Enhance Mind iQ Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

EnhanceMind iQ is a nootropic supplement designed to help users retain their cognitive focus as they age. This nootropic product claims to help users stay sharp and motivated with daily use.

EnhanceMind iQ relies on a phosphatidylserine complex to deliver the advertised benefits and works by activating the brain’s neurotransmitters and bringing increased blood flow to the brain. Additionally, this product aims to reduce stress in users.

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EnhanceMind iQ Ingredients and Side Effects

EnhanceMind iQ does not provide any information on the associated websites regarding the ingredients used to make this product. We’ve found a list a past consumer posted online, and assuming this is accurate, the product only contains three active ingredients. Here’s a look at what’s inside:

Vinpocetine Phospatidylserine Bacopa Monnieri

Vinpocetine: A chemical often used as a medicine for people with conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or age-related mental decline, vinpocetine is often used to improve memory and learning, as well as to help those recovering from a stroke. This ingredient boosts blood flow to the brain, which is why it may play a role in the brain’s function.

  • Side effects may include facial flushing, dizziness, headache, nausea and nervousness.

Phophastidylserine: A chemical found in bovine brains, cabbage and soy, this ingredient is used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, depression and may help with stress reduction. It’s also essential for multiple functions in the body, and particularly in the brain.

  • Side effects may include insomnia and nausea when taken in large doses.

Bacopa Monnieri: A plant used to help improve brain function, especially where memory and cognition are concerned. It may also be used as a natural way to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

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EnhanceMind iQ Quality of Ingredients

Again, because we don’t have access to an official label detailing the ingredients, or any evidence of the people behind EnhanceMind iQ sharing the ingredients used to make this product, it’s hard to give this any meaningful evaluation.

Should this list be accurate and up-to-date, it’s quite possible this formula could have a positive effect on the brain, but we have no knowledge of whether there are additional ingredients, how much of each item is included in the blend and so forth. Without many reviews backing its efficacy, it’s hard to know if this product works at all.

We do like ingredients like bacopa monnieri, and phosphatidylserine is generally thought to be safe in quantities under 300 mg.  Unfortunately, we just don’t have enough information to determine whether or not this product contains the formula it says it does, or whether it can deliver on its promises.

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The Price and Quality of EnhanceMind iQ

EnhanceMind iQ is difficult to find for sale online. The websites associated with this product feature language like “rush my trial,” and mention that this company wasn’t allowed to sell this product using the original url — which, for the record, has been reactivated.

Unfortunately, the none of the urls associated with this product give users any information about pricing, instead following the potentially unethical tactic of getting users to sign up for a free bottle of the product, and then enrolling in an automatic shipping cycle.

Because we don’t know how much this product costs, it’s hard to assess whether users are getting a good deal, or if the product even works. We are wary, though, of any products that rely on these kinds of tricks to lure customers into their trap.

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Business of Enhance Mind iQ

The company that makes Enhance Mind iQ appears to also operate under the name, Enhance Mind iQ. Here is the contact information they’ve listed on the website:

Phone: 925-273-6871

Address: 3201 W Hillsborough Ave, Suite #153201–1144

Tampa, FL 33684

Enhance Mind iQ has a number of urls associated with this product, and many of them are just pages that feature some vague information about this supplement and ask users to input their information in exchange for a free bottle of the product. Despite having three plus websites, there is no mention of how much Enhance Mind iQ actually costs, which seems odd to us, as this is basic information that is considered in just about every buying decision.

The site also simply mentions this product contains “lots of ingredients” designed to help with focus, cognition and more, but never explains what those ingredients are, nor how this product works.

The site also tries to make users feel as though this product is on the verge of selling out, stating things like “don’t get left behind,” “we are almost out of stock,” and so on. They’ve also mentioned people are buying this product on eBay for $300, which is hard to believe.

One of the biggest red flags, though, was the fact that the website was that this product was again allowed to use its original url after being tied up in “investigation” and “litigation” for quite some time. There’s not much information available about this product, aside from various reviews aimed at selling other products, so we don’t know why this product was being investigated—there’s no mention of this on the web.

Overall, it would be wise to avoid doing business with this company. Between the automatic billing, lack of information and no record of what actually happened with this “investigation,” it’s unlikely this is a good product made by a good company.

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Customer Opinions of EnhanceMind iQ

EnhanceMind iQ does not have many reviews, as it only appears to be sold through these websites set up by the company that makes the product. There are some reviews listed on the website, but it’s hard to know whether these were written by real people, or made up to help legitimize the product. Here’s a quick look at some of the more authentic sounding feedback:

“This product made me feel a bit weird, particularly in the face. I felt hot and flushed while taking this, and weirdly, was really compelled to clean things. I didn’t feel any more intelligent or anything though.”

“I ordered a free trial of this product and was sent a tiny bottle, along with another product I didn’t order. I was then charged $85 for a bottle. Obviously, this company is dishonest. Be warned, it’s hard to cancel.”

There really aren’t many accounts of people who have tried this product. It seems many of the people we came across wanted to cancel based on the fact that they were charged without permission. The above user who experienced some facial irritation was the only account we found referencing what it actually was like to take these pills.

It’s clear EnhanceMind iQ is misleading people in order to get them into a billing cycle, and a good product wouldn’t require this level of deception just to make a sale.

Additionally, we couldn’t find any accounts of people who tried this product and liked it, without it seeming fabricated in some way.

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Conclusion – Does EnhanceMind iQ Work?

Based on the information we found about EnhanceMind iQ, we just don’t know much about this product. We don’t know for sure what it’s made of, we don’t know how much it costs and we don’t know much about the company that makes this product. Overall, it seems wise to simply avoid doing business with the people that make this product.

Based on similar supplements we’ve come across, the language used to sell EnhanceMind iQ is very close to other products that operate using this questionable business model. This lack of pricing, the free trial, the fact that no actual science is mentioned, is really common. Customers need to be on the lookout for potential scams like this one, and instead, buy products with a more normal pricing model, versus something purposely misleading.

After testing numerous supplements aimed at making users smarter, sharper and more focused, we’ve discovered that consumers like Memotenz best. This product provides users with better concentration, and improved memory. The formula is made from herbal ingredients that are safe and proven to be effective — bacopa monnieri, gingko biloba, St. John’s Wort and more — working together for optimal brain function.

The makers of Memotenz are focused on bring users a quality product that they can count on. Third-party quality testers have evaluated this product for safety and efficacy. Check out our in-depth profile on Memotenz – click here to learn more.

3 Responses to Enhance Mind iQ Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

  1. Susan says:

    This company is impossible to deal with. It took 30 minutes on the phone with them to get information about how to return the product and cancel the monthly automatic orders which I was unaware that I had signed up for. I mailed the product back 3/10/17 and never received a confirmation receipt from the company or a refund. Yesterday the USPS sent me an e-mail confirming that another shipment was on the way when I had told the Focus Enhance Mind IQ representative that I wanted to discontinue receiving anything ever again from them.
    Fortunately, Visa came to the rescue this morning and will issue me a refund which I expect the company to probably ignore as contesting it would only highlight their unethical practices. This has taken at least three hours of my time so far. Beware!

  2. Mark says:

    How do i cancel my monthly order? I wad unaware of that. I thought it was a 1 time charge that I just received. Also does it really not work for you guys or just some people?

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