Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Workout to the Ladies

A few weeks back I put together a testosterone-fueled workout playlist that was a bit more for pumping iron than taking a stroll around the neighborhood. Now it’s time for the ladies.

You don’t need fist-through-a-wall intensity in your music to be inspired to workout. Here is a workout playlist from some of my all-time favorite female artists, who also just happen to rock. I’m a sucker for good singer-songwriters and a lot of stuff on the more melancholy side, but they won’t due when we need to get the blood pumping.

I put this list together off the top of my head, so I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself for forgetting someone, but here we go…

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Workout to the Ladies

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The Pretenders – Message Of Love

Joan Jett – Bad Reputation

Blondie – Heart Of Glass

Gemma Hayes – Let A Good Thing Go

Tina Turner – Nutbush City Limits

PJ Harvey – Meet Ze Mostra

Liz Phair – Supernova

Sam Phillips – Baby I Can’t Please You

Erykah Badu – Didn’t Cha Know (good as a cool-off song)


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