Kendra’s X-Weighted Journey on OWN

X-WeightedTune-in to the Oprah Winfrey Network this afternoon, Monday, April 25 for the reality weight loss series X-Weighted. The Canadian show follows individuals as they seek to change their lives by shedding pounds and gaining confidence. As anyone who’s tried to lose weight knows, the struggle isn’t always easy, and X-Weighted takes an honest and sometimes even brutal look at the struggles of dieting. Each episode follows an individual’s personal journey or a family’s story.

Monday’s episode will follow Kendra, a 27-year-old mother of three. At nearly 200 pounds, Kendra’s weight is a source of strain in her marriage. Her husband accuses her of being lazy and unmotivated, which feeds into secretive binge eating. To break free of this cycle, she will have to learn how to curb her emotional eating and improve her overall diet.

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