Congressman Chides Ashtray-less Gym

Our public servants in Washington, D.C. get some pretty nice perks. But one such benefit, the congressional gym, isn’t to the liking of Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI).

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter

When going to the gym, McCotter can’t stand it if there are no ashtrays available. The congressman told Fox News that he doesn’t “go there very much because A, they don’t have ashtrays… And B, the one time I was there, my first trip, someone sort of was talc-ing themselves, and offered their hand and I just said, ‘Hey, we’re cool, dude.'”

McCotter didn’t reveal the name of the senator… or why he’s so uptight about talcum powder. But thankfully, the video tape of the interview with him revealed that he said all the above in a deadpan, tongue-in-cheek manner. We have all kinds of reasons to lose faith in our public officials, at least in this case the representative from Michigan isn’t the clueless jerk one would think when reading the video transcript out of context.

(via: Fox News)

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