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What is it?

Coromega is a fish oil supplement that comes in a creamy, orange flavored gel, boasting no fishy burps or aftertaste. This product contains a full dose of omega-3 fatty acids, and boasts more absorption than your average softgel.

Coromega contains DHA and EPA, which help boost brain function and reduce inflammation in the body. Additionally, fish oil helps protect the body against stroke, plaque buildup and blood clots in arteries that bring blood into the brain.

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Coromega Ingredients and Side Effects

Coromega offers plenty of information regarding the ingredients used in this blend. Here’s a look at the formula per the official product label:

Vitamin E Vitamin C Fish Oil

Vitamin E: A fat soluble vitamin found in meat, poultry, eggs, fruits and vegetables, vitamin E is used to treat and prevent diseases of the blood vessels and heart, as well as to support the brain and nervous system.

Vitamin C: A water-soluble vitamin with a high antioxidant content, vitamin C is used to boost immune system and maintain the health of bones, blood vessels, skin and connective tissue.

Fish Oil: in this case, fish oil is derived from wild caught anchovies and sardines. Fish oil contains two important omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA, which are used to lower triglyceride levels in the body, lower blood pressure, prevent heart attack, stroke, or clogged arteries.

Fish oil is also thought to help treat depression, Alzheimer’s and ADHD and more. While fish oil may have an effect on ADHD, it remains unproven for its potential use in improving mental function.

Side effects may include bad breath, fishy burps, heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, rash or nosebleeds.

Aside from the active ingredients used to make this product, Coromega contains some filler ingredients used to make this supplement for palatable, like egg, stevia, orange flavor, vegetable oil and more.

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Coromega Quality of Ingredients

There’s no real risk in taking fish oil supplements, and they may provide the body with a number of benefits from boosting brain function, to maintaining a healthy heart and keeping the blood flow moving throughout the body, preventing against stroke. Additionally, this product may help fight inflammation, which is key in fighting off disease.

In looking at Coromega, it’s clear this product is easy to find, and many consumers like this as a fish oil supplement. While there’s no argument with the fact that fish oil has some real benefits, some users may not like that this product contains, eggs, as well as stevia to cover up the fishy aftertaste many people associated with taking fish oil.

Overall, Coromega may be a great product for those looking to add some extra omega-3s into their supplement routine. But, as far as a brain supplement is concerned, fish oil on its own is unlikely to yield the major changes people may be looking for.

There’s not a lot of evidence suggesting this is a product that will provide users with enhanced focus or mental energy. But, it does help protect the body against issues that emerge as people get older—blood clots, stroke, etc.

Additionally, there aren’t a lot of ingredients in this formula. Meaning, you may be able to get your daily intake of omega-3s simply by incorporating more fish, chia seeds, or other omega-rich foods into your diet.

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The Price and Quality of Coromega

Coromega is available through a wide variety of retailers, from Amazon and iHerb, to Lucky Vitamin, and of course, the official Coromega website. There are many different packaging options for this product. Coromega sells a 90-pack of squeeze packets for $35, and a larger box containing 120 servings for $45.

The site also offers smaller boxes, like a $4.99 7-day sample pack, or a $15 pack of 30. This product is also available in a few different flavors—lemon lime, chocolate orange and tropical orange.

We found that some of the third party websites are selling this product for a slightly lower price. iHerb is currently selling a 30-pack or $13.89, and Amazon is currently offering a 120 serving box for $29.44.

In terms of value, standard fish oil supplements are considerably less expensive, so you’re paying primarily for the deliver method, rather than an increase in nutrients. This could be a good product for those who don’t like swallowing large pills or are put off by the fishy aftertaste of other supplements.

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Business of Coromega

Coromega is made by Coromega, LLC, and their contact information is listed right here:

Phone: 760.599.6088

Address: PO Box 131135
Carlsbad, CA 92013-1135


Coromega has done a great job setting up a website with plenty of product offerings and easy navigation. It’s also worth noting they don’t make a lot of claims about what fish oil can do, as it’s a well-known dietary aid. The main selling point with Coromega is that they’ve made what appears to be a tasty alternative to traditional fish oil supplements.

The site features a number of blog posts and information aimed at educating the public about fish oil and why users should be taking it.

Coromega has also set up a pretty comprehensive, multipage benefits section, detailing the many positive effects of fish oil. That being said, users looking purely for the effects this product has on the brain may be a bit underwhelmed.

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Customer Opinions of Coromega

Because of its wide availability, Coromega has a ton of reviews, many of them being positive. Here’s a look at what people thought of Coromega after giving it a try:

“I don’t know who is saying this doesn’t taste like fish, it totally does. I do like that these are portable and there are no fish burps or acid reflux, which I noticed was a problem with my old fish pills.”

“It’s pretty pleasant, kind of like a creamsicle. Plus, my kids like these, which is more than I can say about anything else containing fish oil.”

“I don’t understand why people like these. The taste was bitter, and if you’re not used to fish oil, it can cause some GI problems. Had to call in sick one day due to stomach problems.”

“The flavor isn’t great, but I like the convenience factor. I wish there were more omegas in the blend, as that’s why I bought this. May just go back to my old pills.”

Most of the reviews were in regards to the taste, which seems a bit divisive. The texture is creamy, and some people found the taste bitter or slightly fishy, in spite of efforts to mask the flavor.

Though there were nearly 500 reviews on Amazon alone, no one really discussed whether they felt healthier or smarter or experienced an improvement in the condition of their skin or hair — all benefits associated with taking fish oil.

Fish oil is generally used as a preventative supplement, like multivitamins, so it makes sense people are just looking for a way to avoid the side effects of a typical fish supplement.

But, based on the reviews alone, it’s hard for us to recommend this product for anything other than a boost in nutrition.

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Conclusion – Does Coromega Work?

Based on our review of the Coromega website, formula and reviews, it seems that this product is made by a reputable company that takes the care needed to ensure customers are happy and safe.

Coromega is a unique approach to fish oil that may make some people take the supplement who normally are put off by traditional fish oil pills. Other people thought the texture and taste were off putting, so it’s really dependent on personal taste.

Overall, we think this product is safe, and perhaps effective for users looking for a convenient supplement. But, in terms of products that really maximize focus and productivity, we’re not sure this is one of them.

Users looking for something specifically geared toward improving brain health would do better looking toward nootropics or herbal supplements, designed to increase memory and learning. Fish oil may be a good companion to such supplements, and may be worth talking to your doctor to find the right lineup of vitamins and minerals for your brain and body chemistry.

In reviewing a number of competing products, we’ve found Memotenz is the most useful pill for those looking to improve cognition and memory without any negative side effects or use of stimulants. Herbal ingredients like bacopa monnieri, gingko biloba and more help users become more productive and feel smarter through an easy-to-take daily supplement.

Memotenz is made in an FDA-certified facility and has been the subject of clinical reviews, demonstrating this is a safe and effective product. Click here to check out the long list of positive effects Memotenz can provide.

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