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What is it?

Keralex is a dietary supplement supporting brain health and cognitive function. In addition to benefitting the brain, this product also offers heart and circulatory system support.

Keralex delivers its range of benefits through a patented droplet delivery system, that improves absorption within the body. Keralex is made from a blend of ingredients like CoQ10, omega-3 fatty acids and more known to support cognition and improve memory with regular use.

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Keralex Ingredients and Side Effects

Keralex has posted a label on the official webpage, here’s a look at the ingredients you can expect to find inside this product.

DHA Querectin Dihydrate Phosphatidycholine
Curcumin CoQ10 d-Gamma Tocopherol

DHA: An omega-3 fatty acid used in treating patients with depression, post-traumatic stress, Alzheimer’s disease and more, this ingredient is thought to have a profound effect on cognitive function and overall brain health.

Circumin: Circumin is the active ingredient in turmeric, and is used for its ability to fight inflammation, for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, and may have a positive effect in combatting aging in the brain, anxiety and depression, and more.

Phosphatidycholine: A chemical found in a number of foods like eggs, soy, sunflower seeds and more, this ingredient may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, as well as reduce symptoms in those who already have the disease. Phosphatidycholine may also help improve memory, as well as manic depressive disorders and circulation problems.

CoQ10: A natural antioxidant found in all of the body’s cells, CoQ10 is a coenzyme used to support a healthy heart, maintain the circulatory system and treat gingivitis.

Querectin Dihydrate: A plant pigment known as a flavonoid found in green tea, apples, berries and red wine, quercetin increases endurance and athletic performance and offers a range of benefits to the heart and circulatory system.

  • Side effects include headache and tingling of the arms and legs.

d-Gamma Tocopherol: Found in a number of food items like nuts and seeds, gamma tocopherol protects the body from nitrogen oxides.

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Keralex Quality of Ingredients

Based on the ingredients listed on the Keralex label, this could be an effective supplement for daily health maintenance, like a multivitamin. It’s clear this product offers some benefits to the heart, the brain, and the circulatory system, and may be worthwhile for users looking to prevent some of the conditions like high blood pressure, clogged arteries and slowed cognitive function, that emerge as the body ages.

However, users looking for a supplement with more of a productivity focus may be disappointed. While it may help keep the brain feeling younger, Keralex doesn’t offer the key nootropic benefits, like more energy, greater capacity for thinking, and more, that you’d find in some of the competing supplements.

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The Price and Quality of Keralex

Keralex is sold through a few different supplement-focused websites, including its manufacturer website, The product typically retails for $49.95, though savings increase should you opt to purchase the product in three month packages.

Keralex is not available on any major platforms like GNC, Amazon, Walmart or the Vitamin Shoppe. Based on the list of ingredients, the value seems to be in line with the price, at least when compared to other similar products. That being said, we’re not entirely sure how well this product works, as there is almost no information available on the web proving its use as a cognitive enhancement product.

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Business of Keralex

Keralex is made by known as Medix Select LLC, and their contact information is posted below:

Phone: 800-500-4325

Address: 560 Village Blvd

Ste. 120
West Palm Beach, FL 33409-1963

The Medix Select website features a range of products that target specific health concerns, all made from herbs and vitamins. The site itself looks a little outdated and bland, but it does fit into the realm of healthcare products and still comes off as professional.

For example, there’s a section entitled, “The Science Behind Keralex,” which basically explains what Keralex is supposed to do—boost free testosterone, improve energy, stamina, and sexual function — but not really how it accomplishes those things.

Medix Select has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, despite having 15 registered complaints documented on the site.

Most complaints were in response to repeated charges and shipments from this company that had not been authorized.  Here’s a look at a couple examples posted on the BBB site:

“After being misled into using a credit card to allegedly pay for shipping of free samples, I cancelled future shipments. That is now being ignored.”

“I want this company to stop sending supplements, email newsletters, and any other type of material for which they are charging to my credit card.”

“Repeated contact to discontinue unwanted product and charges, then ignored my requests to cease shipping product I don’t want. It took months to get out of the cycle.”

The BBB site says the complaints are closed, but some of the customers did not want the solution put forth by the company and gave up on further communication.

In general, it’s hard to say whether we’d recommend doing business with this company. At this point, it appears you can easily place an order without being enrolled in an autopay service, however, be sure to read the fine print before checking out just to be safe.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using brain enhancement supplements for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Keralex

Keralex doesn’t have many reviews, likely because it is only sold on the official website, which doesn’t seem to do much in terms of advertising, nor any other major marketing efforts. There were a few mentions found around the web, but unfortunately, it was hard to get a general consensus on whether or not this product works with any consistency:

“No changes since I’ve started taking this supplement, I feel exactly the same, only now I’m out $50. I’ll look for something else with better reviews.”

“Didn’t work for me. I’ll look for something that offers more pronounced benefits with use.”

It does seem like Keralex may have some potential for some people, but most of the benefits may go unseen. Things like heart health or circulatory system function you’ll only notice if something is wrong. Those users taking Keralex for memory enhancement seemed a bit disappointed with the lack of results.

But, again, we’re working with a pretty small sample size, and there may be some fans of Keralex that haven’t revealed themselves. While we don’t have enough evidence to know if this product does, in fact work, there weren’t any reported side effects, meaning it’s likely safe for many users.

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Conclusion – Does Keralex Work?

After evaluating Keralex it’s really difficult for us to say whether or not this product was actually effective when used, nor if anyone had experienced any side effects. Unfortunately, this product did not have many documented reviews, and the few we actually came across were quite vague and offered little insight into the product’s advertised benefits.

The Medix Select site seems a bit outdated and stuffy, but does feel at home when looking at it through the lens of a supplement company. They’ve been in business for a while and have a number of products on their roster, addressing all kinds of issues from memory to heart health.

Unfortunately, while Keralex is supposedly created by doctors and clinically reviewed, it also doesn’t list any data backing its efficacy, nor any in-depth look at the ingredient profile.

Based on the information outlined above, there just isn’t enough information available to us, or to consumers, that makes this product stand out as a viable option for users looking for a way to improve memory and overall brain health. It’s great that this appears to be an alternative to products offering stimulant effects, but it seems to offer little else in its place.

Our reviewers have tested countless brain supplements before learning Memotenz is the best solution for improving memory, focus and more without any of the side effects you’ll find in competing products. With its natural formulation featuring St. John’s Wort, glutamine and more, you’ll get improved functionality without any negative effects.

The makers of Memotenz manufacture this product in an FDA-certified facility and make sure this product goes through the proper channels of evaluation, guaranteeing a safe and effective product consumers can rely on. Learn more about the full list of benefits you’ll get by taking Memotenz.

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