Ruby Recap Season 3 Episode 8: Ruby’s Plastic Surgery Dilemma

This week on Ruby, we open with her worries about the excessive flab left hanging under her arms, which has become a bigger issue since losing half of her body weight. So, she starts thinking about plastic surgery.

Ruby’s ex-boyfriend Denny calls her with a proposition to join him on a trip to Los Angeles. She lived with Denny in L.A. when the two were dating. Since it appears that she is going to take him up on the offer – which apparently he was going to pay for – Ruby calls up their old friend Brittnay, who is an actress. Ruby gets on her webcam with Brittnay to see if she can help her find a plastic surgeon.

Ruby, Denny, and Brittnay go for a hike in L.A. And, in what was a bold move for Ruby, who is usually very timid about taking on physical challenges, she eyes a very steep trail along their path and says that she wants to take it on.

Maybe she got a little extra confidence after her walk over the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia. You have to tip your hat to her; she made it to the top of the hill, even if it did take a little help from her friends to keep her balanced.

Denny and Ruby were sharing a hotel room. Ruby asked for two beds, but they ended up with a double bed. And, it seemed to be an intentional oversight. But, Denny still ended up on the floor.

The ex-couple went back to their old neighborhood to talk with their old friends. Some of the discussions were about her old eating habits. Ruby reveals that she  would hide food from Denny, because he was on her about losing weight.

Next is a meeting with Brittnay to head to the plastic surgeon she recommended. Last time Ruby tried to get into Brittnay’s Porsche, she couldn’t fit. This time, she did with ease.

When they get to the plastic surgeon, Ruby is surprised by the amount of surgery that is being recommended. It got emotional, as Ruby faced the realization that she will still have the memory of her weight with significant scars under her arms.

But, Ruby got some reassurance by meeting a former patient of the plastic surgeon. She helped instill some confidence in Ruby that it would be a decision that should would not regret.

Ruby and Denny meet a bunch of friends at an Italian restaurant where there is more discussion about her past eating habits and how it bothered Denny that she would hide it from him. But, what begins to unfold in the conversation is some of the issues that Ruby had with Denny; her jealousy of other potential love interests in Denny’s life, and not trusting him since he was not reliable about coming home at a certain time. In fact, Ruby seems to, in large part, blame their relationship for her weight problems.

The dinner explodes when a woman at the table, who Denny doesn’t even know, asks him if he cheated on Ruby. He justifiably gets ticked and leaves the scene. Maybe since the cameras are on, and this is a reality show, it seems like a license to say anything. But, it’s amazingly rude to pry and ask such intimate questions from someone you don’t know, particularly in front of a dinner party.

The rudeness continues as another dinner guest talks directly to Ruby about her relationship with Denny, and flat out says he didn’t get why Denny was attracted to her. There are well-known stereotypes of L.A. as a bastion of shallowness, and these people weren’t making a good case against it.

Denny and Ruby have a heart-to-heart after the dinner blow-up. And the air is cleared. Since he admits that he couldn’t accept her at her current weight, Ruby gets a little closure that their relationship is a closed chapter in her life.

The show ends with Ruby at home, receiving a package from Brittnay. It’s a life-size cutout of Ruby… with her head on a skinnier body, to help her visualize her goal weight. It was a touching gift, and a reminder that not all people in L.A. are cold-hearted.

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