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What is it?

Iluminal is an energy supplement meant to last six or more hours. This product offers a combination of physical and mental energy, with the added benefit of improving mood with use.

Iluminal is made from a blend of vitamins, amino acids and more, aimed at increasing energy levels. Iluminal claims that the uplifting effects come without a subsequent crash like caffeine or stimulants.

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Iluminal Ingredients and Side Effects

The official Iluminal page does include an image of the actual product label. Here’s a look at the ingredients featured inside the formula:

L-Cartinine Sulbutiamine Vitamin B6 5-HTP
Folic Acid Vitamin B12 B-Hydroxamic Acid

L-Cartinine: An amino acid used to boost cardiovascular and brain function, this ingredient works to product energy within the body.

  • Side effects associated with L-cartinine may include dizziness, vomiting, stomach aches, diarrhea and seizures. It may also cause bodily secretions to have a fishy odor.

Sulbutiamine: A man-made chemical ingredient used to simulate the vitamin, thiamine, this ingredient may increase natural thiamine levels in the brain and may increase energy during athletic performance. Sulbutiamine may also be taken to reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, treat depression and chronic fatigue and enhance memory.

  • In some cases, side effects may include nausea, tiredness, headaches and insomnia.

Folic Acid: A water soluble B vitamin, folic acid is used for a number of conditions from anemia to cancer prevention. Folic acid is thought to help prevent memory loss and dementia, as well as help treat depression and insomnia.

  • In large doses, folic acid may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, erratic behavior, irritability, confusion and gas.

Vitamin B12: An essential vitamin used to prevent and treat memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, nerve damage and more.

Vitamin B6: A vitamin used to treat anemia and more, vitamin B6 may help treat behavioral disorders, as well as improve mental function.

5-HTP: A chemical byproduct of tryptophan, 5-HTP is converted into serotonin inside the body, which helps boost mood by transmitting nerve impulses in the brain.

  • In large doses, 5-HTP may cause severe stomach pain and involuntary muscle spasms.

B-Hydroxamic Acid: A compound meant to produce a feeling of wakefulness with use, promoting sharper thought processing.

  • In some cases, this ingredient may cause stomach pain, irritated skin or increased liver enzyme levels.

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Iluminal Quality of Ingredients

In looking over the Iluminal formula, it seems that this product does have some potential to improve memory and cognition, as well as wakefulness with use. However, users may be at risk of having stomach issues while using this product, which may be a problem for users looking for a boost during their workday.

While Iluminal has provided some good information about each ingredient on the website, there’s not much in the way of scientific data available for users to review.

Additionally, a number of these ingredients are generally part of a diet following proper nutrition guidelines, however, things like B6 and folic acid may not necessarily provide the level of cognitive benefits advertised in the marketing materials.

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The Price and Quality of Iluminal

Iluminal is sold on the official website for $32.95 per bottle containing 30 capsules. This product is not a daily supplement, but rather something to be taken as needed, so it may last at least a couple months depending how often you use it.

Iluminal can be purchased in larger quantities at a slightly discounted rate, two bottles go for $60, while three go for $83.

Additionally, Iluminal can be purchased through Amazon, though the price is a bit higher. One bottle of 30 is currently selling for $47.50. This product can also be found on some smaller supplement websites for between 30 and 40 dollars a bottle,

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Business of Iluminal

The Iluminal doesn’t offer any contact information or any background on who actually makes this product. They have included a form for users to fill out should they have any customer service issues or want to ask a question.

The site itself feels a little outdated, and combined with the lack of company information, makes somewhat of a poor impression for site visitors. There is, however, some good information for people wanting to learn more about the ingredients.

Because nootropics may be new to many people, or a bit overwhelming trying to sort through all the ingredients and each of their benefits or side effects, the site does make it easier for consumers to get a sense of what the product does.

Unfortunately, they haven’t linked to any actual science behind Iluminal and how it actually works within the brain. Plus, the advertising materials all make it sound as though this product does not produce the effect of a stimulant crash, while there have been some consumer reports suggesting otherwise.

Based on this information, we simply don’t know enough about Iluminal to determine whether or not it’s a good product that performs consistently.

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Customer Opinions of Iluminal

Iluminal has a range of user experiences documented on the web. Many people felt this product did give them more energy, but other felt that it depleted their natural reserves shortly thereafter. Here’s a look at what users had to say after trying this product out:

“So, it does give energy for a day or so, like it says, but the next day I was really wiped out. This happened a few times. This may be good every so often to help with a test or pull an all-nighter though.”

“Used as directed, but felt no major changes in my cognitive function. The first time I had a small burst of energy, but it only lasted about an hour or so.”

“This product made me feel really weird. Jittery and uncomfortable like I had way too much coffee. I’m normally not sensitive to stimulants, so this seemed a bit off to me.”

“I like Iluminal. It helps me get through an intense day at work and I often still have enough energy at the end of the day to get some other stuff done.”

It seems that Iluminal is really dependent on your body chemistry. Some people loved it, while others reported no change with use, and others still felt a little nauseous or jittery.

Based on the above reviews, as well as others we came across in our research, it’s hard to get a good sense of what the typical reaction to Iluminal is. There are quite a few positive reviews, so this may be a promising solution for people who need a boost here and there.

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Conclusion – Does Iluminal Work?

After evaluating Iluminal it seems that this product does have some potential to be a good alternative to energy drinks, coffee or other stimulants.

The marketing language on the Iluminal website does mention this is a side effect-free product, and doesn’t come with any crash after the product wears off. This may not be entirely true, as some users reported that they felt tired after the product ran its course.

In one case, someone mentioned feeling as though using this product consistently makes them feel more worn out the day after using Iluminal, much more so than when operating without any nootropics in their system.

After looking over the formula and the website for Iluminal, it’s hard to make a call as to whether or not this product is any good. The results we saw varied quite a bit, with some people saying they really liked it, while others mentioned that it had little to no effect on their performance throughout the day. Other people mentioned feeling very worn out after the product had worn off.

Plus, Iluminal, the company doesn’t offer any information as to who they are, how the product came about, whether it’s been tested by credible people or any other information that would offer users some confidence before they give this a try.

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