Ruby Recap Season 3 Episode 7: Ruby’s Australian Adventure

This week, Ruby heads to Australia to promote her book – “Ruby’s Diary.” After she lands and heads to her hotel, Ruby immediately sets a goal to lose 10 pounds on her trip Down Under. I have to admit that is a little bit of a downer that she has to be thinking about losing weight when she’s on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but such is life for Ruby.

An Australian magazine was promoting her book, and they took her to a beach in Sydney for a photo shoot. It was then that Ruby revealed that she hired a trainer to help her lose the 10 pounds on her trip.

But, it wasn’t all about the weight loss business. Ruby and her friend and travel partner Georgia headed to the zoo to see all the popular animals native to Australia (kangaroos, koalas, etc.). There was a particularly funny moment when the girls were contemplating a pack of kangaroo meat (jerky). They were just completely skittish about trying it. It was just odd that they acted like it was such a repulsive alien thing.

Ruby’s Australian trainer Blake challenged her to cross the Sydney Harbor Bridge. As expected, Ruby was very reluctant to take on such a huge challenge. In the meantime, she had to get back to the business of promoting her book. This meant a book signing, a speaking engagement, and radio interview.

Before the bridge challenge, Blake took Ruby on a sail boat trip… not just for sight-seeing, but as a workout. She was tasked to hoist the sails, among other duties.

With just three days left to decide whether or not she is willing take on the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Ruby and Georgia head out to a rock ‘n’ roll show where they hang out with the band afterward and flirt relentlessly.

With a little help from encouraging Aussie fans, Ruby decides to take on the bridge. She was still worried about her body not cooperating. Ironically, Ruby’s trainer struggled a little with his fear of heights. The tables were turned and Ruby had to console Blake where the path went over the passing cars.

While Ruby did struggle to the peak of the bridge, she managed to defeat her doubts and made it. Not to mention she lost 13 pounds on her trip.

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