometer or weight watchers to track your points, the key to remember is that we need to eat healthy and maintain an active lifestyle. It can be a benefit to have this information tracked but remember that you have to hold yourself accountable to login and input your daily information.

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