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What is it?

Cerebrax is a branded version of the nootropic drug, piracetam. This substance is used to treat patients with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as other forms of dementia, age-related memory loss and patients recovering from stroke or head trauma.

Cerebrax, or piracetam is used to also help healthy indivuduals improve memory, focus and mental energy. Cerebrax works by activating membrane fluidity in the brain, as well as neurotransmission, both of which improve the signaling between brain cells, thereby improving cogition and memory.

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Cerebrax Ingredients and Side Effects

Cerebrax doesn’t appear to have an official website, though many sites selling the supplement have noted that this product contains only one active ingredient, piracetam. Here’s a quick look at how it works, and any potential side effects associated with use.


Piracetam: Piracetam is a chemical developed in the 1960s, for use as a synthetic version of the neurotransmitter, GABA. Piracetam was one of the first, so-called smart drugs, or nootropics and as a result is more widely researched than some of the newer ones on the market.

Piracetam is most commonly used as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, as well as the mental deterioration brought on by old age. This substance is also thought to help improve damage caused by head trauma or stroke.

Many people also use piracetam to increase memory and thinking, as well as improve mood. It’s unclear if this substance actually improves the condition of people suffering from anxiety or clinical depression.

  • Side effects associated with taking piracetam may include headaches, drowsiness, agitation, and sometimes, insomnia.

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Cerebrax Quality of Ingredients

While reviewing Cerebrax formula, there’s really only one ingredient to consider, piracetam. While there’s some promise that piracetam can improve the conditions of those suffering from a serious condition, like the aftermath of a stroke or the long term effects of something like Parkinson’s disease or aging, the effects of this substance on healthy people who want to get more out of their brain capacity hasn’t been studied in as great of detail.

It also seems as though piracetam may work a bit better when combined with other ingredients, like choline or huperzine A, or even other racetams — all of which can help make piracetam more potent and more promising for people looking for a boost in cognition.

It’s hard to say whether or not we’d recommend this product, but the potential side effects are relatively mild, so it could be a good solution for a number of users looking to get a taste of whether nootropics are right for them.

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The Price and Quality of Cerebrax

Cerebrax is hard to find under this brand name, though there are some websites selling this product, specifically, it may be easier to simply look for piracetam itself.

You can find this product for sale from 1mg.com, as well as MedSmart Plus, and the price is as low as $1.25 for ten pills. Both sites are based in India, and it may be a challenge to get this delivered to the US, Europe or anywhere else in the world.

That being said, its relatively easy to find piracetam in powder or capsule form from e-commerce stores in the US, though they have been banned from many major sites like GNC, eBay and Amazon. Nootriment.com, as well as ceretropic.com and countless other nootropics sites do sell piracetam.

As far as quality is concerned, it’s difficult to say whether Cerebrax is a good quality product. The FDA has banned the sale of piracetam as a supplement or drug, so while its legal to use, it’s hard to find good quality piracetam online or in stores.

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Business of Cerebrax

The company that makes Cerebrax is known as AN Pharmacia Lab, an India-based pharmaceutical company that focuses on neuro-psychiatry. Here’s their contact information below:

Phone: 91-33-25195752/23379998

Address: 14/1, Salua, Das Dron

Main Road, Kolkata – 700136

West Bengal, India

There’s no official website specifically for Cerebrax, and AN Pharmacia Labs has a very minimal website of its own, featuring almost no information about the company or the products they make.

Because this company is based in India, we’re unable to see if anyone filed any complaints against them, or if there have been some safety issues associated with this product.

While there’s plenty of research detailing the many uses of piracetam in treating brain conditions, there’s not a ton of clinical trials performed on healthy individuals who have used this substance to enhance their mental performance.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to learn much about Cerebrax in looking at the company information. It seems like this product may be difficult to find, and it’s probably best to purchase piracetam from a trusted source—and better, one that doesn’t require international shipping charges.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using brain enhancement supplements for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Cerebrax

Based on the user experiences we found, it seems people noticed a shift in thinking when using Cerebrax. It’s unclear, though, what users can expect in terms of memory enhancement or focus.

In some cases, it seemed as though people felt this was a substance they could take at a party to better engage with others—making it seem more recreational than practical. Anyway, here’s a look at what some users had to say:

“Obviously, this is anecdotal I felt more confident while using this product, and my ability to focus on a single task was greatly improved. Not sure if this was a placebo effect, but I’m happy with it.”

“This works pretty good. The main thing I like about this product is, I haven’t experienced any negative effects when coming off of it. Like, I’ll forget to take it sometimes and don’t notice any issues.”

“The first time I took this, I felt no effects. But I gave it another shot, and experienced this upshot in creativity—I had tons of ideas for projects, things to talk about. I feel more likely to chat with people I normally wouldn’t.”

“I notice I think a bit differently, like making weird connections between things. Not sure if this is a great benefit, but it’s interesting. I recommend taking this with choline to reduce the risk of getting a headache.”

Based on the reviews we found, it seems Cerebrax could have some interesting benefits for users, particularly those looking to tap into their creativity. While smart drugs are generally used to, well, get smarter, it seems piracetam may have some effects that could cause users to act differently than they normally would.

The users we came across made few mentions about this product being used to enhance memory or cognition, but it did seem to help people feel happier, more confident, more creative, all things that seem like benefits.

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Conclusion – Does Cerebrax Work?

Based on what we learned about Cerebrax, it’s hard to say whether or not we’d recommend this product for those looking to improve memory or cognition, but it may help those in the midst of a creative block or who want to improve their mood.

Cerebrax itself is quit hard to find, due to the fact that this product is primarily made and sold in India, and there are a number of restrictions in place by the FDA regarding the sale and classification of piracetam in the United States.

Because the legality of piracetam is up in the air, it’s hard to ensure you’re getting a high quality product, should you opt to purchase the nootropic from one of many online nootropic retailers. Cerebrax itself may be out of reach for many potential users, despite its low cost.

Overall, we likely wouldn’t recommend Cerebrax, as its simply too hard for users to get a hold of. Though there are very few reports of negative side effects associated with piracetam, most of the supplements you’ll find in the US are likely not heavily regulated.

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