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What is it?

Nowtropic is a neuro-enhancement supplement aimed at improving focus and brain function. Nowtropic works to increase energy levels, mental sharpness, memory and productivity.

Nowtropic claims its fast-acting formula works by stimulating glucose metabolism in the brain, increasing energy throughout the day. Nowtropic relies on a blend of ingredients targeting cognitive decline that happens as people get older.

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Nowtropic Ingredients and Side Effects

The Nowtropic product page does not list an actual product label, instead opting to include a list of ingredients with graphics alongside a brief description. We’re not sure if this list is accurate or up to date, and we have no information about the dosing. Here’s a look at what you may find inside this product:

Ginkgoxine St. John’s Wort Gingko Biloba L-Carnitine
DMAE Bitartate Bacopa Phosphatid Glutamine

Gingkgoxine A patented ingredient used in Nowtropic made from gingko biloba extract.

St. John’s Wort: An herb used often to naturally treat symptoms of depression.

DMAE Bitartate: A chemical found in the brain, this ingredient helps brain cells communicate with one another and is used to treat ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, as well as to improve memory and thinking and athletic performance.

Bacopa: A plant used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, this ingredient is thought to naturally treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, improve memory and reduce stress. It may help treat conditions like anxiety, ADHD as well.

Gingko Biloba: A staple in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, gingko biloba is used to improve memory and thinking, and may help with some of the memory problems that occur in patients with dementia. In healthy people, ginkgo biloba may help boost cognitive function.

L-Carnitine: An amino acid produced naturally within the body, this ingredient is key in helping the body produce energy and also helps support blood flow to the brain, helping with memory and cognition. It may help improve symptoms in Alzheimer’s patients as well.

Phosphatid: A key building block for brain cells, this ingredient is found in a number of foods and helps prevent the cognitive decline that goes along with aging, as well as symptoms of dementia. It also helps treat depression, ADHD and may improve athletic performance with use.

Glutamine: A non-essential amino acid, glutamine is used in bodybuilding and to boost athletic performance and also plays a critical role in a number of bodily functions from immunity to gut function, as well as helping the body cope with stress. Glutamine helps improve brain function, mood and sleep cycles as well.

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Nowtropic Quality of Ingredients

While reviewing the formula of Nowtropic, it seems this formula contains a number of really good, herbal ingredients such as St. John’s Wort, gingko biloba and bacopa. The key ingredient, ginkgoxine, is an extracted form of gingko biloba, so it’s not clear why they’ve decided to use both ingredients in the formula.

While the ingredient list does look pretty good, there’s not much information on the site detailing how the product works, and what makes this product a fast-acting supplement, rather than something with more cumulative effects.

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The Price and Quality of Nowtropic

Nowtropic is available from the official product webpage, which sells one bottle for $44.99, equal to a one-month supply. Those who opt to buy the product in bulk can either buy three bottles for $99.97, or five for $129.97.

Nowtropic does not appear to be sold through any other platforms, so consumers can’t compare pricing. It’s hard to get a good sense of the quality when compared with the price, as this product doesn’t have much of a visible consumer following online, nor does the website link to any scientific studies proving the efficacy of the product.

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Business of Nowtropic

Nowtropic does not feature any contact information for the company behind this product, so we’re assuming they are also known as Nowtropic. Consumers who wish to get in contact with the company are asked to fill out a form and wait one to two business days to get a reply.

The Nowtropic features a number of press mentions, awards and affiliations all aimed at lending some credibility to the brand. However, there’s not much information available online in regards to who this company is, nor whether or not people have used it and experienced any success.

It’s also not especially clear what this product is made out of, they fail to offer a product label detailing what’s inside the formula, and make mentions of ingredients like Cognizin (which is not listed in the formula, but mentioned in another section of the website) and have suggested the formula contains both Gingkoxine and gingko biloba, which seems a bit redundant.

Nowtropic’s website features a lot of alliteration in its language, but seems to be trying to make catchy phrases rather than ones that make sense such as “Activate Awareness Ability” “Maximize Motivational Memory” or “Amplify Attention Alertness.”  The site also features a stock image of a doctor we’ve seen on other websites with no credentials posted next to the image.

Nowtropic lists symbols like the BBB accreditation and the FDA symbol, but has no listing on file with the Better Business Bureau and in small print, states this product has not been evaluated by the FDA. We understand vitamins and supplements fall outside the FDA purview, however, it seems odd to list the organization on the site, without instead mentioning the product is made in a certified FDA facility or the like.

Overall, there are a few red flags here, and we’re not certain how many of the companies and organizations listed on the website are actually connected to this product. In searching for them on the web, hardly anything comes up aside from promotional articles and reviews aimed selling other items.

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Customer Opinions of Nowtropic

Nowtropic does not have any independent reviews easily accessible through a Google search. It seems a bit odd, as the website mentions this product was featured on multiple news channels like Fox News and ABC, as well as in Men’s Health Magazine and more, which should translate into a broader reach on multiple platforms.

It could be because this product is only offered through the official website, or perhaps it hasn’t been around for long, but whatever the case, it’s hard to know if this product works if there aren’t any reviews demonstrating its efficacy in real life situations.

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Conclusion – Does Nowtropic Work?

After evaluating Nowtropic, we wouldn’t recommend this as a viable solution for those looking to improve their brain function.

The company behind this product has not made a point of making themselves accessible at all, leaving consumers with only one way to get in touch with customer service – a form that mentions someone will be in touch within 48 hours. This leads us to believe it may be very difficult to secure a return should the user not be satisfied with the product.

Plus, there also aren’t any mentions online from anyone who has actually used this product, so we really have no idea if it performs as well as it claims to, nor if there are any side effects that potential users should know about. Aside from any on-website testimonials there is virtually no information about how Nowtropic can help (or not) users with cognitive function.

Additionally, it seems that this company may be engaged in false advertising. We’re not entirely sure, but the logos posted on the site don’t link to anything and there’s no Nowtropic listing on the Better Business Bureau website, nor any obvious web mentions whatsoever. The web copy also makes it seems as though the marketers were looking for interesting descriptions for the product rather than clear, factual information.

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