Neuralgen Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Neuralgen is a cognitive supplement focused on treating and preventing memory loss in adults over the age of 25. This product claims to help supercharge your brain, naturally, boosting focus and concentration.

Neuralgen is meant to be taken daily, and claims to have no adverse effects associated with its use. Neuralgen aims to provide cumulative effects, sharpening your memory and increasing brain function.

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Neuralgen Ingredients and Side Effects

The ingredients for Neuralgen are rather hard to find, as the website is having some difficulties at this point in time. Here’s a list of ingredinets someone posted online:

Phosphatidylserine Glutamine DMAE Bitartrate Bacopa Monnieri
Gingko Biloba Vinpocetine St. John’s Wort

Phosphatidylserine: A chemical used to help treat Alzheimer’s disease, depression, ADHD and stress, phosphatidylserine may help prevent mental decline associated with aging, as well as improve physical performance during sports or exercise.

  • Side effects may include upset stomach or trouble sleeping.

Glutamine: An amino acid that is produced naturally inside the body, this ingredient is used to offset a number of side effects associated with cancer therapy, as well as improving recovery from various surgeries.

Glutamine also plays a role in maintaining a healthy brain, helping reduce signs of anxiety and depression, improving mood, as well as potentially helping those with ADHD or alcoholism.

DMAE Bitartrate: A chemical involved in a variety of brain functions, this ingredient helps the brain produce a chemical called acetylcholine, which acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. DMAE may also help boost memory, thinking skills, as well as physical energy levels.

Bacopa Monnieri: An herb also known as brahmi, bacopa has long been used to improve memory, mental illness, ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease.

Vinpocetine: A chemical used in the treatment of stroke patients, vinpocetine may also be useful in preventing Alzheimer’s disease, as well as helping people retain memory and cognition as they get older.

  • Side effects may include dizziness, flushing, insomnia, nervousness and headache.

St. John’s Wort: An herbal remedy primarily used to treat depression naturally, this ingredient may have similar effects to prescription anti-depressants.

Gingko Biloba: The leaves of the gingko biloba tree have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for their ability to help boost blood flow to the brain, resulting in better memory retention, sharpness and cognition.

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Neuralgen Quality of Ingredients

After looking over the Neuralgen formula, this product could provide a range of benefits to users. St. John’s Wort is known to be good for regulating mood, while ingredients like bacopa monnieri and glutamine work to improve memory and cognition.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about whether this ingredient list is accurate, nor what the amounts of each item on this list are, so we can’t be sure if the dosing is strong enough to produce the advertised benefits.

Additionally, we’re not exactly sure if this Neuralgen does seem to have some good benefits, and perhaps the amino blend is all some people need.

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The Price and Quality of Neuralgen

Finding any information about Neuralgen is very difficult, and that of course, extends to the price. We’re unable to access the website at this time due to a security error, but a past consumer reported that the product typically retails for $47 a bottle containing a one-month supply. Three bottles go for a discounted $94, and five for $141.

Neuralgen comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling charges.

In terms of quality, it seems as though Neuralgen is priced similarly to other products containing similar ingredients, we’re just not sure of the dosing, or if the list of ingredients accomplish exactly what they claim to.

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Business of Neuralgen

After doing some research, it’s still not especially clear who makes Neuralgen (the website is a bit confusing), but they appear to be linked to a company known as NutraBrain. Here is the contact we found online:

Phone: 844-627-5900

Address: 600 Corporation Drive
Pendleton, IN 46064

As it stands, the official Neuralgen website is not accessible, as Google perceives it to be a security threat. As a result, we were unable to access the site, which makes it hard to get the full picture of the product’s safety, efficacy or billing practices.

There were, however, a couple different product pages set up to get potential users to sign up for a free trial of Neuralgen by entering their contact information and credit card number. Strangely, these sites are linked to another product promising the same benefits known as iQ+, which is made by a company called NutraBrain.

Upon further review, NutraBrain doesn’t seem to have much of an online presence. There’s no record of a business operating under that name, though there is a patented supplement called NutraBrain made by NP Nutraceuticals. It’s not clear if the two are related.

Because we cannot find any information about Neuralgen, nor the company that makes this product, we have no way of knowing if it’s been tested for quality, if the formula is accurate or really even where to buy this product. For all of these reasons, we strongly suggest looking elsewhere for a product with more transparency, as well as greater buying access.

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Customer Opinions of Neuralgen

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any accounts of anyone who has actually tried Neuralgen. This product is rather hard to find available for sale, as the website is currently not accessible. Additionally, this product is not available through any platforms like Amazon, Walmart or GNC – sites that offer a space for consumers to submit reviews.

Because we don’t know anything about NutraBrain, the company that makes Neuralgen, or the product itself, we cannot find any reason to recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable solution for maintaining a healthy brain function.

Aside from the lack of reviews, again, we don’t know the actual contents of Neuralgen, nor do we know if there has been demonstrated efficacy in terms of clinical studies performed on this product. The information we have on the product extends to the name of the company, and the packaging of this product. Overall, we’d recommend looking for a product with a proven track record, reviews and that is easily available for sale.

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Conclusion – Does Neuralgen Work?

In looking closely at the contents of Neuralgen, it seems could potentially be effective in boosting memory and cognitive function with regular use. However, there are some red flags we found when trying to learn more about this company, as well as the formulation used to make this product.

The main concern we have in regards to Neuralgen, is, the website does not seem to be working. Attempting to check this product out, resulted in a screen that came with a prompt noting the website was a security risk. There were a few additional websites that claimed to sell this product, but upon clicking the page associated with redeeming a free trial offer, users were presented with an additional screen for a different brain supplement.

There are a number of competing products that have these faulty free sample pages, and users should be aware that this is a tactic used to gain access to credit card information or email addresses for future use. It’s wise to look for a different product that doesn’t engage in this type of shady behavior.

Another issue that comes up is, the formula. We take no issue with anything featured in the formula, as per the consumer review we found on the web, but we have no way of knowing if this formula is accurate or if it’s been reviewed by a third party quality control expert. Because of all these issues, we just can’t recommend Neuralgen to someone looking for a healthy way to boost memory, cognition or any other form of brain enhancement.

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